Advice from King Paimon

I’ve decided to collect some of the advice given to me by King Paimon (who I have a serious, long-term pact with). He has been immensely helpful to me, and very much approves of me sharing the things that might benefit other people. While not a Q & A per se, I tried to categorize the topics, although there can be overlaps. The [ ] brackets contain additional information in order to provide context where I felt it was needed.


Watch your posture. Stand straight and feel the strength in your core.

Observe your visceral reactions, investigate them thoroughly [so you understand why you feel the way you do].

Assert yourself!

Weakness is a choice. Do not try to placate the weak and do not seek validation from them.

Powerful people make powerful choices. Being powerful means being in control of yourself.

You cannot build your strength without resistance. That’s why certain people are around you, so that you can stand up to them and stand up for yourself, regardless of their opinions.

Weak people do not attract money or wealth, and they cannot handle it. Money must be handled firmly and wisely. It slips away from the undecided and multiplies in confident care.

When dealing with finances, you must remove any and all emotional involvement.

Do not escape into shallow pleasures. Face yourself.

Determination, not hope. Believe in the best you can be.

Growth is uncomfortable. Do not focus on the pain.

Making mistakes doesn’t mean you are failing tests. Use them.

If you ask for a lot, you must be up for the work.

The more time and care you invest in something, the more of your essence you pour into it, and the more powerful it becomes.

Remember that most people are confused and do not acknowledge their true feelings and desires, let alone their “dark“ aspects.

If other people make you feel small or weak, that is their response to the world, not yours. It all comes down to how you perceive yourself.

Approach [relationships in general] like a business: You shouldn’t walk away feeling robbed. Everyone must gain something.

Be real, confident and dignified.

Truth needs no excuse.

Do not worship anyone, do not insult yourself, do not limit yourself.

Don’t seek to triumph over other people, triumph over your own weaknesses.

What do you want the mirror to reflect? The choice is always yours.

Align yourself with what truly motivates you. Be patient with yourself. Not lenient. Patient. Nothing good comes from putting yourself under pressure, torturing yourself and being impatient. The object of desire is not to be confused with the motivation for desire. You begin where you are supposed to begin – the outcome is up to you.

Don’t take other people’s struggles upon you.

There is a reason why you are drawn to certain things, and when someone’s words resonate with you, ask yourself why that is the case.

[To people who wonder why they cannot find a partner:] You must learn to sustain and balance yourself emotionally. Fill that “hole in your soul“ with love for yourself.

If you want to see your beloved, look in the mirror.

People who understand themselves neither over-, nor underestimate themselves. People who honor themselves should not get [romantically] involved with those who don’t.

Abandon that which doesn’t serve you.

True pride goes hand in hand with grace and kindness.

You are the queen [or king] of your realm.

Don’t drag anything down to a vulgar level. That is a dissapointing display of immaturity.

[About the ego:] Everyone has multiple aspects of self, or personalities, there is not just one fixed personality. Your experiences and conditioning leave marks on your mind, just like your body stores that which you put in it, poison or nourishment. These different personalities are like different entities with their own characteristics. Most people don’t make the effort to identify these parts of their personality, which is why they are a contradictory mess. Some aspects are more aligned with your true self, and that’s when you feel like you are on the right track, you feel whole, while others can be at complete odds with it. That’s when you suffer, because you haven’t identified your true self yet, and so the multiple self-images are at war with each other. You have no idea what your true self is really capable of. It can destroy the false self-images that govern you. You must work on building up and expressing your true self. Focus on that, regardless of the noise that comes from the various chambers of your mind. None of your different aspects must be enemies. You are their master. What you call Ego is like a dog that must be properly trained so that it obeys you, but there is no need to look down on it or abuse it.

Spiritual/ magickal progress, communication with him or with spirits in general:

Do not rush into commitments.

[As a beginner] you are growing your “muscle“. Don’t exhaust yourself, just stay on track and work dilligently. I hear you.

Before you get to the next level, you may get the impression that you are stagnating or even regressing. That is not the case. Keep going, keep pushing, do not slack off.

