What does "vibrate" a mantra mean?

@Mulberry This invocation tutorial looks like something I might be capable of doing.

What is meant when the tutorial says to “vibrate” the enn and or mantra?

Like actually put a vibration sound in your voice?

I’ve seen people say vibrating a word is like vibrating the word through out your body so you feel it’s vibration

A way ive found to do this effectively is to keep the head tilted forward to the back of your neck is kinda elongated or stretched while the front of the neck is more contracted I’ve noticed this helps the vibration to be felt more in the body

I think a lot of yogis chant like this as well

But too make it even more powerful you want to chant it in the astral plane too, which can be done with intention/knowing


It means using your voice to sing the chant in a certain way, same as shamans use drums, to create vibrations of a certain wavelength and help induce brainwaves of the right frequency for the right level of trance desired.

There’s a good explanation here: (note: TETA means “THETA”, that’s a typo).

You can hear examples on youtube to get the idea.


@Mulberry and @Alahimavatara, Thanks.

I also have an idea for this that… okay it would start by probably entering a trance and sinking myself into a visualization of a bedroom like area.

Once it feels as if I am really physically inside the visualized room, I would draw a giant circle on the floor of this imaginary room with a sigil in the middle which is made for a fictional character ThoughtForm… like say for example maybe Goku.

This drawn circle and ThoughtForm sigil in the visualized room then becomes a portal to the fictional world of the chosen character with me, the invoker right on top of it but not falling into or through it.

While on top of this one-way portal, I would repeat a mantra to invoke the character and the energy from that world while I visualize… probably that character rising up to and through the portal eventually ending up inside me along with some energy from that fictional world.

With this the invocation would be complete although to solidify it,I would continue to visualize the character inside me even a short while after sending my awareness back into my real body.

I would love to know your thoughts on this.

Well, if you can start in a random bedroom like area, why not just start straight in Goku land near that character and walk up to them or call to them? :thinking:

Invoking is a different thing though, in this case, you are calling the entity to appear inside you, depending on your usage of the word. If you want them to look like a separate being in the astral that you can talk to, there’s no need to invoke.

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Because it would be easier to visualize the idea I just had than to accurately visualize an already existing fictional world.

Plus I really do mean invoke instead of evoke.

I want it to be like the fictional character is an intangible Marvel symbiote and I am the host.

If I just went into the fictional world with whatever character I choose then the end result is no different from evoking the character to talk.

It would be more enjoyable to invoke Goku, Vegeta,or whoever so maybe my own astral body or even whole energy body might become like that of a Saiyan.

Plus it would be cool as a Deadpool type of thing where one internal voice is your own while the others are the invoked characters.

There is probably no real useful reason to do this but I need the empty entertainment.

If you wanted any recommendations for entertainment that’s also educational and funny, I’d suggest reading anything from the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett. Wyrd Sisters is a good one.

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I might. But mostly I think actually trying to do magick will be the best possible entertainment for me.