Very possible. Depression can lead you to feel the magic won’t even work which is best case scenario. Imagine leaving the impressions of depression on a candle to burn and spread it’s energy all around.

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I think that depression occurs when we go against our ‘root core’ of who we really are and what we truly desire. We somehow fall out of alignment with ourselves due to conflicts in our environment or pressures from other people. Once we find our path we lose those restrictions and the pain or anxiety goes away. Getting back to the nature of this thread though, I would say that depression, anger, fear and many other strong emotional states can create brilliant energy, which can be channelled (displaced) into an intention thereby giving strength to the magical practice.


i’ve been searching through the forum about this issue, since it is something that affects me too, for long. Too long. The thing is the cause is very precise: the economic crisis in Portugal, unemployment after huge efforts on work and studies only to find near poverty, a ruined career, and that, is not only past, but an already “promised” present and future of decadence. And this obvioulsy, year after year and getting worse, was like waves crashing against the rocks, no matter how strong we are, if its too hard and too long, we break. It is like In my case i can tell that is exactely like you said. I am out of alignment with who i truly am, and that is because of the environment and people. I wished for a simple life, creating art, music, (which for me is also a “magical process” and extremelly important to my True Self.) being close to nature, to live life at its fullest this way. But i found myself jobless, adult, living on an (impoverished) family home, on a terrible concrete-jungle, awful suburban area, broken, and not even my high education and professional experience save me from a country gone mad, underpaid exploitation 20s, 30s just cant even imagine living on their own or having a family. I just watch helplessly the government devouring our lives at will. Well, there is a limit for what we can stand, and after that limit we break. So i can see this on a strong spiritual/physical relation. Years ago when things were a bit better on the physical realm for me, i had no depression, nor anxiety. Back then i felt that my True Self was actually manifesting itself for a while in some aspects of lifestyle, thus completing the cycle between tangible realm and spiritual and emotional realms. The physical realm where we live must have, to a certain point possible on this realm, manifestations and emanations of our emotional and spiritual realm, through the way we live. We can abstract ourselves from the outside to a point even when our lives dont really reflect our true self and find the niches where we can be ourselves. But when things get too hard, is not possible to abstract yourself when the problem is so gets into your house, into your room, into your way of life. Its not possible for me to overcome depression and live only on the “platonic” realm. Our physical lives need to have a consistent mininum of reflection from the innerself, otherwise it becomes a prison.
Having experienced strong states of pain, sorrow and hate, i agree with you since i can sense an amount of intense energy coming out of that. The issue is how to direct this energy on a controled way to the goals, channeling it to right way and not leting fears and lack of confidence affect that energy stream.


It depends. If the depression is affecting you to the point that you cannot concentrate during ritual work, then possibly. But in my opinion, if the depression is so strong that you recognize this is the reason I am so unhappy, this is the reason for my misery, it could have a reversed affect and actually aid your ritual work because the desire for change is so strong, that your will to change your reality during the ritual becomes that much stronger too.

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Try using the LBRP nightly to clear your head. Im not int thelema at all but the solar adorations seemed to cure that as well.


Depression creates a low vibration in you. By that you wont be able to communicate with higher vibrational beings. They just cant stand this vibration. The frequency your vibrating with decides what kind of entity you have infront of yourself.

Depressions are easily healed anyway. If you feel bad, just sit down, relax your body and then imagine something good. Like a beach where you are laying, light blue water, fresh sea air, a cocktail in your hand tasting godlike, some parrots flying around etc…

If you cant do that your magic will fail anyway cuz you cant focus your energy on one outcome, which is necessary in my opinion. For magic to work you need to be able to control your thoughts, by that your feelings, by that your animalistic urges and by that everything within and without you.

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Okay I’m going to type a reply based on stuff I’ve learned from various teachers and also what’s worked for me at extremes, and obviously this can’t address the medical/psychological aspects of depression, it’s just some ideas from a magickal/self-help point of view, and if it goes wide of the mark then I’m sorry and wish you the best! :slight_smile:

Obviously, I don’t know everything and my own life isn’t perfect, plus what I’m about to describe probably amounts to intentional insanity, so with that made clear, I’ll get started:

I believe that the first step for you to take is to create an inner sanctuary using your imagination, because the manifest world around you right now sucks. There’s not much you can do about that, and simple “happy thoughts” won’t do shit.