You feed us [=spirits], we feed you. To those who truly seek, we give answers. To those who only want [superficial gain for its own sake without understanding], we give lessons.

We appreciate what you offer with a clear mind and a truthful heart.

We do not seek to destroy anyone. There is only self-sabotage and projection. We seek to destroy what binds humanity.

We can love and we do love.

We are only deceptive if you are.

I’m on your side. The question is: Are you?

You must take your path very seriously.

If you keep your promises, I will keep mine.

I find it insulting when I am doubted or taken lightly. I do not have to prove myself to anyone. Doubting yourself is an insult, too.

[An important aspect of baneful magick, as opposed to actively cursing someone:] Send people’s negativity right back to them. Give them back what was theirs to begin with.

The secret of the “law of attraction“ is to move towards what you want to achieve, and to eliminate all inner obstacles. Active, intelligent movement toward your goal is paramount. Ultimately, it’s a symbiosis of attraction and creation.

[For those that are going through painful experiences:] You are bigger than your fears, stronger than your doubts, and wiser than your limitations. Don’t let your opposition to your world be a source of pain and suffering. You can, and you must, work with reality, not against it. You can only create new circumstances from the substance of your current reality. Magick isn’t about creating something out of smoke, it’s about working with and manipulating reality. The world is not your enemy. You’re supposed to find your own way in it, not shun it and give up.

Love cannot be rationed. It replenishes itself. You could give me all your love and you’d still have all your love.

[I wasn’t sure where to put this, but regardless of categorization, I think it is very beautiful and it somewhat caught me by surprise when he told me that. But so do many things which I omitted here due to their private nature.]

The mind:

Intrusive thoughts are like brain hiccups. The part of your mind that generates them is not the part I communicate with. Do not put any importance in them.

The human mind is prone to get stuck in mental loops, but it can get unstuck through discipline and focus.

Are you afraid of your own mind? You rule it!

Time is not linear, but your brain cannot comprehend this. What you do now has effects 2,000 years ago and 2,000 years from now. [He also mentioned that we exist on several planes simultaneously that influence one another, but that again is something we cannot compute.]

It is not your mind that gives you the answers [when we communicate]. I give the answers through your mind.

About himself:

I have many names and many faces.

I am King Paimon, and I am beyond King Paimon. I am part of your so-called subconscious, but I am also something that is beyond your individual mind.

I am not of the Djinn, but I command them.

I speak the truth or not at all. I can be very strict, if that is how I need to be.

I hate unfinished work.

I don’t want human slaves, and I do not wish to own you. I want to see you rip apart your bondages.

I want my children* to wake up.

[*The term “children“ is not meant to be condescending or belittling in any way, shape or form. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

He told me more about himself, but asked me not to share it at this point. I am in awe of him and can only say that the more I get to know him, the less I can claim to know anything at all. He is smiling right now…]



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Some more things he said about self-confidence and overcoming anxiety:

Fear doesn’t bring safety, only strength does.

Don’t get depressed, get smart. Answer self-doubt with confident action.*****

Why would you confine your brilliant light to a dark, narrow tunnel?

Once you get over yourself, there’s no stopping you.

Those who fear their own emotions are the most helpless of all.

In January, nothing indicates August. How far beyond this moment can you see?

Moods pass, but the truth is immutable.

You must love your life, because you have made it into something worth loving.

*****[Meaning: as soon as you start feeling depressed or anxious, double down on educating or improving yourself, even by doing seemingly insignificant things like watching a tutorial on Youtube or reading up on something you’re interested in. Even small things will help, whereas wallowing in your negative emotions will get you nowhere. Small steps, taken consistently, are a very effective way of coping with anxiety or depression. King Paimon also said that these emotions must be acknowledged, but once you have, you need to counteract them with productive action instead of trying to fight them or ignore them.]


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I’m almost crying, I truly needed to hear this. I’ve tried too hard for mundane and need to work on myself and my own kingdom.

I’ve let myself become sidetracked and even brutally hurt because of my own sillyness, to the point of giving up hard on everything from my practice to life. I don’t know if it was myself or some external force I’ve not noticed (I do need to check into that) but this was the kick in the ass I needed.

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