Started Practicing Kunda Yoga Today [The Path of Smoke]

I started working my way through the “Foundations of Practice” chapter in BMOA.

I’m starting to work the Kunda Yoga practice into my daily Kundalini practice until I find what’s working the best for me.

Today, I started practicing the “Emanating the Rays of the Black Sun” and “Exercise 1: Awakening DoMar and DeHak”.

I’m still researching the yoga asanas and trying to figure out what will work for me, so I started practicing the “Emanating the Rays of the Black Sun” using a comfortable standing posture combined with the Kuji-In mudras.

I found the Kuji-In mudras work very well for me and help me really zone in on each chakra.

I imagined the chakra as an orb of glowing light that matched the color of the chakra I was working on.

I imagined the sigil of Aighash within the chakra while mentally intoning his name over and over in my mind.

I then imagined a “squirt” of black ink flowing into the bottom of the chakra as though the light within the chakra was liquid. I imagined the black ink forming a vortex at the center, growing with each revolution, until the entire chakra was a black, inky, swirling vortex.

By the time I got to the heart chakra, I really felt the heat rising within me.

I also added “Exercise 1: Awakening DoMar and DeHak” to the Kundalini ritual I received in bits throughout the past week.

I had a very nice flow of energy going today.

Toward the end, I just kind of allowed myself to fall into the Black Sun within me. As I breathed in, I allowed the Void to flow within me and I as I breathed out, I dissolved all boundaries of my Self into the Void. I lost track of my physical body and all sense of time as I just breathed until my alarm went off.


My Draconic Qigong form is excellent. It’s really strengthening my entire body without wearing me out.

By the time I’m finished with 9 repetitions, my entire body is shaking. And then I pack all of that Qi down into my perineum to fuel my Kundalini.

I practice the form three times a day.

My forearms and biceps are solid as hell. My chest and back is more muscular than it was a few weeks ago. My legs are solid as oak logs.

The only problem is my “camel humps” are popping up on my neck and the tops of my shoulders. I know a lot of people like them, but I’ve never cared for them.

They pop up if I do anything to strengthen my shoulders and neck, so I’m gonna have to live with 'em.


whats the difference between draconic qigong and normal qigong? (i juat started qigong, very amazing imo)

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What most people think of as Qigong is a soft, flowing, gentle series of movements. The Qi gently flows, following the motions and your breath.

But there is a hard style of Qigong that uses more dynamic tension (think flexing every muscle in your body while you move) and compressing the Qi through your abdominal muscles.

I’ve practiced the normal, flowing form of Qigong for years. And I’ve gotten to the point where I understand the principles well enough to just allow my Qigong to flow out of me spontaneously rather than sticking to the forms other people have used.

But I recently started practicing the hard style of Qigong when Kurtis Joseph recently recommended adding some form of strength training, but cautioned against exercises that depleted your energy.

Over the past week, I’ve received several bits of a specific form of 8 specific movements that flowed together very well. It’s kind of a “try this, try that” and seeing myself performing the movement.

That specific set of 8 movements is what I’m calling Dragonic Qigong. I call it that because it feels very much like a dragon’s movement to me, plus I was given a specific mudra (hand position) that very closely resembles a dragon’s claw.

I can’t link a video or anything because I’ve never seen anyone else doing it. It’s just a very personal form I received and it’s working very well for me.

There’s a lot of emphasis in BMOA on trusting and relying on your own intuition. This is just part of the process for me.

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would you be willing to lead me tp this hard style?

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I’m not sure I can, Naga, but I’ll give it my best shot. I’ve learned a lot of this through my intuition and experimentation.

Let’s just start with a basic Qigong exercise.

Take any Qigong movement you’ve already experienced.

Perform it the standard way with the flowing movements, energy movement visualizations, and breathing.

Now, repeat it with the following changes …

  1. Tighten every muscle in your body. Push your feet down into the ground. Tense your calves, your thighs, your ass, your abdominals, your chest, your back, your shoulders, your neck, your hands, your forearms, your biceps, your triceps. You’re basically “flexing” every muscle at one time. That’s called “dynamic tension”. Never let go of that tension.

  2. Now start breathing in and out and moving through the exercise. Your abdominals are still tensed even as you’re breathing in. That’s compressing the Qi in your body, keeping it under intense pressure. When you breathe out, squeeze your abdominals even tighter, compressing the Qi more.

  3. Flow through that same movement over and over again until you’re entire body is shaking from the effort.

  4. When you’re done, just relax all of your muscles and notice how you feel. You should feel a larger than normal amount of energy flowing through your body.

Now, when I’m done, I’ll actually relax my whole body, then I’ll use my abdominal contractions and awareness to push the Qi where I want to store it.

So at the end, I’ll perform 9 more breaths with just my abdominals tensed and “push” the energy down into my perineum by tightening my abdominals as I breathe out and bringing my awareness to my perineum so I feel it in my body.

If you’re having trouble bringing your awareness to a spot in your physical body, just touch it there lightly with your fingers. It will help you “lock onto” that spot in your body and it can help you keep your awareness there after you’ve stimulated the area.

Here’s a video on the 9 Breath Method by Jeff Primack of Supreme Science Qigong.

It’s a really good breathing exercise to generate a lot of energy quickly.

At the end of the 9 Breath Method, he has you contract your abdominals and store the Qi in your Dan Tien. That’s the same kind of compression method I’m talking about using throughout the hard style Qigong.

I would start practicing the 9 Breath Method until you’ve got it down, then go back and try to follow my instructions. I think it will make more sense that way.


Draconian Qigong; where ya learn to do that?

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My own intuition.

Trusting my own intuition above all else is a big part of the Path of Smoke. This current is about devoting yourself to Becoming Your Own God and tearing down the egregores empowering the religious control structures that have been put into place to enslave us.

This is not a nice, simple, easy path. It is Badass Warrior God Training. lol

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interesting. ill try it thank you

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Is Draconian Qi Gong where Iron shirt training comes from ?

The Draconic Qigong is my own personal Qigong that I received through my intuition and connection to the spiritual realms. I call it Draconic Qigong because it’s a good description for the way it feels to me. I use the term for my own personal journal.

Iron Shirt Qigong is a hard style of Qigong where they circulate the Qi through the skin to make it unbreakable. That’s all I really know about Iron Shirt Qigong and I’ve never trained in it.

I’ve never trained with an actual Qigong teacher. Everything I’ve learned has come from a couple of DVDs and years of actual practice.