Science and Magic: Destroying Parasites

This is my technique of dealing with minor parasite spirits. The usual recommendations are to banish or starve them, which is certainly advisable for anyone uncomfortable with what I am suggesting and works very well. There is a great thread on the subject I will share down below:

Personally, I prefer to turn the tables on things placed in my path to hinder me. Parasites achieve nothing but draining energy from a target, which can be effective for dealing with an enemy if a thought form is created in that fashion (thought forms and servators are far easier to control). However, they can also be great pick me ups, much like small game can be a key to survival when you find yourself in a bad situation. It is not a great source of energy but it is something that can be used when needed.

The second principle of hermertics states that “As above, so Below”. To summarize briefly, anything that is outside of us (the world, the universe, etc) is also within us. If we view parasitic spirits as being an external problem, it begs one to wonder if a solution to them can exist within us. Our bodies are composed of trillions of cells, each with their own group of separate functioning parts called organelles. One of those orangelles is called the lysosome, which are spheres that hold enzymes that break down biomolecules. This orangelle fascinated me in high school and was the springboard for the technique I will now go into.

Once you have felt and confirmed that this is a parasite you are dealing with (via divination, mediation, gut feeling, etc), sit down in a quiet space. Visualize your energy formed as a sphere around you, similiar to the cell walls of each cell within your body. See the parasite attached to this wall, feeding off of the energy that spirals within it. Slowly pull the parasite into your sphere, visualizing the “cell wall” wrapping around the spirit, trapping it. As it squirms, fill the encased mini sphere with very strong intention for destruction, imagining the sphere filling with liquids that break down the spirit. Watch the parasite dissolve into the field, both emerging and changing into a pure energy source. Once the parasite has broken down into energy and you lift the intention of destruction, you can then feed off of that energy directly or store into an object for further use.

Side effects:
If you do not take your time purifying the energy as the parasite dissolves, you could be a bit foul tempered for a few days upon feeding off it. I learned this the hard way a few times but it does pass in time. So, be patient when using this technique, be through, and enjoy the rewards of turning the tables on an enemy.