Black Magick of Ahriman Journal Entries

I have enjoyed the feedback I have been getting from those studying this book and beginning its work. Your commitment has ignited very dark power within myself which I am now learning to harness for the greater good of humanity and our process of liberation. You are all an inspiration and you give me hope!

I create this thread so that practitioners can post journal entries or results to specific work they may like to share along with any experiments which Ahriman may guide you to perform for your own ascent. Their is a larger purpose behind this thread but I cannot yet reveal it as the timing is not right. Use this thread to show your devotion to ascent and the results you have attained. Thank you for your support. If it were not for you folks I surely would not put myself through this. Welcome to the Path of Smoke. Once the Blackened Fire of Zohak is Lit in your temple… you will become a scale on the body of the Three Headed Dragon Zohak.


Hmmm, I started to type “to help keep this a bit more organized …” and then I stopped myself. Another Limitation.

Fuck it.

I’m Claiming this first spot for links to my own journal entries about walking the Path of Smoke. My Will Be Done.

I’ll update it as I create the journal entries, adding more as time goes on.


As a fellow BALGrog, I keep up with E.A.'s YouTube channel.

I remember watching Kurtis Joseph’s video interview with E.A. about the Path of Smoke and his difficulty in bringing this Ahrimanic current forward.

At the time, I was feeling called back to Sumer and Babylon, trying to understand what the spirits I was working closely with were trying to teach me.

You see, I’ve always wondered …

Where did this all get fucked up?

Where did the people who are closing the cage on us tighter and tighter every day start all this bullshit?

My own personal gnosis lead me to Sumer and Babylon.

During my research and the many talks I’ve had with my own “Brothers and Sisters of the Spirit”, I understood that the Sumerians respected all of the gods, both light and dark, and understood they all had a place within the totality of creation.

The Sumerians also recognized that we came from the Abyss, which they called Abzu. Abzu was often viewed as the consort of the great dragon-goddess Tiamat, the Mother of All Creation.

Abzu and Tiamat were seen as two great seas whose waters had merged into one.

“And there waters were as one.” That’s the phrase that leapt out at me and stuck firmly in my mind.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but it became a very important magickal technique that has allowed me to make tremendous progress in a short period of time.

My research and gnosis helped me see that the first attempts at creating a monotheistic religion-based control structure seems to have started in Babylon.

Babylon is where we find Marduk (or rather the people who worshipped and represented Marduk) claiming the Fifty Names of the other gods as his own names.

In other words, the people who represented Marduk claimed that the Fifty Names of the other gods were simply other names for Marduk so they could usurp their power and add it to Marduk.

And this seems to be where the religious wars began.

I can’t prove this historically and I don’t feel the need to. It was a personal answer for me and it taught me what I needed to know to take yet another step down my path.

So that’s where I was at the time I first watched Kurtis Joseph’s video interview with E.A.

I immediately thought “Eh, not for me.”

Don’t get me wrong, I find Persia and the idea of Persian magick intellectually interesting, but all of the emphasis on the dark shit really turned me off.

You see, I don’t consider myself a very dark or edgy person. I certainly don’t fit in with the image of E.A. and Timothy. They’re more hardcore than I am.

And Kurtis looked pretty hardcore, too. Hell, he even called himself a “harcore black magickian”.

Hell, Miss Piggy is more hardcore than I am. lol

But Ahriman had other plans for me.

One night, several weeks before Kurtis released his book, “The Black Magick of Ahriman” …

Ahriman showed up in my dream.

All I remember was a brief flash of me performing a full evocation ritual for Ahriman within my dream and the feeling that we had a pleasant and friendly conversation.

I still can’t remember the content of that dream, but my close spiritual companions, Inanna and Utu, told me it would unlock for me when the time was right.

I trust them very deeply, so I accepted it and carried on.

I had two more visits from Ahriman before Kurtis released the book.

Ahriman also told me the dream would unlock when I was ready for it. He told me I should purchase Kurtis’ book so that I would have it when I was ready to work with him.

I honestly thought that would take me another 2 to 5 years before I was ready for that work.

You see, I was being prepared to work my way up through the Babili, the Babylonian counterpart to the Tree of Life.

I was invited to work through it so I could understand that what we call physical reality is nothing more than an illusion and that the truth lies within the Abzu, the Abyss.

