Duke Dantalion...my thoughts keep going back to him

I wanted to influence one person’s mind to think “I Don’t want to hurt them anymore, I Don’t wanna lose them.” etc something that would pull them closer basically… I heard that he could actually drive targets into insanity so how would that work? I’ve been reading a lot on him through the forums

Could I do this with sigils + petitions?
How do I go about it?
Would I do it the same way I did this?

The thing is one of my very experienced friends with 20-plus years of knowledge advises that I don’t reach Out unless I do divination, which I have no knowledge of nor nothing to do it with not even a pendulum.

Hey you dont need a pendelum for divination , you could use anything such as a necklace or a string with something heavy attached ro it…as long as you cleanse it and make it yours it’ll work fine

As for the divination itself it will get better with practice and you’ll understand it pretty quick

Its better to ask for yourself and see if it’s the right thing to do… meditate on it for a while and see if you still wanna do it

There are also many other forma of divination you can read about in the forum


Thank you for this it makes me feel a little more relieved, I’ve heard about reading tea-leaves, but that seems more difficult I do have something here though so I can make a necklace. Is there any way you can drop any links for how to ask for messages from said deities through divination/Knowing they answered?

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No problem :two_hearts: I learned from this thread and a couple of others since i couldnt find a good video

Ground yourself with a Pendulum

I cant remember what other threads i read about it from but I’ll link when they come to mind
But you can look up pendulum divination on the forum and start from there


This is more than enough help I’ll look into it right away thank you very much <3 any new information is useful I enjoy learning


This is a good one too:

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