We have some friends who just moved to Greece to be with their family, and bad as the recession has been in the UK, southern Europe seems to be in a world of pain compared to us.

So IMO what you need to do is first, make yourself a secure base to place your emotions, your identity, and your focus since your external world is contaminated by poverty and depressing things.

Your imagination can create a secure base that no-one else can touch, and which will give you the fulcrum point from which to begin operating as a magickal and resilient individual, and you do that by an act of will and an act of creation - so, you’re already on a dynamic pathway away from despair and accepting what’s been given to you so far.

Let me give you an example - create for yourself an imaginary villa, or a luxy condo apartment, or if you want to aim high, have a castle or palace.

I like to keep my visualisations quite low-key, but you might find liberation in going to an extreme, and having a white marble palace with minarets and gold-plated balconies - so long as your heart sighs a sigh of relief when you think about it, there’s really no wrong way to do this.

Google “amazing interiors” and stuff like that for ideas - here’s one I like a lot, that’s pretty believable:

I like books, you might not, so choose the decor you prefer.

And remember there are no limits, so long as it makes you happy.

If you want, create a plausible backstory of how you got it - unknown uncle died and left it to you, weird freakish lottery win, or you did a favour for a wounded Knight elf and he left you a portal to his realm and castle.

Maybe your great-great-grandfather saved the life of an Indian princess, and now you’ve inherited a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean, with nothing but an old villa and some domesticated goats?

If you don’t feel like your imagination can handle creating something from nothing right now, which is fine (this is meant to be fun and not testingly hard work with an option to fail), choose a TV show that’s centred round a specific set (like Big Bang Theory, Friends, Frasier, whatever), and make that real, and then give yourself a simple backstory for why you’re there - maybe Frasier’s taking the family for a 9-month round-the-world cruise and you’re housesitting for him, with a generous weekly allowance, for 9 months.

Whatever you can live with, without too much friction or effort.

Create within this two rooms as your main bases, one to relax in (ideally a bedroom, or maybe a hammock, or whatever), and one to do focused thinking in, which may also become your astral temple later on.

Imagine the interiors (or balconies, gardens, whatever you chose) and imagine yourself walking round them, lying on the couches, relaxing in the rooms. Take time out for this, like making an appointment with yourself, because you’re creating something here and not “wasting time” with idle daydreams. This has a purpose.

That’s the first stage because it’s giving the creative mind within yourself a break, into relative luxury and also away from the immediate needs of your situation.

It also doesn’t have reminders of present problems, and it gives you a break from real friends and family who, no matter how much you love them, are caught up in the current of present-day events, and are probably as worried and depressed about them (and legitimately so) as you are.


Stage 2:

Make a commitment to wake up “into” your luxy, safe, and liberating sanctuary at least twice a week, and by that I mean whatever your living circumstances, wake up and imagine you’re there. Try to wake a little earlier if necessary, so you can stay in bed and visualise this.

If that sounds weird, imagine how much differently you’d feel waking up here (or any of these bedrooms), every day:


You’d be getting new messages about who you are, what you can expect from life, what you’re capable of - you’d probably even stand, talk, and breathe in a different way…

You walk into the kitchen in whatever you’d wear in that reality, and you make yourself breakfast (or whatever other morning rituals you have) in that environment.

The brain seems to be more impressionable close to sleep, so doing this impresses upon your mind (the machine by which you have the potential to manifest a new reality) that sometimes, things can be cool, enjoyable, non-stressful, and not tied into lack and poverty.

Also, make it a project to find, make, or buy, anything at all that reinforces the existence of your sanctuary when you’re either waking up, or about to sleep - if you have a tropical island and can download rainforest sounds to fall asleep to, or wake up to a screensaver of the apartment/palace you wanted, or have for breakfast one thing (even if it’s just a coffee mug) that you’d have in that world, those will help make it one step more real.

Try to find some music, a piece of clothing, and anything else visceral that affirms the validity of your sanctuary, as well. Keep a folder about it on your computer or phone if you can - this isn’t a “vision board” - this is creating space in your internal reality, so don’t focus on the gap between these and your current situation.

And above all, NEVER envy or resent the people who actually own them - that’s some really bad mojo!

