St.Expedite mantra for quick money results

If you need a quick money manifestation,I suggest you too work with St.Expedite using his power mantra.You will start setting up his altar,you need:
-one red/white/green candle
-printed pic of St.Expedite
-glass of water
-some coins
Put his pic on the center,light a candle on the left side and put the glass of water on the right side (it should look like s triangle : a candle + pic+a glass) you will put coins in the middle where is his pic.
State ur wish loud or write on a peace of paper,if you do so don’t forget to say him ”please“ and “thank you“,write a date till you want that wish to manifest.
Repeat this mantra 54times for 7 days
Be realistic in your requests,if you need small amount than you can repeat mantra 3days ,if you need a huge amount repeat 7days at least. When he manifest,give him a cake offering.Change the water in his glass every second day.


may you share of a personal result from this practice?

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All right…I was kicked out from my apartment and my stuffs were transported to the warehouse,I didn’t have money to take them back,I have used this mantra and a prayer to St.Expedite ,I was desperate.My roommate saw me and asked what’s going on.I explained,she took 200€ from his pocket and gave me the money like a gift,she is not my good friend,I was shocked but I took a money. I say this mantra couple of days .
You can use this prayer too St.Expedite prayer for quick money manifestation


This is great. Glad you have great success. I’ve worked with Saint Expedite in the past with so so results. :roll_eyes: Maybe I will try again with the mantra you suggested. Nice thread!

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Thank you.If something is wrong and you don’t have results,ask yourself a couple of questions: is my petition write correctly ( you must explain in short what you want); set up his altar like I explained and don’t touch! It can be just a little corner,its not important,show him respect,always ask kindly,give him exactly what you promised and think about amount you wish to manifest: is that possible? Do you have chanel for that in ur life? Example: you don’t have a job and you asking for 1000$ -not possible,it is possible just like a loan,give him enough time for road opening. Try again and again!

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Oh I’ve done all those things. Picture on my altar, glass of water, coins. I did use a white, yellow and green candle tho. The results took longer then expected but then again maybe my petition was indeed wrong. Who even knows, lol. But I haven’t petitioned to St. Expedite in years.

Nowadays I usually call on Prince Seere to quickly bring me cash. Or I call on Nitika using the Magickal Cashbook.

But I do always like to try and try again. I will definitely be bookmarking this cause of the matra. I’ve never tried the mantra before. Excellent. :grinning:

Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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I am working with Nitika too,you should combine his work and St.Expedite.


From the magickal cashbook yes ?

IS this the common ritual for st Expedite or there are more ones? If there anre more, is this mantra more powerful than other spells?

A experience. I drop my wallet. Whit cash, cards. My friend which is very appreciate of him. Told me u will find it if u pray saint expedite now, i was like i dnt believe in catholic saints at all bcse if he fail me i be mad on him. Its a similar saying such poncius pilates i ty you balls, until you find wat i lost. Mainly Argentina. No never find my Wallet. But i see a lot of peopls given praise tohim.


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St.Expedite prayer for quick money manifestation You can use this prayer too.

Ι prayed to St.Expedite to help me for an issue that I had and he helped me almost immediately in a very good way. I told him that when he give me what I asked for i will offer him a glass of clean or bottled water i don’t know how you call it there and a nice donut with strawberry because I read that he likes cakes etc. I offered both and i would like also to thank him again publicly.
So thank you again St.Expedite for giving me an immediate solution for my issue! :pray:

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Amazing! Congrats! I am happy for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t what to say because i never had success with prayers,sigils etc.
But i asked for something from Saint Expedite and he helped me again! I thanked him for the previous wish that he fulfilled for me and i asked him to help me for something and my family for something else.
The one for me is tougher and i didn’t see anything yet,but for the other one he helped immediately and in a better way than it could be. Now i will thank him again personally and I’ll ask him to show me a sing that it was him. Again Thank you Saint Expedite for helping me out! :pray:

Thank you St. Expedite, i just asked him for money help, i got a call about 3 hrs later from my parents telling me some money came in, then i found 5 dollars on the ground 2 hrs later after that.

Bless you St. Expedites!!


First time I worked with St. Expedite, I found a $1000 bond I’d lost two years before. It wasn’t even where I lost it, LOL.

“It Works”.

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