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Invocation tutorial / guide

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How to do preparatory immersion prior to spirit work with a known entity such as a god, jinni, large egregore, or goetic spirit.

Someone reminded me this exists… a thread to share good meditation/ritual music.

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Another entity recommendation for building astral / psychic senses: Sastan, with instructions and reasoning for a pact level engagement even for beginners.

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Tutorial to hurry a spell with Dynamis: The Spirit of Fast Results

Also added to the Urgent Things tutorial collection.

An effective and well detailed ‘Contact Me’ ritual:

Also added to the Love and Lust Tutorials Collection thread.

Belial’s Gateways Symbols to help open psychic senses.

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Excellent tutorial for a talisman/amulet to attract love

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Blasphemy Ritual / Rite to remove ingrained trauma / links / emotional attachment to organised religions

How is this tutorial not in here? :thinking:

How to use your energy to implant thoughts and emotions in others in 7 easy steps by Keteriya:


How to get a ritual to work: in the context of a specific book here but the tips apply to all rituals to master success with ceremonial magick:

Tips in brief:

  • The key is to deconstruct every phase of the work and master it front to back. Every piece matters
  • Spend a great deal of time on crafting your statements. Good targeting is as important as good execution of the rituals themselves.
  • Don’t be afraid to fire off several rituals and let them blend.
  • Don’t shoot for a complicated miracle rather than inching it towards you

Break it down, master the ritual until you can do it in your sleep, truly perfect it, target wisely and simply, and then see what you can do to that impossible situation in 11 workings. I guarantee you’ll make some huge shifts.