Tea for third eye empowerment

I’ve been working on getting my third eye to a usable level for the past couple of weeks and I was wondering if anyone could reccomend some teas that help stimulate the third eye. I’ve heard blue lotus tea works but was wondering if there were any other recommendations.

First of all, there is a connection between the pineal gland and the ajna chakra, but they are not the same. Second, if that is not what you mean, i have felt enormous tingles in the pineal gland from very strange things like nicotine, caffeine, more co2 from wearing a mask, sugar and conscious effort. The chakra gives you illumination and awareness of yourself along with the universe, allowing you to see, hear and perceive things you otherwise wouldnt. The pineal gland produces primarily melatonin and serotonin, it has been argued that during extremely traumatic experiences it will produce and release dmt, but that is rare. If you work on keeping your pineal gland healthy you will have any things improve in your life, including better sleep and mood regulation.

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I am aware of the pineal gland and the third eye being separate things. I’m just trying to find ways to help stimulate and empower my third eye so I don’t stagnate during my exercises.

Hyperventilating like in the wim hoff method produces dmt, but this is not opening the 3rd eye.

Your 3rd eye is already open, they all are and it’s a new age myth that you have to open it. Your skills to use it need work, that’s all.

My thoughts here are the same as what I wrote below:


In that case do you have any exercises you can reccomend that I can incorporate into my routine so I can improve my skills? @Mulberry


For cultivating qi:

And for practicing communicating with your subconscious:


Thank you for the help. @Mulberry

Use a little heat cream and rub it into your third eye - widdershins. Don’t get it into your eyes.


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