A Nocturnal Visitor [The Path of Smoke]

I was laying on my stomach, having a pleasant dream where I was getting a massage at a nice island resort.

While laying there, completely relaxed, I felt an invisible “thing” latch onto me around my left shoulder blade.

I immediately recognized it as an attack and took control of my dream. I was paralyzed within my dream, something I’ve found is very common during this kind of attack.

I didn’t react at first. I just observed the enemy, trying to learn as much as I could.

After a few moments, I realized this was just a very weak vampiric egregore. I pulled a little of the Blackened Fire from within me and externalized it into my aura, burning the egregore enough to break it’s hold on me.

I woke up out of the dream and turned over onto my back.

I felt the vampiric egregore in my living room, like it was trying to run away. I immediately sucked it into my left hand and held it there.

When I looked at the clock, it was around 2am central time.

I stood within my living room and used my intuition to follow the magickal link back up to the attacker and allowed a mental image to form in my imagination to represent the attacker.

Some people don’t realize this, but that magickal link works both ways. If you push something down it to me, I can turn around and push something up it to you.

I experience it like an energetic cord tying the attacker to myself.

Now I’m not going to go into the specifics of what I did or why, but let’s just say I encouraged the attacker to retaliate even stronger while I took the energy they sent me, magnified it, and stored it for my own purposes.

I went back to bed. About 15 minutes later, I felt a stronger attack come back. So, again, I pushed the energy into my “energy trap”. And rather than just continually bleeding energy from the attacker, I decided to get creative and try something a little different.

As I’m working through the Black Magick of Ahriman right now, I’ve come to see the Divs as Emanations of Ahriman. In other words, they are created from Ahriman’s essence and externalized from Ahriman.

I’ve contemplated how my own egregores can be created the same way, though I haven’t actually practiced it yet. The attack this morning gave me a perfect way to practice.

I redirected the energy of the attack to my “energy trap”. Then I went into a medium trance state and mentally projected myself as my God-Form.

I saw the dark cord of energy going into the mental symbol for my “energy trap”.

I created a storm demon, a medium-sized egregore with wings made of pure darkness that could attack with blasts of lightning. I gave “birth” to it by using my Will to externalize it through the Black Sun within me, pushing it out through my chest.

I sent the storm demon up the dark cord of energy. I watched the storm demon floating over it, climbing it hand over hand like a rope. And every time the demon reached a hand forth and grabbed the cord, a little burst of lightning crackled and went up the cord.

A few moments later, I felt that the storm demon had weakened the attacker, but they had not given up yet.

So I awakened the Blackened Fire within my perineum and called for Zohak, DoMar, and DeHak to awaken and to rise within me. I immediately felt my Kundalini rise and provide me more energy until my physical and subtle energy bodies were humming with power.

I externalized two vampiric egregores of my own. I imagined them as two human-sized winged creatures (almost like gargoyles) made of pure darkness, except for their glowing red eyes.

I sent them up the dark cord to attack the weakened enemy. But this time, I allowed my consciousness to follow them and observe them, to mentally direct them as they attacked.

What a sight to behold. The ripping, the tearing, the pack tactics. They were tearing into the attacker’s very essence and draining it away like blood being drawn from a wound.

When the attacker was weakened and their Will had failed them, I had the demons hold the attacker in a cross position, each stretching one arm out to the side, hovering just above the mist-shrouded ground.

I stepped out from my position of observation and assumed my God-Form, revealing the more anthropomorphic form of my Shadow Self to the attacker.

The symbolic representation of the attacker was a black-robed figure.

I sent the attacker a message, warning them to never attack me again.

And then I stripped them of their power, ripping it from them with a scourge made of pure black flame and sending it down into my “energy trap”.

I saw layers upon layers of their essence stripped from them, like it was layers of energetic bodies being ripped out of them.

When I was finished with that, I turned my attention to the brightly glowing red orb of their root chakra. I reached out my dark clawed hand to my “energy trap” and Willed a tendril made from dark energy to shoot out and into the attacker’s root chakra, draining it until it was dim.

I cast the attacker away, naked, like they were flying off into the darkness of the Void itself, spinning slowly as you would if there were no gravity.

And then I slammed the solid iron gates shut behind them, bringing my physical hands together in a loud clap as the gates clanged together.

I opened my eyes and felt a huge surge of Kundalini flow through me.

As I lay there, I asked my God-Form about what I was experiencing. I had drained the attacker and I should use it to fuel my own Kundalini growth.

So I relaxed and allowed it to flow through me, strengthening me, empowering me.

And then it happened … I felt the energy move out of me and solidify around me into my aura. It really felt like the Kundalini energy from within me became a black slime almost the consistency of Jello as it “thunked” into place about a foot outside of my physical body.

Now, the important thing to understand is that this “grand battle” I’ve described is all symbolic. The other person may never have experienced it way I did, but I bet they felt drained and worn out afterward. :smiling_imp:

But the symbolic language I used to program my unconscious mind with my Intent was important. It helped me use a variety of strategies and tactics very effectively, flowing very smoothly from one to the next.

And in the end, it doesn’t matter if this attack came from an astral parasite, a human magickian, or even an egregoric force. The same strategies and techniques can be used to wage war on any of them.

I’m really enjoying the experiences I’m having through the Path of Smoke. Every day, I feel my power grow. And every day, I become a little more who I Truly Am.


go valkarath lol. valkarath for the win lmao


If you’ve ever wanted your own magical cheerleader then you’ve got one!

Go valkarath.

Now that’s a nice way to spend your Friday night!


Hmmm. That sounds like an anime show. Or a really cheesy band name.

Normally, attacks like that annoy me and turn me into Grumpy Cat, but I’m actually starting to have fun with it. I’m kinda like a little kid that just got off the roller coaster … “Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!” lol

I’m already starting to think about how I can use my newly developed skills in interesting ways. You know, I live in the south in the U.S. … and we have an awful lot of churches around here … including some mega churches.

flips through the Black Book looking for the Talisman of Counter Creation again

Mwahaha! :smiling_imp:


Lol, it does, doesn’t it?

Go for it, remember the only limit you have us your imagination. Stretch it beyond your limits and you can achieve anything!