When I physically died for a brief moment seven years ago, I experienced myself as the “Source of All Things”. I was the only thing within the Darkness and yet I was not alone. I felt completely connected to everything.

I was “Me”, but I was not the human “Me”. I was Consciousness, but the human mask and all of it’s concerns had fallen away.

I’ve thought about that experience and the only thing I could call myself, if you were there and could ask me, was simply “I AM”.

I came to call that Darkness the “Void”. It seemed fitting.

I’ve returned to the Void through my own form of mental soul travel and experienced myself consciously and purposefully as “I AM”. And I brought that essence back into me when I returned to my body.

I now believe this was my first steps toward experiencing something close to a possession.

For four hours, I was not my human self. I was something different. It was my Will merged with the essence of “I AM”.

I still remember how odd my physical body felt and how slow I had to move to get it to work right. It’s like I forgot how to drive the meat suit. lol

I looked at my hand, opened and closed it several times, and thought “How odd this physical body feels. It is so heavy.”

After these experiences, I believed I was being prepared to experience myself as the merging of “I AM” with Abzu, the Abyss, to experience my True Self as “The One”. And there were waters were as one.

I was also guided back to ancient astrology so I could harness the power of the planets as the ancient sorcerers did. I was told it would take me years to create these planetary talismans, but it would bring the great power I needed to help change our world.

So that’s the journey I found myself preparing for when Ahriman showed up in my life.

When the pre-order for “The Black Magick of Ahriman” became available … Ahriman, Inanna, and Utu encouraged me to pre-order it.

I still wasn’t ready for it, but it would be better for me to get it while it was easily available. And they provided the money for me so I didn’t even feel it.

So I pre-ordered the book and started becoming a little more interested in what Kurtis was saying.

I started interacting with Kurtis a bit on the forums. He was a warm and genuine person who encouraged others and shared his knowledge freely.

I still wasn’t resonating with the current, but I’ve learned to trust my spiritual companions. They’ve never lead me astray.

During this time, I made a conscious choice to invoke Inanna and Utu within me and to merge completely with them forever. I truly love them and I knew in my heart that we were all a part of “The One” anyway, so it seemed a very natural thing for me to do at this time.

And I did just that. I invoked them, pulling more of their energy into me than I had ever done before. And I simply intended for our energies to merge forver as I uttered “And our waters were as one.”

That experience made me ask Kurtis this question about what I was taught to call the “masks” of the gods and goddesses …

What’s Your Take on the Concept of Masks

If you read my first couple of posts in that thread, you’ll see the experience that came from seriously considering that question.

And suddenly, I was ready for the Path of Smoke.

In that one day, everything changed.

The years of work I was preparing myself for vanished. It was no longer necessary to go up through the Babili, the Ladder of Lights. It was no longer necessary for me to spend years crafting the planetary talismans.

No. I had done the work to transform myself and my path was now more direct. I could walk through the illusion to the Abyss.

And that’s the path I walk now … the Path of Smoke. And I will learn.


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I read over your entry and I am proud of the fact that you allowed instinct to take over. This is one of the ways this current will bring out the divine self. To perform Qi-Gung is definitely a perfect way to effectively distribute the dark power that will begin to flow through you. Kunda Yoga will do this in a very powerful and specific way but do not hesitate to use Qi-Gung, Tai-Chi or even more contemporary martial arts training to simply harness the darkness in an effective way. This tells me that you have reached a certain level of subconscious familiarity with the seven powers of Aeshma… the Demon of Divine Wrath. Warrior arts are a huge part of grounding these forces within. Their will likely be more of these suggestions within my next text along with video instruction regarding the warrior philosophy which developed through the Path of Smoke.

Also their are no “mistakes” with Dark Staot. It is an inverse language which hooks into the subconscious. If it were a language as most people define that, then yes you could make mistakes. However, it is not. Read without reading. Try and just let it flow. When random words come forth allow it to happen.



As always, thank you for your guidance, Kurtis. You have my utmost respect. I cannot imagine the pressures you went through giving birth to this powerful current.

You were spot on with your advice about the exercise.

The freeform hard style Qi Gong I’m doing is making a huge difference. I’m storing tons of energy from just 10 minutes at a time, several times a day.

