Shopping in Nature ... and a Conversation with Papa Legba [The Path of Smoke]

My ex-wife is what E.A. would call a “natural witch”. She just “does stuff” or “thinks stuff” and magick happens. She’s got the spirit of an old gypsy woman or an old Appalachian mountain woman. No matter what her age, you could easily imagine her sitting in her rockin’ chair, dispensin’ the old wisdom to those who had the ears to listen.

Now that I’m trusting my intuition, I wanted to go “shopping in nature”. And there’s no better guide to the places of power in this area than her.

Last week, we made plans to head out today and see if we could find a tree struck by lightning. I’m slowly starting to gather the supplies I need to make my magickal Urn from BMOA.

Last weekend, I checked out “The Hoodoo & Voodoo Spellbook” from my local library.

I have respect for Vodoun practitioners, but it’s not a current I’m eager to tap into. I feel the power and I’ve always said “Not for me.”

I got the book because I feel like I need to incorporate more physical anchors into my magickal work. And Hoodoo and Vodoun have a lot to offer in that area.

I personally feel like Vodoun is one of the last surviving places where we can learn the dark shamanic craft. And there’s a lot of power there.

So, I opened this book the other day and one word leapt up off the page at me … “Loa”.

I promptly closed the book and knew I would need to talk to Papa Legba before I read anything in that book.

You see, I tend to connect with spirits very strongly from just reading about them or thinking their name. They’ll just show up if I think too hard about them.

Since I knew we were heading out into the woods today, I decided to use it as an opportunity to let Papa Legba know I may think about them and mentally “touch” the Loa, but I was not asking them for initiation and for them to come to me.

We stopped at two places.

The first place I found my tree struck by lightning. And I sensed it before she did. hehe That felt good.

She actually just asked the tree and confirmed it was struck by lightning a long time ago while I found some old scorch marks to confirm it.

I nabbed some of the earth there for my Urn.

And I found a nice rock that has some iron in it. That should come in handy for magickal attacks.

The second place was down by a river. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so the river was really flowing and you could feel the power rolling off of it. There were several small natural waterfalls separating the river into four or five different levels around the bridge we crossed.

As sat by the river and just breathed in the power from the river, I saw a spot on the other side where I knew I needed to go.

I crossed the river and ducked off the path down into this little area hidden within this copse of trees. I just let myself walk back to where I felt a natural crossroads and knew this was the spot to call Papa Legba.

I offered him a bit of tobbacco as an incense and reached to him with my mind. He came very strongly and very clearly into my mind. You could feel the power radiating from this natural place of power the moment I called him.

We had a nice talk. It was pleasant and respectful, almost like talking to your grandfather. But just like your grandpa, you knew not to fuck with him.

I explained what I came to explain. He told me I had been invited to work directly with the Loa a couple of times and he understood. He told me: “If you want to work with us, you come to a wild place like this and you call strong with your power, boy. You call strong and we will come.”

I thanked him and told him I appreciated the offer, but I didn’t know if I would ever do it. He accepted that.

As soon as I said farewell in my mind, my ex-wife said “He just walked away that way.”

We started walking back the other direction, the direction we walked in from. Suddenly she stopped and said “No, we’re going the wrong way. We’ve got to follow him.”

I just accepted it and followed her. Just a little ways down through the woods, I started feeling really dizzy. It was like a head rush from all of the power I felt.

I’d walk a little ways back and feel better. I walked a little ways forward and wham … dizzy. I walked a little further forward and I’d feel better. I walked back a ways and wham … dizzy.

I finally figured out it was coming from the ground. I told her “I feel like I’m standing in a natural circle here.” She confirmed it.

And then I heard Papa Legba’s voice in my mind … “Well, ya wanted a place of power, didn’tcha boy?”

I simply thought … “Well, yeah.”

“Well, get ta diggin’.”

“Yes, sir.” lol

I used a stick to dig into the earth there and found a dead yellow jacket nest in the ground.

Legba asked me “So why do you think they would build their nest there?”

I thought for a moment and answered him. “I’m guessing they recognized the natural power of this spot.”

He seemed pleased and laughed a bit. “Damn right, they did.”

I took some of the dirt while my ex-wife found some moss and brought it back. Papa Legba simply said “Yeah, throw some of that in there, too.” So I did. lol

As we left the spot, I could feel us leaving the presence of Papa Legba behind. I thought “thank you” to him and I heard a reply in my head … “Don’tchoo look back now, boy. Go on. Git.”

Yes, sir. :smiley:


Before we left on our trip, I performed my second full day of Kunda Yoga.

It was much easier for me today, and I really relaxed into the asanas. Everything just flowed better for me.

I was surprised to find I had spent an hour and half practicing it. lol

Wow, what a difference.

I also noticed I’m just moving better now, more in control of my body. Bad Ass Warrior God Training, indeed. :smiling_imp:


When we were done with our nature excursion, I externalized my God-Form and Shadow-Self. I’ve combined them into one thing with two major forms.

My ex-wife is very sensitive, so I asked her to just feel around me and see if she could sense where my auric field was the densest. I didn’t tell her what my God-Form looked like or that I was externalizing it around me.

She could sense the edges of it exactly where I imagined it. She could even follow the outline of my God-Form’s wings which really surprised her. She couldn’t figure out why my energy went so far out diagonally from my shoulders like that. hehe

The cool thing was I closed my eyes while she did this and I could sense when she touched my God-Form. It was like a little energetic tingle when she pushed against it with her hands.

Very interesting experiment.


I know this is an old thread but that is exactly how I felt after I called him

“Go inside” (the crossroads is legitimately right outside my house) “and don’t look back”