Help with lucifuge

Hello ,

I find myself often channeling parasites who impersonate Lucufuge and then get conflicting information. Any advice here?


  1. Is it normal for lucifuge to describe our relationship as « friend ».?

  2. in one channeling He maintains that he needed a license to speak to his mother Satan ? Makes no sense to me . Probably a parasite?

  1. When I ask him to identify his sigil showing him this one : the pendulum stoped working or went neutral (when I tried to use pendulum as a medium of communication).


Ps: I tend to be a strongly gifted in channeling just bad at descernibg what comes through.

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@Xag_darklight has a incantation somewhere that can help

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To avoid being misled and tricked by parasites, you can always ask the spirit for confirmation of who they are. Ask them to put their astral sign f.e .They say, only the real deal can pass this validation test. I’ve read about that somewhere,but I can’t remember where…

These can help you.