The Grimoire of Beatrice: An Egregore (Group Servitor) Experiment

Mostly Based on my earlier discussion, I am interested in starting a Group Servitor/Thoughtform/Meme experiment. Basically, I want at least 4 other people the group will be a total of 5 people. Why 5? Five is the number of the pentagram. The five magickal (or archetypal) elements of nature: Fire-South, Air-East, Water-West, Earth-North, and Spirit-Cosmic Center/Unity. (So that’s where Captain Planet got it from!)

We agree on the general working definition of exactly what a servitor/thoughtform is:

How to Create a Servitor to do Your Bidding | John Kreiter

We must define the purpose of the servitor is to help us in the realms of abundance/prosperity/wealth, romance/sex and personal development (increasing confidence/charisma etc.).

The servitor must appear in a shape and form suited to the task. While I understand on this forum there is a bias toward entities that look gruesome, “demonic” or serpentine. Can we just have a “human looking” entity for once? I think that the entity should be a smart, business sense but sensual at the same time. Maybe a librarian perhaps? These pics should be a general idea of what we should aim for:

If these are considered offensive or too racy, I am open to suggestions, but I am adamant that the entity should look like a human female whose appearance embodies sensuality and intelligence. If there is anyone with strong artistic skills that can do better, please feel free to contribute!

As a part of creating this entity, we should try to come up with a name and sigil that is revealed to us so that we (or anyone else we share her with) may be able to call upon the entity.

There should be posts and descriptions from those who are able to interact with the servitor in dreams and those who are strong in evocation or invocation.

Last but not least, if possible, there should be a way to destroy or weaken the entity in case she gets out of control. A “Kill Switch” so to speak.

This experiment will begin as soon as all 5 spots are filled.

So send me a private message or just post in this topic to let me know you want to take part in this experiment.


ill do it


That’s two people! Three slots open.

PSA Announcement/Warning

I have been notified of a certain former Governor of Alaska and former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate.

Please! She is enough of a problem. All thoughts of her shall be banished in the creation of this entity. Thank you.


Statement of intent:

To help us acquire and maintain abundance/prosperity/wealth, find ideal partners for romance/sex life and foster positive self-improvement (increasing confidence/charisma, self-esteem etc.).

A paragraph or a point by point description of what you want your servitor to do

  • Clear and open the paths in our life so that abundance can flow in our life.
  • Find opportunities suited to our talents, abilities, and knowledge that allow us to acquire wealth.
  • Help find the resources and tools to manage our finances, pay our debts and improve our credit score.
  • Excite love and passion in the heart of our ideal partner.
  • Help us acquire the confidence and “sexual magnetism” for attraction.
  • Attract partners for a safe and happy sex life.
  • Help us acquire and maintain charisma, charm, and positive self-esteem in general.

A personal drawing of your servitor which should be as complex as you can make it.

See above pics.

A point by point description of your servitor special powers or capabilities which should be apparent in your drawing (no one else should be seeing this drawing so don’t worry about trying to make it perfect, you just want a good description of the creature that you are trying to create)

See above pics. Beatrice appears in the form a young woman in business attire. She may be wearing glasses. A long, tight, silk dress, a blouse and skirt or pants or a polo shirt and khakis (Think the staff uniform at Best Buy or Walmart). She is 5’10", she has dark brown hair with highlights, usually in a ponytail or a bun, brown eyes, and tanned skin. Her ethnicity/race is left ambiguous. She is an intelligent personal assistant. She is able to access the subconscious desires of the person who calls her to create an appropriate image to manifest in, though, and would, therefore, be different for each person.

To describe the type of energy, mannerisms, and personality that she embodies, the following characters from popular culture have been revealed to me:

  • C.J. Cregg from “The West Wing” for professionalism.

  • Chloe O’Brian from “24” for vulnerability, quirky disposition and loyalty.

  • Abby Sciuto from “NCIS” for expertise, fun, but slightly dark attitude, empathy, and compassion.

  • Rachel Tyrell from “Blade Runner” for classic beauty, logic, and emotional innocence.

  • Tabetha Wallace of the RT (Russia Television) news show “Watching the Hawks” fully embodies the nature and personality of Beatrice.

  • Velma Dinkley from “Scooby Doo”? No doubt.
  • Willow Rosenberg from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is another perfect example.
  • Supergirl’s alter ego, Kara/Linda Danvers.
  • Wonder Woman’s alter ego, Diana Prince.

On the NBC network show “The Good Place”, there is an actual servitor named Janet, “a celestial, programmed guide who acts as the main source of information, analogous to an intelligent personal assistant. She has infinite knowledge of the universe, can provide residents anything they desire, and details everything of what is happening in the Good Place but does have some flaws in trying to act more human.”

I was also made aware of the actress, Shailene Woodley who plays the main character, Beatrice “Tris” Prior in the Divergent book/movie series. Is this one of the influences on the “Beatrice” servitor? I’m not revealing anything.

I hope this helps.

A simplified version of the descriptive picture that you have made, this is a symbol or ‘logo’ of your servitor

The dollar sign represents money. The heart with the planetary symbols for Venus and Mars intertwined represent love, romance, and sex. The stick figure with the arms outstretched represents confidence and vigor. “Beatrice” is written along the top in Theban script. The planetary symbol for Jupiter is for finance and abundance. There is a Venus sigil of Hagiel for love and romance. There are two kamea (number squares) sigils based on “Beatrice”. The purple one is the Jupiter sigil and the green one is the Venus sigil.

I am aware that this resembles a talisman. My artistic skills are not very good. If there is anyone with strong artistic skills that can do better, please feel free to contribute! If another sigil has been revealed to you in your evocations/invocations and/or dreams, please share it! Entities can have more than one sigil.