From here you’re going to be ideally doing this enough that your sanctuary becomes a real place to you, real like memories are real, and emotionally engaging like daydreams are - you’re creating and maintaining a place to retreat to, and relax for a bit, and (“It is like In my case i can tell that is exactely like you said. I am out of alignment with who i truly am, and that is because of the environment and people. I wished for a simple life, creating art, music”) to be who you truly are.

Set up an easel there (and keep a notepad handy IRL, also a “record” function etc), and imagine freely the art and beauty you create in this free and unlimited sanctuary.


Phase 3:

The purpose of the above is that you attune your energy with safety, abundance, supply, opulence - that you create the vibrational and emotional resonance in your mind of something better than what the world outside is doing right now.

Try to do it a minimum of 2 days a week, more is better - and try to fall asleep thinking about it, visualising yourself in it, as well.

I did something like this, in a haphazard way and not on purpose, a few years ago when I was at my lowest and ended up living in the exact apartment my imagination had seized upon! This might be harder if you visualise a golden palace, but you never know.

Once you feel a genuine lift at the idea of going to this sanctuary, you’re ready to begin more conventional work, by which I mean opening sigils, or performing evocations (including in your sanctuary, as an inner temple) and also you’ll have raised your own state by giving your mind an escape from the manifest insanity around you right now.

Good spirits to contact at this point would be:

  1. Hathor, who loves luxury and pleasure and also the arts, and she’s also the patron goddess of miners and foreign travel, so she might help you to literally dig out or discover some hidden break that will get your career back on track;

  2. Buer, who hates to see people suffering and is committed, in my experience, to helping with any problems that are causing you anguish;

  3. your ancestors, if possible - there are plenty of guides about this on this forum. I don’t know if you imagine yourself being a parent one day, but ancestral spirits hate to see their children, their future, in these kind of dead-end traps and will often pull strings and go to some lengths to help you out;

  4. Belial, for assistance in doing what he said during the evocation E.A. did last year, that’s online here:

“Seek ever for your kingdom, your empire. Concern yourself not with those who are weak of mind, and who seek excuses to flee from their power. You are God now. All of you are God now. Favour the bold, the strong; favour those who favour you, and erase all others from your destiny.” ~ Belial

  1. look into making a Jupiter Talisman, -TWF- on here has posted some ideas about this, and Jason Miller’s book “Financial Sorcery” has some new seals for different aspects of financial good luck, as well - but the basics of making a talisman are findable online;

  2. consider reading the book “The Science Of Getting Rich” by Wallace T. Wattles - it’s freely available online in different formats because it’s out of copyright, and so is Napoleon Hill’s masterwork “Think And Grow Rich.”

That’s all I’m going to post for now, you might not like this style of doing things so I won’t go on: if this does seem interesting then first, see how you do with creating the inner sanctuary, then research some of those spirits and book ideas, and get back to me if this is working and you want to hear some other proposals - but if this honestly looks as useless as a chocolate teapot then I understand that, we’re all different, and I wish you the very best with whatever you do.


^ this gives you guidelines on when it could becomne a problem - useful to know in advance
^ a similar technique of directed goal-oriented imagination


Great post @Lady_Eva. I know its a bit old, but still good.


i think depression can help you manifest quicker since your conscious mind is a lot quite and still during that time which will make you detach from the outcome, anxiety on the other hand can be the worst thing since it will create desperation and worry.


-Wow :anguished:
What terrible irony.


I know how you feel, because i use to be quite suicidle when i was in my late teens into my 20s consumption of 8 kgs of Mercury i could purchase without any id it is a tastless chemical no medical cure at all, i don’t take Mercury anymore i was only swollowing Mercury to win back Satan as my Lord because if God of Abraham cut me of from Hell, i will start to consume Mercury as a way of saying to God of Abraham i will destroy my vessel you forced my soul into for taking Satan away from me and for preventing me from practicing the Black arts, i will let you know this God of Abraham i will continue to practice the black arts, and some day i will get Satans respect back and wipe you out of existence a so i can be welcome back in Hell as Satans Deciple as a Demon Sorcerer, so i be forbidden to enter into Heaven so i don’t become a slave.

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WTF?! Mercury is toxic!!

~I just tried today some L-tyrosin, and maybe was it because my first time,
but i would describe this excitement like:

Do you remember the feeling, when you were the first time alone with someone,
and you were -allmost, shivering, because all this very physical tension,
but your mind was clear -you believed yourself in a grey zone between a rush and the normal state.
~and only physical activity could tame this bumping heart in your chest -a imaginary fire rests around you heart, in your spine, in your head.