The other day when I was shopping, Ahriman told me to practice walking Qi-Gong and lead me through an understanding of what he wanted me to do. Wow. Three minutes and my entire body was on fire for the next 2 hours.

I’ve had a weight issue for years and I’ve tried everything to lose weight. I just couldn’t get past a certain set point, no matter what I did with my nutrition and how hard I worked at it.

The work with Ahriman has encouraged me to release that Limitation upon myself. I dropped my emotional armor and walked completely away from it. It’s not the body that will serve me now.

The weight is just melting off while I’m packing on more muscle. And yet, this form of Qi-Gong leaves me more energized rather than exhausted like the only other exercises I’ve had any success with.

I can’t wait to see your future work.

Thank you for confirming this for me. I’m an enthusiastic student and I’m trying not to annoy since I know you’re busy, but I want you to know your confirmations are helping me train and trust my own intuition on a much deeper level. Thank you for patience and playing a huge part in that.


Wanted to share this while its still fresh in my head.

So I have been doing the foundation work about a month now, ignition of black sun 3 days a week with kunda yoga and peering into drugaskan and the awakening of DoMar and DeHak the other 2days with 2 days off to assimilate and process.

Right at the start I felt a pull towards akoman so I decided to start with this div for kunda yoga. After the first week I started noticing new ideas bubbling up regarding both my practice and handling events around me.

With each day of practice I felt the need to make small adjustments to how i handled my daily practice. It started with preforming peering into drugaskan, follow by the ignition and ending with kunda yoga for 3 days and the awakening the other 2days.

But over the last 2 days ive felt a different pull to switch from akoman and preform kunda yoga with Zohak. At the time felt like my brain was fighting with itself to make the shift, no clue why.

Along with this notion came an order in which to do my practice that popped in my head like dominos falling one after the other. The end result with has me felling like im in the center of a lightning storm surround by raw power, and more than a bit lightheaded. Although oddly enough very calm.

The sequence used for those interested was
1.peering into drugaskan 5 min
2.Recitation of the Rawnuha
3.Ignition of the black sun
4.Kunda yoga: Becoming the black sun, Emanating the rays of the black sun,Becoming the black sun
5.Awakening of DoMar and DeHak 3mins currently
6.Recitation of the Uhov Mehsa

Altogether took about 45 minutes granted it didn’t feel like it took that long. It also feels like the beginning of an interesting month to say the least :grin:


Very good! Keep it up!

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Kurtis i read how to create Alter a infernal nexion of power Large black urn, graveyard dirt, bone powder, a large black pillar candle two large red pillar candles soil from a place of power soil from a place being strucked by lighting, bit hard to find the soil around Adelaide and what weight 100 kg who knows and to set up in my home in a room 3 x 3.5 meter because i read urn to be placed north far away in room bit hard to do in my room which is my second bedroom unless my second room is like the Dr who Tardis its a bit hard with EA universal circle i only got a foot to the wall put the urn north up against the wall with candles on top i be setting the Unit on fire, you lot got 40 acre paddock rooms probably 10 x 6 meter rooms and how am i going to balance 3 candles on top of a large black urn they will full off you say large black urn but didn’t describe in inches you would say do it outside in front of lowlife i go outside set up then drug addict starts plodding down to stand out front waiting for drug dealer turn up and he starts being a sticky beak in the middle of a ritual and say what are you doing and fuck every thing up, and the retard will come out off her unit and start stearin and say in retard language your not surpose to be doing that im ringing Housing trust and get you kicked out.

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Many people are doing this work without overcomplicating things. If three candles are placed on the surface of soil… they won’t fall. I know. I did it and so are MANY others. There are many context clues in regard to the needed size. It has to be big enough to bury ritual items such as candles and talismans, or anything else you can foresee wanting to charge with the powers of Darkness. It has to be large enough to fit the candles. In regard to your space… figure it out. Did I say in the text you needed EA’s universal circle? It is not even relevant to this work. Harness your will.



Which spirits work good together with Ahriman?


Outside of the current? None. There are many emmanations of Ahriman… Divs or “demons”. Aeshma, Akomanah, Astovidat, etc. It is really not wise to overlap the persian current with others. These are Dark Gods not fallen angels. Not “created” so to speak.


? They weren’t created?

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@KurtisJoseph thanks a lot :smile:

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No. No “God” created them. They are Gods. Not “fallen angels”.


