How I got my target to call me after a long period of time

This is my story and the steps I took to have someone whom I missed get in touch. I am including all the steps I took, although I’m not sure if all of these steps are required to recreate success.

It all started Feb 5, 2023. I really missed my friend and wanted to hear from them. The first thing I did was make a deal with the universe/my higher self. As a self-diagnosed sex-addict, I knew my weakness. I wrote a contact out that says:

Today is Sunday, February 5th, 2023 and I am making a deal with the universe/my highest self:

I will not cm until XXX calls me. I can jrk off and stimulate myself, but I will not c*m until XXX XXX, the (son or daughter) of X and X XXX, calls me.



The next couple days I could feel the universe testing my willingness to commit to this contract. Literally all of my “sneaky links” were contacting me for sex. I turned every single one of them down. I was seeing more opportunities to have sex, or free time to jerk off but I didn’t cave in.

Fast forward 4 days later and it’s Feb 9, 2023. I was going away on a trip and had some free time. This is when I did this ritual:

  1. Play this soundtrack while wearing earphones: GET AN INSTANT PHONE CALL FROM YOUR CRUSH, EX, RELATIVES, GF, BF MIRACLE FREQUENCY - YouTube <— I found this here on BALG so tysm @Angeela

  2. Sit in a relaxing position & take a deep breath though your nose, exhale through your mouth. Pause 4 seconds. Repeat 4 times.

  3. Picture your phone ringing, vibrating, and see that persons name on your phone screen. It’s then calling you! (If you have a hard time visualizing there are fake call apps you can download on your phone and set the fake-caller to their name)

  4. While you’re phone is ringing, you visualize a bright light omitting around your phone, getting bigger and bigger, expanding until you can only see your phone surrounded by white light.

  5. Feel your soul calling theirs: Get excited, feel the butterflies in your stomach and the beat of your heart. Feel your gut. React as you would if they really did call! You should stimulate yourself to a high and channel that energy into this ritual.

  6. Picture the white light from your phone reaching the subject and motivating them to get in touch with you. Once the light reaches them they are obliged to call you.

  7. Eliminate any feelings of doubt and approach this with strict the belief that it will succeed, any wait for them to call!


I was absolutely astonished by the fact that they had messaged me less than an hour later! This is the same person that I have not spoken to in 4-6 months… Now it wasn’t exactly what I was visualizing since I pictured that they’d call or send a text message; but instead they commented on my Snapchat story for the first time ever (which starts a private chat)

In the chat they said my picture looks good (and nothing else) so I took initiative and started a conversation out of that. I replied “thanks, how have you been?” They engaged in the convo, so a few minutes later I threw in “if you’re ever in the area you should pop by” and they committed to meeting over the weekend. :star_struck:

Oh, and I never :sweat_drops: until that that weekend passed.

It really works - you just have to believe it (or extort your subconscious LOL). This is especially exciting for me because I didn’t have to involve any spirits, demons, angles, nothing and it worked near INSTANTLY!

Nearly all the conscious magick I was doing invoked other entities, but for now I will focus on learning about telepathy and our human influence over manifestation.


This is awesome. If you don’t mind I’m adding it to the tutorials threads to make it easier for people to find later. :smiley: :100:


Congratulations! Telepathy really works. I once watched another youtube video where it said to just think a great deal of a person you haven’t seen for a while and see if “out of the blue”, they don’t contact you. I tried it a couple of times on a friend and each time he reached out within a couple of weeks, saying he’d been having this urge to update me.

I wish I could remember the title of the video…

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