Signs of a demon present

So I just finished an evocation with a demon and while gazing at the sigil I heard almost like a crumb or tiny stone fall on the floor in my room… and after I spoke the enn I heard my light making noises like when it heats up and expands typa thing but bare in mind the lights been on for hours now with no noise at all.

My question is are these the demons letting me know okay I’m here. Because I regularly notice this, and I feel like it’s time to begin making my request once that happens.

I’ve had similar things happen. Like when I burned a petition letter to Lilith in a fire proof container it made a loud bang like it was kicked (jumped). Other times I’ve had candles going crazy. So I would say it’s probably a sign, especially if you then felt that you should state your request after you noticed the signs.

Letting you know they’re there …. maybe.
However, magick makes you for lack of a better way to say it, magick makes you light up like a Christmas tree to spirits kind of also like waving the proverbial red flag at a bull, so I advise you banish and cleanse after you end your ritual. That way if any of the effects were caused by parasites as opposed to the entity you tried contacting, it will get rid of it (and clear the way for contact with the real deal. Think of it this way, your ritual is kind of like a phone call. If the wrong entity picks up it’s not gonna go to the correct one while your talking to the being on the end of the line at the wrong number).


I find its not unusual for odd movements, noises, creaks, clicks or unusual noises from electrical items shortly after a ritual. It may not be them letting you know anything deliberately. In my view it can also just be some of the odd energy movements that tend to accompany or be generated by this kind of process. Or it could be that the ritual attracted some other random passing non corporeal being or energy.

Very occasionally I’ve had objects move by themselves post ritual (usually a couple of hours afterwards oddly enough).
During or immediately after ritual I’ve often had unusual noises from things in my immediate environment, ranging from electronic devices to creaking in walls or furniture or other random things.

In terms of the frequency of creaking in walls during or immediately after evocation or invocation, I have another ponderance. I often notice a significant increase in air pressure during such processes. So I wonder if the air pressure changes are cause the wood of the walls to shift fractionally as opposed to this being caused directly by the energy of the presence.

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For me when im doing ritual i hear cracks in walls whats more interesting i dont hear it at day
Only in rite.

Candle fire when it jumping for me it is sign that demon is present.

Something new what i was trying and i wanna thank mr. sargonath for shareing how to work with pendulum.

So ye i was trying to ask if spirit is present with useing pendulum.

If you are curious about it i will leave link for you where this man was describe really good way how pendulum works and how to use it thank you mr sargonath.

On orlee steward channel she was saying that you can see if spirit is around by looking at the insence smoke. But i dont know how to read it im sorry.

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