Right spirit for

Hello.Currently working with the system of the book of carl spartacus,that includes pendulum.
I would like to invoke a spirit,to ask and confirm(yes or no)for thoughts of others.a few questions about past and what now,not for future predictions.
any suggestions?
thank you.

ps:i ve allready try it with an angel and give me nevative signal,also i ask Raziel and for this kind of questions didnt agree.


If you need help with thoughts of others I highly recommend King Paimon and Grand Duke Dantalion. I’ve worked with both and I can say they’re highly recommend. I would meditate on their enn for a few days and see how you feel.


Prince Orobas is awesome for pendulum work. Check this tutorial out for some really good instructions on the subject. In my opinion it’s one of the best tutorials written on the subject.

@Sargonath did a fantastic job here. :love_you_gesture:


I would suggest Dantalion. Check the Goetia for his general info, there’s quite a few posts here and generally on the internet about him. He’s definitely friendly and does an amazing job with the minds of others (and yours). He was my first ritual, and I had a great time!


thanks for help​:blush::muscle:job done with Prince Orobas.

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