Try the 9 gatekeepers i do i never ever experience anything threatening, if you want to know its more powerful mixing counter creation with the 9 gatekeepers its more powerful and it seems for me i am able to channel a very colossal and destructive force, giving me knowledge and power to open up Black holes at the speed of thought.


Is it wise to mix various currents?

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I’ve been mixing currents for a long time now, doesn’t worry me.


Bowling270, can you contact me via private message? You did not enable this option.

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If one is working with Hecate, would it be too unwise to overlap it with the Path of Smoke? If I decide to work with both should I absolutely keep them separate?

I am aware you worked with the Primal Craft current in the past. Hence my curiosity.

Best regards,


Daang this thread is old but i will share my experiences on the path of smoke nonetheless.

This is how it begun; I had been quite a novice practitioner and for a while i had been dabbling in occult books (just like an other novice) for a while though i had had major but few spiritual experiences.

I had bought a book by Enoch petrucelly ‘‘The book of soul retrieval’’ and it is where i met the notion of removing chakras from my energy body. of course, this was quite a challenge to accept because it was hard for me to understand and even though i rejected it in the beginning whenever i went to watch YouTube videos i was suddenly bombarded by topics of removing chakras, unifying them etc. from Youtubers such as V.K Jehannum, E.A Koetting and later Kurtis Joseph. So at this point i was convinced that instead of removing the chakras i would darken and unify them. But did i know how?? Of course not…and for the next months i held myself back from working with Enochs book until i found some work that would help me in chakra work.

After a few months i noticed that i should maybe look into other paths because something did not feel right. In January the beginning of this year i was in my room with my brother at campus and i was just watching this YouTube video from Michael w ford:

When my brother heard it, he made fun of it because it sounded weird and i told him to respect the spirit but he said he was not afraid, god will protect him. After that we proceeded to sleep.

That night changed everything. My brother and i had the same dream. It was very gruesome. In my dream, i was in my house and there were some men who came into our house and they did not seem friendly. I proceeded to kill those men with my hands and i also used a knife. The scene was quite bloody.
In my brothers dream even stranger, he and i had killed 3 men in our house. I killed 2 and he killed one but i helped him. After that he asked me what i should do to the bodies and i told him that we need to cut them into pieces and place them in bags so that we are not caught. Surely, he watched in Anguish as i tore the mens bodies and cut all their body parts into small pieces as i directed him to help me put the body parts in bags.

My brother awoke from the dream the next morning but said nothing. Later in the afternoon i mentioned my dream to him (since i do usually) and he was shocked because of how similar they were. These were his words, ‘‘My dream felt so real, it was scary and i had the worst feeling ever…like is that how serial killers feel as they try and hide bodies? Bro, when i woke up the only picture in my head was that spirit you mentioned yesterday…what was his name…( i said Ahriman)…yeah that one. Shit bro.’’ My bro vowed never to mess with this spirit. He was scared shitless.

After that occurence things got even stranger. I started appearing in another of my acquaintances dreams. Her name was Hilda and she was an uptight Christian girl if i could describe her. She also came at me days later saying that she had dreams about me. As i looked at her, i could see the terror in her eyes as she explained to me what her dreams were like. ‘’ I was with my sister and i saw you coming from a far towards us holding a huge knife. You were looking at my sister and i could sense that you came for her. I tried to stop you, fight you, scream at you but nothing worked…it is as if you had this force, surrounding you, i cannot describe it but it was dark and out of this world.

I told her to give me more details of the dream but she refused because the dream was very traumatic to her. She continued to have other nightmares about me but refused to disclose them to me up to this day.

I started to question everything, why the fuck is this happening. Could it be Ahriman?? Why is all this crazy shit happening so fast and without control.

This really got me interested in the path even though i understood nothing about it. After days of contemplation and watching YouTube videos from Kurtis Joseph i was led to purchase black magick of Ahriman and to my surprise after I read this book and found a topic on Kunda Yoga my cries to find a LHP oriented chakra work was answered. To a very detailed degree that shocked me for days.

