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Following on from requests, we’ve made this topic for people who want to offer a reasonably short (but heartfelt!) “Thank You” to any spirit and to give them a name-check and a brief description, maybe, of what they achieved.

Obviously, larger posts with far more details deserve their own topic, but that doesn’t suit everyone or every situation, so if you want to log a “Thanks!” to any spirit of any kind, please use this thread to do so! :smiley:

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I honestly don’t know who or what spirit to thank for this but earlier this week i was running out of food and my landlord lent me $20 out of the blue.Good think too because i was down to 2 packs of ramen noodles.I only wish i knew who this mysterious spirit was so i could give him/her a proper thank you by name but thank you whoever you are mysterious spirit.


Thankyou, Lucifer. I was in a desperate situation & things are now looking up. At 1st it didn’t seem that way, but he told me, “Stay calm, I’ve got your back.”


I want to Thanks Master Alkalon with whom i study Alchemy, All His Teaching are remarkable and Also Because of his Teaching i become more and more confident of the Validity of my Magickal Practice.

He teach me Things i didn’t know prior to his Teaching and that was Confirmed by Other some Days After i received them.

I am really Impressed!

Thanks Master Alkalon!


I recently entered into a pact with Lucifer, part of which included his protection from harm. I recently started working for a new employer. They are short staffed and management have been wanting forever to get rid of an unreliable worker, who bullies others. The business owner wouldn’t allow it, due to being short staffed. Well, as soon as she started bullying me, she was out on her ass, no argument whatsoever from the business owner. Thankyou, Lucifer!


i recently had a conversation with nidhogg who taught me techniques to cause decay and had previously helped me clean out my spiritual body, thanks nidhogg!


Want to Thanks the Great Azazel for His Quick Help he Provided to one of my Friend!


some recent rituals from the last two months that have come through:

friend of mine has been doing work to the loi for love and also for personal cleansing. got a vever from one of gary brodsky’s books and gave it to her to use for her needs. won’t say too much about the whole deal but so far the loi have removed a fuckboy she was seeing and replaced fuckboy with a MUCH cooler guy. it’s an ongoing work but she is self-improving in incredible ways and the loneliness she suffered under is clearing away by the day! her boy also REALLY loves her. so far so good and i want to thank you to the loi for looking out for my friend.

some loony tune was following me around trying to read my mind. so i conjured nyarlathotep and put it on him. it made pretty much everybody around me go noticeably crazy for a couple of weeks, and when looly started getting really fucked up, i broadcast to insult him and then drove him away from me, never to return. he got up and left the next day and haven’t seen him since. thank you nyarlathotep.

friend of mine was being stalked by email. it was somebody from another city and that guy may be well connected, because after i emailed back saying i’d look into it, wierd things began happening. all i had to go on was a picture, not even a name. i looked in sorceress cagliastro’s book 26 demons and broadcast a spirit she discovered that causes fires to burn his house down. the spirit is called burnt. a few days later, the news said a fire broke out. i will not elaborate. but thank you to burnt. you work very fast and sight unseen. i will work with you again.

did a ritual to counterattack in the ugliest way against someone sending me extremely negative energy. conjured the black robe of santisima muerte for exactly two days. you saw the result on the news. was so shocked that i stopped. will begin again, but muerte does NOT fuck around ONE BIT. thank you muerte and i will surely work with you again for HEAVY work.

long overdue: i’d like to thank forneus for turning someone who was very much disliked into the belle of her community. one time she was afraid nobody cared about her and now her popularity is off the charts! thank you focalor for that. it took a year and a half but you did it.

someone has been cursing me and trying to get me to die of a heart attack. my blood pressure sometimes goes up dramatically, which makes zero sense because i don’t have any cardio problems. saturday i didn’t feel good at all, the entire left side of my body felt realy wierd all day. middle of the night i woke up and put the seal of power from the books of moses on my machine and broadcast that. immediately i felt something going up and down in my chest and the next morning i woke up feeling FINE! thank you to schoel, hael, thamy, schamael, yeehah, holiel, yomelo, hadlam, icuru mazpaz, and the elohim. next morning i got into a fight with some closeted guy pretending to be a tough guy, so i know someone was trying to sneak some shit past me and i caught it. i have his link and i’m goingto go OFF on him if he tries anything, but so far he’s quiet. thank you to the spirits of the books of moses.

a palero passed away recently. she was always generous and kind to me. she showed up on my facebook two days after she passed away. i am always glad to see her name so went to add her only to find out from her relative that she is no longer here. it turns out that the family doesn’t have enough money to fly her body to her hometown and give her a proper and honorable burial. she was ALWAYS generous to EVERYBODY and i want her to have a proper burial. made a promise to myself to raise the money for that magickally. i sleep with a photo of her facing me, the photo has come alive and i believe she’s reaching out to me. i have been getting dreams for the last few days and i hope to somehow find the $ to send her family enough to fly her home and bury her with honor. to be continued

am doing an ongoing ritual with a bunch of spirits. it’s a pretty big one too and waiting for the result to come in. i’ll post on this board when i get a full result. in my mind i have been getting the confirmation that what i put down for happened, so in the astral it’s a done deal, i just have to wait for it to come through in reality. again to be continued


