A binding & banishing spell I use and works well

This is a small binding ritual I created a while ago and have used with success several times with a quick and some times instant turn around.

Print picture of target, write their name around each side of the picture anti-clockwise. Then draw over this an inverted pentagram in dark felt marker.

I call upon the spirits, work through me within this ritual and cast your eyes upon ‘name’. Bring your power forth through me unto this binding of ‘name’.

Stare into this or hold image as best as possible in the mind and say.

By the power of the inverted pentagram I bind ‘name’ - look at bottom name
By the power of the inverted pentagram I bind ‘name’ - look at right name
By the power of the inverted pentagram I bind ‘name’ - look at the top name
By the power of the inverted pentagram I bind ‘name’ - look at the left name
repeat x 3

I here bye bind ‘name’ and cast you out.
For you shall no longer see ‘name of you or someone else if keeping away from them’
You shall no longer feel for ‘name’
You shall no longer think about ‘name’
For your eyes will be blind to them.
For your heart will be dead to them.
For your mind will be blank to them.

By the power of the inverted pentagram upon your picture shall you be bound and no longer have power or influence. For my will shall overpower yours and by the power of my will shall you be gone.

You will be blinded to what I do, you will be death to what I do and you shall be senseless to what I do.

Your eyes are now bound for they can no longer see ‘name’.
Your ears are now bound for they can no longer hear from ‘name’
Your mind is now bound for it shall no longer think about ‘name’

I now banish you from this area.
I banish you away from ‘name’.
I bind and banish you ‘target name’ go, ‘name’ go, ‘name’ go.

Through the power of my will shall these things be.
For my will has overpowered yours and forever shall over power the will of ‘name’.
For by the power of my will shall ‘name’ be bound and banished and cast away like a stone.
So mote it be so mote it be so mote it be.

Then fold it up away from you and turning anticlockwise away and burn it.

Say shall this ritual be now complete and as this burns my will is done upon you ‘name’ Amen.

Put anger and vigor into each line and think of it and the person going. This to me is better than trying to hurt them initially and sends them away packing. Give it a try and see if it works also for any of you.


I like this :point_up_2:

Thanks for sharing, I’ll add this to my toolbox.


I love simple work like this, thanks. Looks powerful and I will definitely use it


I felt a grear deal of relief in my situation from this.
I will add a reversed ace of swords tarot card and put it on the persons picture. To create even more obstacles for them. Just in case lmao.

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Glad it helped you :slight_smile: I found this spell to be the quickest firing one I ever did.

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It didnt yet :smiling_face_with_tear:… but I felt better. I will wait for more concrete results. They fought back a little

Oh what did they do back?

Just felt a disruptive pushback, hard to explain, he is a mage… had to repeat a few times more and really curse a lot and Insult him a great deal. Then I felt better.

I imagined him shrinking and being trapped in an inverted pentagram.

Ah yes good idea, imprison him within its power! If it helps also call upon lucifer in the ritual to help ad his power through you into it to if you need extra oomph since he will have protection but in saying this your binding his magick away from you also.

I called on lilith AND samael……first time…
and on belial the second time and put the reversed ace of swords on them to create confusion in the target. Also to visually create a :lock:.

Lucifer, maybe for third round, if there should be a need… Good idea. I will do it (ritual) for a few more cases… thanks for sharing, I like the simplicity of it.

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