Tutorial: Kindraathe's Bulletproof Preparatory Immersion for Results

I know there is a long Prelude to the actual post but I suggest you read it because it helps put the entire process into perspective. It may sound like I’m rambling in the beginning, but I’ve done it for a purpose.

I see a lot of posts asking “I evoked XYZ, I couldn’t see or hear anything, did the Demon accept my request?” or “I asked XYZ to bring me money/love/sex (replace with whatever we personally desire) but nothing happened”. Now I performed my first Evocation back in 2004, I Evoked Duke Bathin ONCE, I asked what I needed and then that was it. I couldn’t hear or see anything; I only felt a strong and heavy presence. I was also scared shitless, evoking a big bad demon and all that. Subconsciously I did not want to see or hear anything. I only wanted to ask for what I wanted and end it sooner than later.

Soon after, things started falling in place, but things also started falling out of place. Several events occurred which would lead up to my desire and some that were against what I asked for (or so I thought at the time). @Twilight_Dragon put it best in one of their posts “In Chaos Theory, every outcome is leading to your desire”

What I asked for from Duke Bathin was what almost every person would consider Impossible. About 30-45 days from the day of stating my request in a formal evocation I had what I wanted, exactly what I wanted, down to the T. I was short of passing out from the disbelief. It did not happen how I imagined it would, but the end result was there. Unholy fuck!! This is real.

Being backed into a corner and without any other options. I had one thing and that was faith in the dark forces. If no one could do it, then surely a scary ass demon that everyone was so scared of could do it. This faith led me to constantly read-up, meditate on the Spirit and know as much as I could about it. The Spirit who felt like a Stranger in the beginning, felt more like second nature after a month or so into the research.

My evocation method was no method at all. I sat in a salt circle with the Sigil in one hand, read only a section of the Bornless Ritual and had corresponding candles out. The only offering I had was a drop of my blood, dropped in a cup of water. That’s it. I was new, didn’t know what to do but I did what some “friends” on the forum suggested I do. So what was the reason I got results? And that too for something that wasn’t “easy”? it boils down to how I felt and the connection I made with the Spirit beforehand. My request was accepted before I even called on him formally.

Fast forward to 2021, after being through several evocations (astral senses still unopened fully) Tantric Rituals, Aghori Rituals to Practicing Zen (yes I know!!). I’ve come to the conclusion that a Bulletproof Preparatory Immersion, a strong Connect to the Spirit so they don’t ignore you and a Strong Will soaked in Emotion is what gets me results. Because at the end of the day Results is what matters.


Here is what I do to successfully carry out my Bulletproof Preparatory Immersion. This is for a new spirit and once you make the connection its not necessarily required for future evocations with the same spirit. Plan to do this for a minimum of one week. But the longer the better. Some spirits I’m able to connect to in a few days and others take much much longer. Play it by ear. You’ll know when the connection is made, you’ll know.

  1. Pick a spirit you want to work with. See what strikes a chord. If you find a spirit that can do what you want but you feel something is off then pick another one. There are several that can do similar things.
  2. Draw out the spirit sigil on a piece of paper with the Spirit’s corresponding colour.
  3. At this point do not read up too much on the spirit, especially others’ gnosis.
  4. Close your eyes and think of the spirit. The first image you see and that which feels right is what you go with. That is what the spirit will most likely look like to you.
  5. This is the image you visualise and focus on while meditating as explained under.
  6. As time passes with your immersion, this image will change a bit, this is to fit in with the spirit as more and more of their energies come to you.
  7. Upon waking up, do your business in the bathroom and then plug your headphones in and play the Spirit’s Enn from youtube. Satania and Satan and Sons have very good ones. I prefer the feminine version, pick what you like. Do not check your phone for messages or anything. The first thing you do is focus on the Spirit.
  8. Go into trance while the Enn is playing in your ears. Once you’re in a trance you may see images or people or someone saying something to you or you may come out with a “knowing”. Take everything into account and maintain a journal (yes I know its annoying) but it really is important.
  9. Meditate for a minimum of 45 mins or atleast 30 mins. One hour is the best.
  10. Repeat the same before going to bed, you may meditate for a shorter period at night. Do not touch your phone to check for texts, Instagram, Facebook, Onlyfans or anything post your nightly meditation. Go straight to bed once you’re done.
  11. Place the appropriate Sigil under your pillow.
  12. If possible let the enns play on a speaker on your computer or headphones or whatever you’re comfortable with as you fall asleep. The video is at a maximum of one hour, so it’ll stop when you fall asleep.
  13. Repeat the process for a minimum of one week or more if required. I suggest 10 days or so.
  14. Preferably don’t work with another new spirit during this period. If you have other rituals you need to do then do them, but its advisable to not plan much occult wise during this period. The idea is to focus all your energies and attention to this Spirit.
  15. Keep your desire at the back of your mind during this. Even if you don’t consciously do this your subconscious is always doing this.
  16. Pay attention to synchronicities, dreams, stuff people say to you that stand out etc.
  17. There is a good chance you’ll see things moving in your direction already. If you don’t there is nothing to worry about. If you do see things moving in your direction, do not stop, keep going until you evoke.
  18. Have your desire or request formulated in your mind. Be ready with what you want, down to the specifics. You’ll see why in the next few points.
  19. There is a very good chance the spirit you’re preparing to evoke will already come to you in your dream, meditation or your hypnagogic state and ask you what you want. Its important to state your desire with names and specifics then. Every spirit I have worked with has come to me BEFORE my evocation and asked me what I want. They already know but for some reason they want you to state it. You don’t need to say it out loud.
  20. For me they’ve always come in a hypnagogic and deep meditative state. If your senses aren’t opened fully they will come during this state. As my senses open more and more I feel them at other rimes as well.
  21. There is a chance you will feel them even when you’re daydreaming. The point is they will come to you when your mind is silent. Or should I say you can perceive them when your mind is silent. I had an easier time doing this due to my Zen practices in the past.
  22. If they do not come to you before the actual evocation do not worry. Just state your request during the actual evocation since it is the most important part of the process in order to offer them what you want to and bring this entire process to a conclusion.
  23. Needless to say practice good spiritual hygiene so you don’t end up with someone you don’t want.
  24. Once you’re ready go ahead and evoke them with whatever method you use.
  25. If you need to perform multiple evocations then do so. I like the one and done kinda thing.
  26. Let go and don’t lust for results.
  27. Do what you normally would in order to achieve your desire as if you had never contacted a Demon. But you did call a Demon. So you do what you must and the Spirit will do what they have to, that’s their business.

