Emergency magick tutorial

Have a immediate issue that needs immediate action?

This is emergency type magic, this is what you utilize whenever you don’t have time to layout circles or do complex invocations Ori vacations.

If the case is that you’re being shot at, I recommend that you don’t bother with this, and that you will either find cover or return fire.

This is for giving yourself an edge and upcoming workings, such as emergency summoning of spirits to bring money or to bring favor in a court case because you forgot to do an invocation to Belial the night before.

This is last-ditch stuff here.

This is what you will need, besides the ability to open a Sigil.

First, take a piece of paper, and write out what you need, in this case
Keep me safe from deception or Danger.

Next, you want to take the statement and reduce it down to a simple string of letters. Eliminate any letters that repeat in the entire sentence.

Next Step, seeing as how it was a long string of letters, we’re going to further reduce it by getting rid of all of the vowels.

On the other side of the paper, you are going to make out a Sigil of your own choosing.

Whatever sigil you make up, open it in the standard way that outlined pretty much everywhere on every website including this forum.

Once you feel that the sigil is open and charged with your intention, this is the part where you get to play with fire.

Take It, Burn it, forget it.

That’s all there is to it.