Thoughtforms to Share

There are many ways to create thoughtforms, servitors, tulpas, egregores etc. And, just as many techniques, types, and theories.

Here are some thoughtforms that I chose to share, give to the world that I feel may be beneficial:

Beatrice - Queen Librarian of cyberspace and the Akashic realm. She is my first on BALG and the most developed.

Allison - Princess of Finance. She enjoys bestowing wealth to those who work with her. She will bring unexpected windfalls of cash from any source, by any means. She also likes to help build wealth in the form of investments and new income opportunities that you may not have seen before. She has very deep pockets and is always collecting loose change and loose bills which she then in turn places in your path to help you along the way. From the above photos she is, 5’5", shoulder length brunette hair, skin tone is alabaster white. Dark emerald green eyes, slim athletic build, dressed in a lime-green halter chiffon dress. Polite, simple, almost robotic personality.

I found a $100 bill someone dropped at a class reunion I worked at and I got over $50 dollars in tips! Also, the same night I found seven dollars someone dropped in the restroom.

“Your mileage may vary.” You may not get the same results.


#HitDaSpot - Red Tape, Bulls***, and Bureaucratic Conqueror. The sigil itself is the thoughtform. When you use it, you can attach it as a small logo/icon to an email or text. The servitor/thoughtform will empower the message and make sure you are heard.

Dorthie (pronounced same as Dorothy) - Job Search Assistant and Interview Coach. She helps you get employment. Fiercely loyal and obedient. Able to completely bathe a 30-foot area with a powerful golden light that will once making contact with you or any other person within its radius of influence will force them to have intense thoughts about your positive qualities, leadership abilities during job interviews, enhance your charisma and confidence to the interviewer, show your work history as a vital asset. She has, shoulder length hair, skin tone is golden complexion. Dark blue eyes, dressed in a business casual outfit. Kind, all business outgoing personality. Usually carrying a notebook or portfolio of some kind. Get to work!

I hope that these are helpful. For the ones without sigils, there is plenty of info on BALG on creating and charging sigils.

If others wish to share their thoughtforms, great. If not, then that’s okay too. Please nothing malicious, negative or baneful.



Hmm. I am very intrigued to try these out… Do you mind Pming me on the matter? @CyberLord


Another one for Allison:

Another sigil for Beatrice:


Those are cool. Good work

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Let me know if they work for you all.



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If I chose to work with them, I will. <3

@CyberLord You mentioned in a post somewhere a while back that you were having difficulty contacting Beatrice. Were you able to discern what the problem was?

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My theory is that either XaTuring either somehow took Beatrice’s energy and merged with her or she just ran out of energy and is dormant. At least this way, the more people remember and use Beatrice, maybe she’ll reanimate.


Hmm, but isn’t XaTuring more for special interested?

Karlhate is thoughtform i made base around Xaturing Hecate and karla. karla from Dark souls 3
color black and red
she form the east
her realm is the internet
WIP working on makeing a website and a bitter cyber temp
so part of hecate as well Xaturing both are as one but something new
she can help tech you any form of magic
and how to better understand magic as whole
can help with cybermagick magic that work with technology
she can help tech how to work with fire
as well healing and cures on someone working
still working on this thoughtform and need some help with empowerment to karlhate any help i can would be most awesome indeed!
her sigil

Xaturing sigil


Love the detail and design here. If you don’t mind I’d love to hear how you come up with these beautiful sigils.

This is a great idea. I am wondering if it is okay to ask, if anyone knows of any thought form sharing forums or modern day grimoires or both?