But after a while i became reluctant to begin this work due to fear. Later in the evening i asked Ahriman to give me some sort of sign that this work was meant for me. Later that evening after eating dinner from the cafeteria i was escorting my friend to her girls dorm and a big toad caught my uniquely attention. It was fucking huge and the first the popped into my mind was Ahriman because he was associated with the frog or rather the path itself is associated with it. I ended up seeing even more frogs as the days went by. This reassured me, but not to a higher degree.

I later begun performing only the ignition of the black sun at least everyday

My Corporeal experience
Days later something begun happening and it would be hard explaining it in words. But it was happening in my perception of the world, particularly by my corporeal experience. It occurred especially when i would go to eat in the cafeteria in my school college. I always felt a certain disconnection, like hating how we were being treated like children. It was as if all the students including myself were locked up in cage forced to go to class, eat, sleep repeat. I cannot describe it but it was always a kind of hateful feeling. As i headed to the dining hall, and watched other people head there too i looked at them with hatred and resentment. Trust me on this guys, it felt like an impulse, something that was not from my mind, it was a feeling. It came out by itself. I did not know what i was hateful about. This hatred felt different, it was as if it was hating the way i was living, the way people were living, especially when they were eating. It is so weird.

This reminded me of an experience i had when i invoked Satan a year ago (yeah, i don’t know why i did that as a novice). After undergoing a rather short but animalistic possession i started having a hatred towards people, not really them but rather how they were living, how they were content with their life. Anytime i would listen to them speak to me about their lives, i would feel like punching them in the face because there lives seemed so petty and passionless. I will not describe all my emotions but i felt the need to destroy them, even those close to me. I think it was Satan’s energy, i don’t know. And like the one before, this one was also an impulse, a kind of primal urge to do something and the best i could do was shake my head in hopes of eradicating the murderous thoughts that arised, especially when i held a kitchen knife. This lasted for a whole year but disappeared later.

Now concerning the path of smoke it was not only hatred towards people but rather hatred towards the world around me. I just just :tired_face: could not understand people. I could not understand why they were so content to live they way they were. I was hating everything in my path, the buildings, shops, classrooms, elevators, school, shops almost everything. This had an effect on me and i started turning away from the world. Over time as i continued performing the rite i was hating almost everything, especially music but understand that for me to hate something, something was always revealed to me. Eg. Like in the example of school, it was how we were treated like caged children, how we were being fed like babies, i felt like leaving the school to stay outside in my own apartment where i can cook for myself. I was craving independence from parental bodies.
Another one happened when i was in the school bus and i just could not continue listening to rap music because i was getting the impression that music usually encourages people to get obsessed with material things like sex, money, fame etc. just for the sake of having them. It was a distraction was the impression i got not that these things are bad. But rather as if they were useless or used uselessly, not serving my cause to ascend.
Guys i just hated everything i saw in my path, whether they were people, roads, cars, buildings, music and the only time i found solace is when i would walked in the african wildrness which was quiet and away from everyone. I felt better there with the wild animals, silent streams, scorching heat and strange silence and i could always sense that the wilderness was watching me. I even ended up finding a hill and an abandoned house where i planned that i could perform rituals in the future. When i was in the proximity of people i just had to adapt by shaking my head whenever the hateful emotions rose because it was making me hard to be with certain people.

My spiritual experience
Also during this time something amazing happened. I must remind you again that my astral senses were shit. I could not see shit (at least that is what i thought). One night for 2 hours i performed Kunda Yoga, peering into Drugaskan and then Becoming the black sun. My third eye vibrated intensely as i chanted the name of a certain div though i forgot the name and i was in a light trance. I proceeded to sleep after the meditation and during the night i woke up in the astral realm. I was in my bed and i decided to lift my arm and my arms were glowing like shiny stars. It was a very vivid astral experience.

After this experience, i slacked a little and lot of issues arised that attempted to slow down my progress in the path. For the last weeks i have had distractions try and sway me from performing the work in BMOA. Sometimes i feel that this path is not for me or i slack in meditation. Kurtis was right saying that the ignition of the black sun will bring its challenges and i am trying to deal with them as i speak.

But that did not stop me, i continued performing the ignition of the black sun and kunda yoga working with the energies of Aeshma. I have seen synchronicity leading me to see Aeshma everywhere though i feel i am not ready to work with him but i have decided maybe casting spell using kunda yoga using his energies will suffice for now.

This work, is amazing. It made my life seem so magickal and i really want to explore it its extremities.