Using your Pendulum

How is it been done by using your Pendulum.
How do I go about it using my pendulum to hear what a spirit is telling me.
Any help

Okay thanks

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Here you go this is superb on pendulum use.

In the past I’ve used a purchased Quiji board - because I’m lazy - and a consecrated Seal of the entity I’m seeking. Most times I put the entity’s seal on top of the board. I consecrate with bodily juices, mainly blood, sometimes spit. Then I chant and call in the spirit.

My experiences (such as these are and for what they are worth) is that when called, lhp spiritual entities always come, it’s just that you haven’t the ability to always know they’re there.

Keep notes. This is really important. I keep going on and on about it - for a reason.

P.s. You can handwrite or print your own (Quiji) board. I highly recommend going cheap. I only used a purchased board because I’m lazy and I already had the board, but no one to play with, so to speak.

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