Easy but powerful energy, and chakra healing technique

This was taught by a demon who specialises in healing that I for inspired to write about today I called her and told her that I need and want to learn enegy healing so here an exercise that she taught me,
It will help you increase your physic senses and heal your soul and energy along with chakras, I even got a better astral vision with it, I believe it has many benefits healing its it primarily, try it out its very powerful and restoring

The energy healing Aura/shield

put your your hands in a prayer position and visualise a a white greenish enegy eminating from it you are round this circle and chant

Jur’ay akmantos en ‘ji kum’ man

Now meditate on this field of energy restoring any energy that its missing and bringing prana to chakras and self, and visualise all your chakras as clearer and brighter that you can


Thanks Dearest Xag

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Thank you so much for shearing this!
Will it matter if I I open a green candle light and have an emerald green crystal with me?

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No but It will surely charge the meditation and make it to a more powerful one

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I am trying to open my senses so i will try this thx for sharing. :blush:


would the increase be permanent or temporary.

Wow great info.

This is perfect. Thank you.

Thank you for great post! I practiced this technique, I can feel it’s more better. But I’m not good at imagination, (It’s my nature) So I cannot check I’m doing it well, so I want to understand more.

I’ve drawn my understaing with picture, Is it right?


Indeed,Great work!


should i do this once in a week?

Neat!! I sure could use a lot of advice with energy work. Thank you for sharing.

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Very interesting and effective method. I did it briefly last night and today the air around me and the house even feels lighter than it has in awhile.

I did the chant and meditation for about five minutes to get a feel for it and had this visual of this deep, dark purple field that had been smothering me being pushed back and lifting. Felt very peaceful afterward.

Thanks for sharing this.

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Bookmarked. Very useful and already feel intrigued to try this tonight. Thanks for the share :crystal_ball:

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