I’m working with Azazel on remedying a situation at work. I haven’t seen the results yet but I’m confident the change will be made. I’ve noticed pressure in my third eye area, something that only occasionally happens, usually when there’s some sort of spirit or entity nearby. I’m thankful for all the help I can get in this situation, both from Azazel and from the kind people on this forum who have been patiently helping me figure out what the hell I’m doing. :slight_smile:


Many thanks to King Belial. Always happy to help me burn the world down;)


All goetian demons are wonderful. They are my best friends. They are there for me when I need them in any matter, they encourage me, support me and protect me.
I worked with Belial, he is wonderful always but always he did everything I asked him to without expecting anything in return.he protected me a lot when I needed protection badly. Then Belzebub is always there for me, when I need advice, protection, he is there helping without anything in return. I am very grateful to them. In the past I worked with Beleth and he did the best he could to fulfill my wishes even if it was the wrong “wish”. All goetian demons are wonderful!


Just an update to add there’s nothing new to report. There’s been no changes. I’m working on keeping my faith and being patient. There’s been some human issues in the form of a sneak at my job who attempted to get me in trouble with the summer leader who’s in St. Louis and the summer leader who is the accuse before you know kind of person. I’m fed up with her not being a leader and leaving me in charge, unprepared for the day because she hasn’t done her job correctly. In light of the new incidents, I will reach out to Azael and Belial again and ask them to handle things as they seem fit. I’m also going to have a talk with my field manager. I’m done being a doormat, and I’m going to take some physical world actions as well.


I’ve been offline, isolating myself somewhat and doing some theogenesis-related work, last night observed some initiatory rites with the Netjer - today I log-in and without going into too much detail, 4 seperate threads directly relate to aspects I saw of things that have been on my mind in the last 24 hours.

This goes way beyond “coincidence” - it’s as though conversations in dreams and astral travel are being actively continued online… so thank you Netjer, and thank you Forum spirits (members!) as well.


Great Thanks to the Archangel Raziel that Provided me Angelic Familar that guide me directly and quickly toward my Next Steps in my Ascent!


Thank you, angel Sariel! This is the angel who taught humans the “course of the moon” (the Lunar Calendar).
As he governs the Lunar sphere, I invoked Sariel to teach me the secrets of emotions and water, as I have some problems understanding this element, but also with stabilizing emotions due to the PTSD.
Anyway, before going to sleep, during waxing, almost Full Moon, I used an invocation out of Mr. Ford’s book. The next day I litteraly woke up with a complete understanding for my situation. I also had peace of mind like I never ever had before, like balanced view of Life and balanced emotions that provided me a new and fresh insight into my life and emotions in general. Also, I discovered some very important clues that’s been missing in my quest for understanding certain things. He just saved me years in therapy sessions :wink: Thank you and Hail great angel Sariel.


Thank you King Paimon. You delivered what I asked for, and I’m grateful to you. You’ve helped me to start a new, and needed, chapter of my life. Peace and blessings to you, Great King.


Great Thanks to Mammon for what he have done for me!


Thank you Set for making me strong.

Thank you St. Michael for guides and encouragement.

Thank you to the Norse God whom I don’t know yet,
came up with Lady Eva’s card method as I was wondering
who to ask support for. As I started to research about them to learn
who to liaise with, and I was thinking I should get a hard copy book of Norse Myths because my son has ancestor there.
Then, just then, I received an email from my mum that
my auntie living in Sweden decided to give me financial aide of about $300. This is a BIG HELP since I am in financial difficulty at the moment.
I take it as whoever the god from the Norse moved her emotion…


I recently entered into a pact with Lucifer, part of which included his protection from harm. I recently started working for a new employer. They are short staffed and management have been wanting forever to get rid of an unreliable worker, who bullies others. The business owner wouldn’t allow it, due to being short staffed. Well, as soon as she started bullying me, she was out on her ass, no argument whatsoever from the business owner. Thankyou, Lucifer![/quote]

Thatts the awesome thing about Lucifer man he always does working with him makes life better.


Thanks to Lucifer, draconian gods, and the Gatekeepers for working everything out. They tested me like hell and i trusted them, mmy car broke down two months in a row and in hindsight it was to free up my funds to buy this place closer to my job. They have enhances my life in many other ways as well. This was the big plan this time and took a few months to happen but i cant be happier. So from pit of my black abyssal heart i pay them tribute here.