When A Peaceful Man Goes to War [The Path of Smoke]

Today, I worked through my Kunda Yoga with Aeshma, the Div of Wrath.

It could not have been more appropriate.

As I prepare to add my own Power to my first group working tonight, I found myself embracing Aeshma, the Div of Wrath.

As I performed Seven Asanas, I found the name of Aeshma growing into a chant in my mind. It was very raw, very primal, very tribal.

I moved much quicker through the Seven Asanas than I have in the past few days, the Asanas almost becoming a kata or war dance. I just noticed, accepted it, and flowed with it.

And the Power of Aeshma flowed through me.

At one point during my meditation for “Emanating the Rays of the Black Sun”, I found myself soul traveling to Aeshma.

In my imagination, I stood as my Shadow-Self before a great bonfire, chanting Aeshma’s name. He stood across from me, on the other side of the bonfire.

He took the form of a giant, black-skinned muscular warrior with the lower body of a black serpent. He had six arms and they took the pose from his sigil.

His face was covered in an onyx war mask, carved into a demonic visage. It’s similar to what you might find deep in an African jungle, but much older … much more ancient. Just the feeling I get.

And in his top right hand, he wielded the Great Spear of Wounding.

We spoke briefly and I could feel his intense power flowing through me as my body rocked back and forth, chanting “AH-ESH-MA! AH-ESH-MA! AH-ESH-MA!” while I communed with him.

And when I performed the Seven Asanas in reverse to ground the very essence of Aeshma within my body and my life, they definitely took on the form of a warrior working through his war dance, preparing for the war to come.

As I finished, I had the words from Steven Moffat flow into my mind … “When A Good Man Goes to War”.

I post it here now, changing the words to match my own intent …

Let There Be Blood on My Hands and the Flesh of the Wicked in My Teeth.
A Peaceful Man Goes to War.


Good hunting, and may your enemies flee too late


People say “I got chills reading that” and they don’t mean it any more than when they type “lol” without really laughing out liud, but I did actually get chills, and goosebumps, reading it! :smiley:

And the weather’s so hot here right now, that’s even more remarkable. :slight_smile: