How to get energy from the earth and universe?

I want to build up my energy by tapping into the earth and universe. I thought about vampirism but I’d have to filter out all of the nasty things that people have.

Any suggestions on how to go about this? Any books I can read up this process will be great too. Thanks.


You can start by using elemental magick to learn geomancy and go from there.


Thanks for the info. :+1:

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Geomancy , divinination, dowsing, working with the elements and drawing on their energy is all really good, simple , peaceful practice that can make you feel more intune with natural energy. Its passive and a good place to start.


A method amongst many is the one practiced when I take Tai Chi lessons. We “squats” bringing hands near to the floor and close them, in order to take Earth’s energy; then stand up again, sending it in the bones.


As others mentioned Tai Chi, Qigong are based on replenishing body chi from the chi abundant in nature and universe.

Also Franz Bardon has some exercises on working with elements in his first book, Initiation Into Hermetics.


Full body or pore breathing. You visualise the energy you want to cultivate, I like to send my mind out as far to the edges of the cosmos as I can imagine, and see the energy flowing in and filling your body with your breath.
Then, as you breath in, instead of just breathing in through your mouth, see you entire skin all over breathing in the energy through your pores and energy points as well.
As the in breath completes, your body is full of light, or Qi.

Here’s the trick: on the out breath, visualise compressing that Qi into one of your Dan Tians. These are energy centers that act as storage for QI. Try to fill them, and compress the energy in them to pack more in, over and over. After a while they tend to start glowing in your minds eye.

Lusting after power is forbidden in qigong, but it’s known that as your qi cultivation improves psychic senses and ‘special functions’ as they are called, automatically awaken.

The third eye and heart chakras are pretty much in the same position as the upper and lower Dan Tians.
The lower Dan Tian centers about 2 finger widths down from your navel and the same depth inwards.


They all lie on the same circular path, which also crosses all meridians in the body, so you can run energy around that to help balance all the energy in your body across all organs and all meridians. It’s helpful after cultivating to consolidate and harmonise the energy and sort of seat it with you. (Link)


Look into qigong/ literally energy work.

If ya have no resources fot this i linked a basic routine focused in the norse tradition here. The same guy has literally dozens of videos on energy work and different techniques involving qigong,neigong and a few with shengong. Litterally energy work, internal work and spirit work


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THANK YOU - it’s posters like you who restore my faith in the site

I do acupuncture and I forget to do energy work on myself, it’s just pain management most of the time.


Is middle Dantian an other word for heart chakra?

Not really. These are different systems, and its not a good idea to mix them up.

For some purposes you can use them interchangeably, but not for others. The chakras are not storage centers for energy in that system. But I do not use the chakra system at all and don’t know much about it.

I avoid it because while it sounds like while it’s better than nothing at newbie levels, the westernized versions are kind of fake and limiting after a while. Adept mages went through a trend a couple of tears ago of removing them to get rid of these artificial limitations, and if that is really a thing, i) I think it’s best not to start with that and ii) qigong is reliable and powerful, so I don’t need to worry too much about it :slight_smile:


I’d say pick a star but the Pataphysical (Where dragons and phoenix lay) is typically a layer under the celestial. I had a bit of a geomancy pet project you might want to play around with for ideas, Green EMPs made by gathering the friction of earthquakes. Got me really grounded and felt every minor quake to the point that my sensitivity was like I was drunk on a boat at times, with my added idea of Hyperbolic Gravitinos, which is where gravity might multiply between two spaces by folding in on itself. I try not getting as deep into earth energy after I went through a spiritual battle against some middle eastern entities and the pope, only to find the worlds biggest black out had happened from the Middle East to the Vatican.

Just a warning, neighboring cities had rolling blackouts for months during this period and I had to start working on dimensional binding of electrons meeting a void to pass along to the next dimension recursively so that the power wouldn’t go out.

But hey, maybe you want to go russian vampire mode, Where I learned it from, Theres a few energy read out maps floating around I don’t quite remember the name of but here’s a program that mixes interferrometry for remote viewing with google maps. Just find a high energy area, or even figure out a stone type or oil find the appropriate layer with the viewer if you can find a map and just vamp it in

Some necessary energy work is needed and this means feeling the 7 chakras but also the ones in the earth some centimeters beneath the feat. See how many you can feel, there are at least 3 you can access if you practice or practiced Yoga in the past, the method is the same.