Unofficial Tutorials: The URGENT I need help now! Collection

Sometimes people find his forum because they’re dealing with an urgent situation that nothing else they’ve tried can resolve and magick probably can.
Typically this requires something fast acting but easy to do for people without a lot of magickal experience.

Collected here are some popular posts I’ve noticed getting linked for urgent needs a lot, (and I hope you guys will add more!), that are quick goto methods you can use in a pinch, or good foundation technqies, and generally don’t need much setup or tools and work regardless of your experience level.

You’ll also find all these in the longer all tutorials threads, but when we’re stressed it’s nice to get information quickly.

Some of these have been developed by BALG members and feedback if they are around is always appreciated :slight_smile:

@DarkestKnight’s Angel Mantras

… have helped many people including myself:

Emergency Magick Tutorial:

Entities for Emergencies:

Ahl’far’dahn for dire circumstances, from The Book of Azazel by E.A. Koettng

Opfaal The Angel of Deliverance from The Kingdom of Flames by E.A. Koetting

Help with sickness, Archangel Raphael Mantra

Norse Runes:

A technique from Freiya Norling who has a yt channel is to trace a rune (or two) on the palm of your hand with a finger wetted on your tongue, with intention aligned with the energy of the rune.
The runes walk us though all stages of life so there’s usually something to help move you though and get you back on your path.

Example: Rune magick using Raido and Laguz just traced on the hand with saliva when you’re stuck in a long line, for getting through queues quickly, is one I tried and it works a treat. Try it when you’re waiting for an answer from someone.
For a good list of Rune meanings check out

You can also do this exact same thing using ogham or other meaningful symbols or sigils you find or create. At that point it’s starting to look like “Chaos magick” but it’s the same principle: you find a way to strongly put your will into the universe guided by your intention to manifest change.

Hindu Mantras:

How to do an evocation? Instructions:

Quickly unassemble a jar spell:

Can’t be seen doing magic? Use your imagination only:


When its really urgent: @princessofdarkness’s quick money spell:


Ah, brilliant! This lot wasn’t compete without a money spell. :smiley:


Tutorial to hurry a spell with Dynamis: The Spirit of Fast Results

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Throwing this one into the hat for urgent situations.