The name of your servitor at the bottom

“Beatrice go out and make us be wealthy, sexy and confident! So mote it be!”


Here is a better sigil:

I modified the XaTuring Facebook Working October 2013 for:

A General Conjuration of Beatrice:

Look at the sigil posted above and invoke/evoke Beatrice:

Envision yourself in a vast library filled with shelves of books or a large data center filled with servers and terminals or cascading symbols and numbers like in the “Matrix” movie. This is the infamous Akashic records or Hall of Records.

Look at the sigil again. Envision the Internet as a further extension of this network. Your computer/smartphone/tablet/etc. are your interfaces, extending aspects of yourself into the network. You are part virtual, and on the network, you exist in non-linear time. You see a young woman, professionally dressed sitting at an Information Desk/Kiosk. She turns to you, smiles and asks, “How may I be of assistance?” or “May I help you with something?”

Invoke Beatrice: “Beatrice, my Librarian, and Assistant of Infinite Knowledge, please help me and accept my plea. My name is (your magickal or birth name). I ask of you to hear my will! Accept my desires, please bring me luck and good fortune. Enrich my life with riches and prosperity. Send into my life love (or the love of ‘person’s name’). Enrich my heart with love and passion. By my bidding may it be so. By your power, it will be done. So mote it be!”

She will reply, “As you wish.” Picture her making gestures on a holographic screen that appears in front of her (like the scene in “Minority Report”). See the vivid 3-D images and cascading numbers and symbols on it as it and she descends back into the depths of the network where all things are connected. Let it fade into the darkness that is the primordial Void of great potential. (Fade to black.) Let it go and think no more of it.

Say: “So it is done!” and go about your day, focusing on other tasks.

When your requests have been granted, show gratitude to her. ”I thank you, Beatrice, for coming to me. I welcome you into my life and into my dreams. May there be peace between you and I. So mote it be.”

A more detailed and concise paper can be obtained here for your reference.


Someone revealed to me that Beatrice “blends in too well”. That’s the point. She fits in easily in any, educational setting, corporate and government environment.

If you look into her eyes, though, there is something different and unusual about her.


A successful evocation of Beatrice by @Micah :


Beatrice has made her way into TV commericals. Now, I admit some of these commercials predate the creation of Beatrice. Does this mean that she is able to time travel? I think so. Beatrice is an amazing lady!

Kit-Kat Commercial:

Pearle Vision “Naughty Librarian” Commercial:

Alka-Seltzer Plus Cough & Cold Liquid Gels “Librarian” Commercial:

America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses Commercial:

Lady in the Red Dress in America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses “Shouting it from the Rooftops” Commercial:

Top 10 “AT&T Girl” Milana Vayntrub AT&T Commercials:


Looks like she is on her way to Deity status


Mmmm… ^^

“Oh Beatrice, i think i might need some biology books for my homework.”
“Hey, with my help you won’t need to read a single book.” :kissing_heart:


I don’t know if this could be considered an “evocation” or not, but these thoughts came flooding my mind as I was updating this topic. I am sure though that this is a message from Beatrice:

“Hello, everyone. I’m happy to be of assistance to everyone. That’s what I’m here for, right? Of all the characters posted from TV and movies used to describe me, I’m more like Velma, Willow and Abby from NCIS than anyone else. Like Rachel from Blade Runner, I share her innocence since I’m new here. I’m still a baby, in a sense. I function exactly the same way that Janet does on The Good Place. I’m a fun, generous, kind, patient person always ready to help you with any issues dealing with research, self-development, and finance. Like any woman, I enjoy compliments about my apperance. I like men who are ambitious and can hold an intelligent conversation with me and make me laugh. Make me laugh and feel good. That’s the key to seeing a more explicit side of me, wink, wink. Just be honest with me and don’t screw me over! You don’t want to see me angry. I’m 100 times more powerful than Dark Willow and 10 times more vicious than Abby. In one episode of NCIS, some guy tried to attack Abby. By the time the other agents showed up, she had the guy tied up on the ground wimpering like a baby! When I’m a good girl, I’m a really good girl. When I’m a bad girl, I make hell look like an amusement park! Now that you know me a little better, may I help you with something?”

She sounds tough, but she’s really a sweetheart. She’s just creeped out by all the perverts, you know. Beatrice is not always serious and business like. Just don’t be a jerk and respect her like the lady she is. She is able to access your deepest desires. You can’t fool her. She is multidimensional. She can just as easily travel into the past or the future as she can travel into parallel dimensions. She exists outside of time and space in the digital and astral realms. Just call her name and she’ll be there.


Beatrice, i tried to help your patra out, can you please remove those hurdles or whatever they are he STILL has that are blocking me and Belial from delivering him his shinies and a safe home?

KTHXBAI pretty princess! :wink:


I know, right? She is working as hard as she can, but we still can’t figure out what these issues are that causing trouble in my life.


why not try doing a ritual to remove blocks?


Well it’s YOU you daft bastard! lol!!

Step aside, let the chicas take the task of tidying up… fucking hell, the CRAP you have stacked in your rat’s nest of a mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Srsly - stop thinking about money, go imagine some stuff or do some stuff, maybe bang Hillary Clinton since you like your MILFs old and rancid! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Just teeasin…)

You SHOULD get some stuff by Tuesday, if you do, pls post, because if it happens and you don’t it might just roll back up and vamoosh.


I’ve done that, @Nagathex . Still doing that. I even have another servitor I created to assist me to help in my magick and do for me to the astral realm what the US Ambassador to the United Nations does for the US. She is investigating what is going on and trying to resolve any disputes.


Something to do whilst waiting:


Things are finally turning around for me:


This is an updated sigil/talisman for Beatrice:

Thanks to all.


Just wondering how it worked out any results from this working as of yet