Meditation music play list ideas

Good morning everyone! I need your help. This year is a year of working on myself and self discovery. One of the things I am looking to get better up is meditation and just over all relaxing/sleeping better.

I would love to see songs and types of music y’all listen to to help you with this. I want to create myself a BLAG Meditation playlist :joy:


Hmm recently I’ve started meditating by just fully listening to any song and realizing that it is external to me (Last part sounds strange but helps with my state). I usually listen to random Dark Folk songs I like, so any song should do and you should actually notice quite a difference you just focus on it and don’t focus on “This song is too upbeat” or anything like that. Otherwise, for relaxing music specifically I’ll look through some old playlists :slight_smile:

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I’m going to look into these because Amazon’s premise playlist SUCK for me. Just not my type of music I guess :see_no_evil::joy:

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I have a thread for it on here you can check out:

The genre is extremely wide though, like the first song I have on there is very chaotic, while others may be extremely peaceful, others happy, while others have more of a sad tone.

Quite a lot of them also have occult themes (Hermetic, Satanic etc. Mostly Current 93 and Death in June’s songs) but you also get folk songs about traditional tales (Usually Sol Invictus’ songs) which is nice.


From specifically new age branch of music I like all 3 albums By Harvey Summers “Feng Shui trilogy” It assist me from 2000’

I also like chakra healing chants by sophia

and Merlins Magic “Chakra Meditational Music” and some bowls
And for full deep meditation I adore delicacy of traditional japanese music:



I also wanted to look back at some old New Age tracks when I saw this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you thank you!!!


My main thing is that the music shouldn’t be all that interesting, but beautiful.

Michael Hoppe - Wing Songs (interesting but relaxing, and so old I’ve trained myself to autorespond to this)
Brainsync - Inner Mind dep meditations

Best for me:
Plain Shamanic journey drumming (no music, it’s just drums to keep the frequency and refocuses me without being distracting. There’s three tracks on this, a calling, a drumming track of 1hr and a callback track but I have the main track on loop and do my own open and close.)

The trouble I have with music is that it gets in the way - it influences my mood but also makes it hard to hear etheric music and voices if I can still hear it when travelling. (Your body can have music stored in it also). On top of that you can connect to the musician through the music and start picking up their story, which can be confusing. I like a free working area. :slight_smile:


I don’t generally meditate to music, preferring silence instead, but I’ve recently begun meditating to the Solfeggio frequencies that I remember someone mentioning in a post somewhere. YouTube has some good tracks if you want to give them a try. Just search for “Solfeggio frequencies.”


I meditate in silence like darkest knight, but the links I have posted are good to meditate to.


Anything by Adagio music for meditation:

And if I’m need a pick-me-up
The Fatrat, Chosen, shared to me by @Zoclora



And um this is my main one (Monoman)

Also i was getting the vibe you might like this (nature one with Piano)

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


I made a thread for this.

Also if you would like to improve more your meditation come to the other thread and start logging in daily.
This way you can keep track of your meditations.
I was told that this thread has helped a few people on BALG to improve their meditation


“Goetia” by Peter Gundry
“Unspoken Tales” by Peter Gundry
" Architect of Obscurity" - Occult & Ritual Dark Ambient
“Whispers From the Entrails”
“Ancients” Dark Music by Morgan Nichol

These are just a few that I listen to during meditation and ritual. Look them up on YouTube, it may not be what you are looking for, given these pieces are more instrumental and lean towards (what some would consider) a classical vibe. I hope this helps.


Boy bands are so totally cool and filled with good vibes

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