This. We never really know how much they’re doing behind the scenes and it’s human to get angry or doubtful but the Spirits do put in a lot of effort.

Ahhh shit. I don’t medidate longer than a few minutes due to been busy but I might try this.


I actually did some of this with my first evocation of Prince Orobas 20 years ago. For about two weeks I fixated on him, his legends, stories, offices, seal, everything. I didn’t mediate but I spent a great deal of time and energy focused on the spirit.

I am 100% this prepping made a huge difference in my ceremony. My technique was ignorant, the ceremony, farcial with all the mistakes I made. Yet and still I had a stunning success with the goal of the evocation.

@Kindraathe I think your method of prep immersion is something many students, beginner and intermediate alike could benefit greatly from.

Great post, awesome content.

Bookmarking this :sunglasses:


Yes it happens as a series of coincidences which when looked back on connects to form a story. Fascinating. These are ofcourse spotted sporadically with some awe inspiring events that carry the Spirit’s signature. The hardest is not lusting for results.

This is why your comment stood out for me, it ties everything in very nicely.

I highly recommend it been doing it for years. For me it made the development of Astral senses much faster, since I can easily quiet my mind (not always).

I also had ADD (not too severe) which is totally under control and I credit that to meditation.


Reading now. Was up to step 13. Last night.


Yes this!! Fixated is the correct term for this. That’s the word I should’ve used.

Thanks a lot for the kind words, means a lot coming from someone with your experience and success rate.


Awesome! Hope this helps.

Let me know how this works out for you for your next Evocation.

Good luck @Nightside


Three days later and I notice 14, to focus on the spirit. This means for three days Ive been listening to youtube and stuff instead of focusing on the spirit. Moving forward …

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Bookmarking this as I need to work with several spirits but just havent had the time and I really don’t want to waste time second guessing myself any more. I’ll be practicing this method for a while. It seems very interesting and I too have done some work with demons without seeing them or without a circle. It’s just harder to believe anything will happen until it does, I try to let go of the results and I find my current methods are like 40/60 when I would rather it at least be 50/50. Also, currently, my method includes a sort of pathwalking where I “go” to them. I always imagine a door with the demon’s sigil on it and knock. Sometimes I see them in their rooms sometimes nothing appears. I guess for me the biggest block is self-doubt in whether or not I actually reached the demon or if my request was heard and accepted. Thanks for posting this, I’ll update with any results I get over the next few weeks.


@Nightside I would suggest reading the list in its entirety and then focussing on only one entity and no other magickal work until you evoke the said entity.

Now if you have any magickal workings lined up which cannot be moved or must be done then go ahead but I would limit other stuff to a minimal.

Now this needs to be done until you get a hang of this and you start seeing changes in your Evocation.

Wish you luck!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Very good advice @Nightside


Awesome, man. Bumping this for others to see. My only question is why can’t I see this post in tutorials? It definitely needs to be there!


Tried to follow this to the letter for my most recent petition. Thank you!!!


I think the mods decide that. I’m glad you like it :grinning::grinning:


I’m glad you liked it. Also happy to see your recent transformation and impressive progress man. Keep it coming!!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Question, immersing for evocation of Shem Angels, would the enn be replaced with a mantra, such as repetition of their Psalm stanza?


I’ve never used this with Angels, but I don’t see why It can’t be used.

Just replace the enn with their appropriate call.

This in essence can be used with any Spirit. The purpose is to attune you with their energies. The spirits also know about you before you evoke them. They see the effort you put in and the more often than not will reach out to you before a formal evocation/invocation.

This can also be used even if you do not want to evoke them but just to imbibe their energies and align with the spirit.