Financial "Miracles" are Finally Happening!

Just in the last few days, a friend gave me $120. Yesterday I received money from a source I cannot mention and I receiving a $1000 donations through a gofundme page as of 16 June 2017.

It is amazing what a combination of a servitor, visualization, and personal affirmations can do.

You’re in a room made of gold. This is the Earth tattva in Hindu philosophy. Everything in the room is made out of gold. This is alot like Donald Trump’s place in Trump Tower. Even the toilet is made out of gold! Visualize gold and silver bars and coins all around you. Stacks and bags of currency all around you. Dollar bills and checks raining down from the sky. Checks with your name on them. Imagine being surrounded by a bubble of golden energy. This is your aura. Breathe in and exhale the golden energy. See yourself going to a golden ATM machine with a gold bankcard and withdrawing unlimited amounts of money.

As you’re doing all of this say to yourself at least three times with belief and conviction. You must already believe it has happened in the present moment no matter what:

“I AM attracting large amounts of money to myself. This money is mine to keep and to use as I please.”

Or, “I AM rich. I AM wealthy. I AM living in abundance and prosperity.”

It is important that you do both the visualization and personal affirmation at the same time or it won’t work. Do this many times everyday. Do it when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. Every free moment you get. If you can’t say it out loud, Think it. Daydream it. With enough practice, it only takes a few seconds. Also, results vary. It can take hours, days, or weeks.

It works for me so far.

Also, along the same lines, there is a video of Rev. Ike’s Legacy Ministry:

Replace the references to “God” with whatever you want.

“I circulate money productively, continuously, in increasing massive amounts!”

Or, “All of the money I circulate returns to me multiplied in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment, thank God!”

The Magic Words that ATTRACT Money or KICK it Away! (Law of Attraction)


Hear! Hear!
What appears above works. Been there. Done that! Wonderful, someone actually doing some worthwhile Magick.And it’s not that hard. Sure it takes time and effort but you don’t need planetary hours and the appropriate incense, candles, plus Magickal banners all placed in the correct direction.



More good news!

Today (21 June 2017), I am now officially a CompTIA A+ certified computer technician. I have passed both parts of the exam (220-901, 220-902) with high scores.

Praise Lucifer! Praise Belial! Praise Azazel!

I give thanks to the ancestors. I give thanks to King Paimon and Astaroth.

And to those of you out there who have been there for me, I thank you.

I’m far from out of the woods, but I know that I’ll be okay. The spirits are with me.



Not too long after I typed the above posting in July 2017, I was evicted at gunpoint by three U.S. Marshals in August on the day of the solar eclipse.

This July 2018, I am typing this in a new studio apartment in Dayton, Ohio USA after a year of homelessness. I have two good paying jobs now and there are plenty of opportunities out here. All of this thanks to the help of good friendly Christians in a local church here. The cost of living is much cheaper and better here in “America’s Heartland”. The people are nicer and very tolerant out here. (I met a Wiccan at my casino job!) I still have to hide my magick arts from my Christian friends, but they are otherwise open-minded, logical, reasonable people. Say what you want about Christians and Christianity but I still:

I made peace with the nature spirits here. I’m not too far from the river here and I gave an offering with a request.

Magick is just like anything else in life. There is no secret. With a focused intent and hard work, anything is possible. Believe in yourself and whatever higher power (whatever that is) and we willing to do what it takes.


I always get tickled when I see basic spell thought being taught in a Christian atmosphere.


Kek wealth blessings towards you, @CyberLord.

I currently stopped gaining any income, even the government base pay I currently don’t receive.

So I hope this is a pre-cursor to a bigger manifestation, as we currently work on some nice projects.

Don’t be shy or afraid with buisness opportunities, brother. Good things shall keep coming! :slight_smile:


Note, and reminder to myself:

Thje original word for “gold” is “Oro”.

Chant Mantra / meditate on:

Oro Al’khem’iuz, Suh’Tal Ock.