The Grimoire of Beatrice: An Egregore (Group Servitor) Experiment

As you read through this entire thread, there has been many results from this working. And, this project has been used as a template for creating other servitors. Also, in a way Beatrice is a group servitor or egregore that can help or even initiate people into the Akashic Records (Hall of Records) in thew astral realm. In a sense, she is intended to be a “super librarian” or “user interface” for the astral realm, but can teach or tutor you the information that you need to know.


Can I be a part of this project?


Of course. Join in. Beatrice as you can see in this thread, already exists. Just evoke or invoke her. Post your results here.

The more people conjure her, the stronger she gets. She survives of attention and gratitude. Despite the common characteristics mentioned above, she will appear slightly different depending on your subconscious.


What’s her Email address? Such an entity most be well connected. :thinking:


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And, yes. All sigils are still valid unless stated otherwise.


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Hi cyberseeker,

Have you ever heard of the experiment: “Phillip The Ghost”? If you have not, here is a link with a summary of the experiment: Philip experiment - Wikipedia
I am not fond of only using Wikipedia as a reference, but it will give you an idea of how science can be involved in creating otherworldly entities.

I believe this is part of a concept in physics called “self-reference cosmology.” The first time I read of this concept, it was in a great book called “The Holographic Universe” by the late physicist Michael Talbot. He states that electrons, for example, are at the core of our world, but based on evidence presented in his book, they only exists because we perceive them to exist in a certain way. Yet, we only exist because they exist.
Further, according to findings of the Double Slit Experiment, they behave based on how we observe them. Take extra terrestrials. While they may be of another world/universe/dimension, we are just as much a part of their subjective conscious as they are a part of ours.
Implications such as this could mean that entities that we create have a consciousness that we are a part of, but because we created them they are linked to our consciousness as well.
I am curious to know what you think about this, and if you have room I would quite enjoy being a part of this experiment or at the very least provide some consultation.



I am glad you referenced this, @balkan, I am familiar with the “Phillip” experiment. And, I when I first read Talbot’s book years ago, I fell in love with it! I have even used the phrase “holographic universe” several times in other threads on this BALG forum site,


Oh god yes. Ever since I read his book and watched the short discussion concerning the literature and its implications, I have been trying to connect the principles contained within and the properties of magick. For magick is not about manipulating the fabric or laws of reality and nature, but it is about applying the principles of reality to fulfill them.


Beatrice likes the renewed interest in her and recommends these books:

Search this BALG forum and Youtube.

You can evoke/invoke her like any other spirit and write about your experiences with her. Maybe you can use her in a story or novel. You can “charge” an amulet or a talisman with her energy. This would in a sense be “housing” her I guess?

Also, she suggests trying her fellow thoughtforms:


“Some people believe the angels/demons/gods are just psychological constructs for talking to different parts of our own subconscious”.
This is a quote, as I am sure you have already realized, from your essay on Beatrice.

I believe this theory is very true when it comes to many entities. If millions of people believe in Yahweh, the god of the Old Testament, strongly enough, he will exist and emanate power with his presence. If just one person believes in him, even then he will show himself. But, the question is, would he cease to exist if no one believed in his existence? Or because we have given him such a strong consciousness, would that be enough to sustain him for years or decades without any human attention?


The Philip Experiment at

Video of the Philip Experiment from the early 1970s.

In the 1970’s, a group of Canadian parapsychologists wanted to attempt an experiment to create a ghost, proving their theory that the human mind can produce spirits through expectation, imagination and visualization.

The actual experiment took place in Toronto, Canada, in 1972, under the direction of the world-renown expert on poltergeists, Dr A. R. G. Owen.

The members of the experiment proposed an idea… by using extreme and prolonged concentration, they could create their ghost through a collective thought form: Non-physical entities which exist in either the mental or astral plane. In order to create this ghost and make it as ‘real’ as possible, it needed a life story; a background in which the ghost could ‘relate’ to.

They named the ghost they were attempting to bring into focus “Philip Aylesford” and created a tragic story, explaining to the fullest and in great detail, his life, and the few actions that lead to his tragic death.

Step two was contacting Philip. In September 1972, the group began their “sittings” and after some initial problems the group attempted to duplicate the atmosphere of a classic spiritualist séance. They dimmed the room’s lights, sat around a table and surrounded themselves with pictures of the type of castle they imagined Philip would have lived in, as well as objects from that time period.

Within a few weeks, Philip made contact. Although he did not manifest in spiritual form, appearing as an apparition or ghost, he did make contact through a brief rap on the group’s table. “Philip” answered questions that were consistent with his fictitious history, but was unable to provide any information beyond that which the group had conceived. However, “Philip” did give other historically accurate information about real events and people. The Owen group theorized that this latter information came from their own collective unconsciousness.

The sessions took off from there, producing a range of phenomena that could not be explained scientifically. His “spirit” was able to move the table, sliding it from side to side. On more than one occasion, the table chased someone across the room. All hands were clear of the table when this occurred.

In conclusion the experimenters were never able to prove the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind Philip’s manifestation. Was Philip a direct result of the group’s collective subconscious or perhaps did they conjure an actual entity that simply latched onto the story?

While some would conclude that they prove that ghosts don’t exist, that such things are in our minds only, others say that our unconscious could be responsible for this kind of the phenomena some of the time.

Another point of view is that even though Philip was completely fictional, the Owen group really did contact the spirit world. A playful (or perhaps demonic, some would argue) spirit took the opportunity of these séances to ‘act’ as Philip and produce the extraordinary psychokinetic phenomena recorded.

Whatever caused the manifestation it seems that it adapted itself to the expectation of the audience, playing the role of the spirit they intended to contact. Since all was based on fiction it could not be the spirit of Philip so what else could it be?


Enough said.


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(Please don’t be mad or offended it’s 3 am and I’m sure I will wonder what I was thinking in the morning). I read this through and the only thought I was left was: wtf what if my horrible painful life has been… just a thought form. How do I know I’m not some sick bastards expirment and plaything! (Not saying that’s what you are, but that’s what someone who created me would be!)


No, the cute lady in the videos is not Beatrice. But she is like her in many ways.

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