Ritual to remove parasites

this ritual is for removing parasites from all your aspects inside you or in your aura…

Get the sigil of belial
A black candle
Meditate on your intention to banish the entity out

With authority
With power… That you simply have internally
Visualise a triangle made of red fires outside of the sigil

And say with the power of your own authority
Speak like a god feel like a god
Speak like a king
Put your hand above the triangle of red flames say

“Creation of magick, be the triangle of manifestation in which the spirit belial will materialize before me when called. Hold within you the elements and forces required of belial to manifest in a beholdable form before me, I seal this calling upon you, I seal the power to perform your function within you, Eternal”.

3 times

Now focus on the sigil of belial
Focus on the intention to banish the entity out
Say this

Itz ra cha belial x 11 times

"demonic king
Gatekeeper of outer darkness
The demon of wicked
Whose name is belial
Belial I invoke thee
Belial rise
Belial I invoke thee
Lord of the wicked
Lord of the night side
Enter my mind
Lord of the day side
Enter my body
King of witches, belial
Enter my heart
King of the Sabbaths, belial
Enter my very being "

Feel belial coming to you
Feel him
Trust his presence
Trust me no spirit pretends to be belial when he is called forth

Tell belial

" belial I called you
To banish and exorcise
The spirit that causes fear
The spirit that causes misery upon me
The spirit that is attached to me"

Now go in the place that you feel the entity and push out site (by site i mean the place that you feel the entity,for example for me it was solar plexus)


Love it! Thank you for sharing!


glad that you liked that

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Great! :hugs: thanks!

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Thanks! Ive been needing this for a certain someone


best of luck!
aslo tell them do do regualary cleansing and banishing rituals after this


Hello, I would like to ask about this issue, what symptoms are involved when one suffers such entities or larvae in their energy condition, thanks in advance.

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Wormwood, artemisia herb, absinthe, vermifuge works just as good.


Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I know I benefited from trying this out greatly. That said I would like to add that when I summoned Belial he expounded upon this already great ritual and told me that once finished as you are “pushing the entity out” you can then command it through the power of Belial to go and attack someone else that you name, in which case the spirit will be more then happy to oblige because a different “meal” is much better then no meal at all. Once again thank you brother this has been an enlightening endeavor. :metal::triumph::ok_hand:


Oh great, this will help.
I have a parasite that I am working to get rid of and grrrr I am a bit nervous to be working with him again, we had some challenges before, I hope things are okay or someone can offer me some advice on that.

But anyways I sort of think he is still willing to work with me, one of the things he said was for me to get a black candle and anoint it with Belial addressed to his sigil, so this sounds about right.

rather than it being stuck one place, the entity keeps finding me, I think it might be the Golim I prophezised would start attacking me.

I think I more have to build a shield and then an army of powerful servetors to feed off of it and other attackers and obstacles.

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yep…yep, dont forget suicidal tendencies if things really get out of control



There is a parasite that rode my beloved home from a hospital or nursing home (she’s a paramedic, she was in and out of those places a lot when she was still working on an ambulance, and apparently they are almost a breeding ground for those things.) Several years ago. It seems to feed primarily off of her but is now just hanging around the house feeding on everyone there, including our dogs. Can this ritual be done from a distance? Telling Belial who and where to remove the parasite from? I have a chance to do this ritual in a week and a half and use it to push the parasite out of the house if it’s really attached there and no longer just attached to her. Any input appreciated. The parasite is the amallest of a multi-layer issue. Thanks.

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