Thats what i feel now. L-Tyrosin…should be good for hard physical work, or passionflooded nights :stuck_out_tongue:

L-Tyrosin…a fuel for passion in all its facets?
Shit, i wanna climb a mountin, or risk accident by riding the bike like crazy.
Or run through the forest, or through the fields until night.


There are other gods and spirits out there, and methods to permanently banish all that crap from the desert troll god out of your system!

And I kind of have to share this, as much for anyone else reading and feeling at the end of their tether as anything:

if you (or anyone else reading this thread) are having thoughts of hurting yourself, it’s important that you discuss them with someone who is qualified to help, such as a crisis helpline in your country. Please visit this link to find the appropriate number:

If you feel that you may be an immediate danger to yourself, please call your local emergency number or go to your local hospital emergency room right away. If you are unsure of the right number to call, please visit this link and call the number next to the country where you are located:

If that seems too much to handle, consider joining this group that offers non-judgmental peer-support if you think it will be supportive:

This might also help, if you can’t talk to anyone right now, no matter how supportive:


I am 47 years old now 48 years old this year its been over 24 years ago since i had the last drop of mercury has kill me if it was going to kill me it would have along time ago, so if mercury doesn’t kill me nothing will then would it make me an inmortal, who knows i don’t won’t to try it ever again, i gave up childish games long ago have moved on with my life, i am doing much better now with the LHP Lucifer, Satan, Demons, Poltergeist, Adelaide people don’t give a fuck about me why should i give a fuck about them all there interested it how many drugs they can take all the women they can fuck and going to church to serve there Holy spirit way i see it there all just a mob of Catholic and Christian bullies, like a mean kid sitting on a ants nest with a magnifing glass, i got better things to do then socializing with a mob of Adelaide city of churches bullies they have got nothing better things to do then to see me hurt myself for there amusement because i believe in Satan the LHP, but i got plans for them, i have been collecting rare Grimoires on Ebay from 89 US dollars up to 750 US dollars like the book of Smokeless fire by S Ben Quayn, which i thank him very much for a great opportunity, there are other rare Grimoires for Sale to anything up to 44,000 US there are a lot of other ones i will get first to add to my collections of deadly possessions Dragon of the to fames by Michael Ford, Necromantic Sorcery by Donta Abel, the Black Book of Azathoth, Book of Banful Magic, Black Magic of Arhimarn, Ars philtron, Grimoire of Tiamat and many others a very dangerous Haunted Mirror, and hopefully one day a Dybbuck box i know how dangerous a Haunted Dybbuck box is, so all those Adelaide mother fuckers and there bitch girlfriends better watch there fucking backs.


Weird… -What is with all those kids with damaged brains who happen to be near a broken light bulp?
~The gas from mercury is known to be toxic.
But maybe was your believe strong enough to keep at least the majority of the braincells intact.

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Its more like man produces greatness when under pressure, like the tortured artist archetype, Van Gogh produced some of his greatest works while manically depressed, when I’m low or really paranoid the stuff I write is like another person its so intelligent, I’ll go over old blogs and not believe I wrote it or remember,I think like you said we are at our finest in times of despair.



Mercury fucks up the brain, fillings are made with mercury and it seeps into the bloodstream causing short term memory problems and brain fog leading maybe into degenerative brain diseases.

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I’m no expert, but Banishing rituals are great. Imagine your own depression in some sort of form. Then trace the pentagrams between You and it. Pinning your depression behind the pentagrams blast it to ends of the multiverse: Fuck You! Also works on bad habits, etc.

I work within limited circumstances by choice. The more you work with Magick the more you learn short-cuts. Why get gold sheet when yellow cardboard works just as well? Your concrete jungle becomes your candle-lit cave of dark workings. These cheap and nasty mental tricks work.



Depression can either help or hurt your magic. If I’m feeling very depressed about a situation and decide to do a spell to change it, my depression can make the magic manifest faster because I put more will into it. If your depression is making you doubt that a situation will get better then it might hinder the spell from working. Anxiety made hinder it too because you will be too focused on when the spell will work and how long it will take


Check this out the new in thing for roller coasters.:slight_smile: