I performed a ritual here with the use of pendulum. In the elemental circle I asked it some questions. I asked if I was protected against other magicians and witches and the pendulum swing counter clockwise. I then ask if I could use my amethyst to clean the negative energy if I had been cursed and it swing clockwise.
It was a very powerful experience but a little scary also. I felt so much vibrations in my body and I still feel it after the ritual is done here.


If you’re asking about pendulums have meaning because they are given meaning. You need to know Before Hand which direction means what.

Otherwise, congrats on using one!


That’s the question. Is clockwise “yes” and counterclockwise “no”? Or can it be reverse?

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in my litlle experience clockwise is yes and counterclockwise no.
also i use the tehchnique from the book of carl spartacus.

I’m still new to using them myself, but for me the direction of circles doesn’t seem to matter as much as the direction of swing. When I ask a yes/no question with mine it will move in circles but swing up\down for yes and side-to-side for no. From what i’ve read through other articles here and else where, it seems to be dependent on the person. So what I did to start out was keep it on me for over a month before i started using it. Then i would ask questions i knew the answer to and see how it would respond. When I saw that it always responded a certain way for yes and no, I began testing it out by asking other people questions and seeing if i got the same response and right answers. So far I’m 3 for 3 on strangers. Good luck to ya!
Edit: This seems to have worked for me, but as I said I’m still new as well, so others might have a better answer than me.

Like “is it Monday?” on Monday? BTW did you also experienced the vibrations in the body? I felt my body was going to explode and I also felt even the ritual was done.

Yeah i would ask questions like if my birthday was with a wrong date or is my favorite color right color etc… Haven’t really felt vibrations through the pendulum as of yet, but i have felt them through trance and\or other situations

I felt the vibrations in my invoked elemental balancing circle. In fact I do every magical operation in that circle.

Maybe that has something to do with it. I have never used a circle as of yet.

I have been dowsing for a couple decades now and for me it has always swung counter for yes and clockwise for no.

Interesting, so there is a possible that what I interpret as no now is actual yes and reverse.

You’re best having the pendulum direct the answers for yes/no . For instance say “is my name kristian” and see what direction is goes in. Then do a few more yes/no questions so you can see which way it goes for it

Is there a limit how many questions I can ask?

No not really but I suppose it depends on who you are talking to. Some are quite happy to answers questions but some might get annoyed if its too repetitive

Do you know why I feel so strong vibrations in my body when I use the pendulum?

You’re supposed to set the meaning at the beginning of the session. So, your results are guesswork at best, since it seems like you haven’t established what means what.

While intuition does play a role, it’s clear that there is enough confusion that the session should be done over. There’s too much guessing and doubt for it to hold value. Just my opinion.

This post helped me with it

I ask the spirits which way means what. Dantalion does it a different way than Buer for example. And Loki has a different meaning than Lucifer’s.

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That was inspiring. Thank you.

I have in my daily ritual experimented with the pendulum by asking my full name and then the name of my brother. So far it has pointed clockwise with my name and counterclockwise with my brother’s name.

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