Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield (Tips from an Adept)

This book confuses the hell out of most people on here for several reasons yet I’m going to try and clarify it for the ones who can’t seem to get it it to work

In truth, this is one of the most freakishly effective books I’ve ever encountered and I’ll go on record saying it’s my favorite on the subject. It’s not without nuance though and we’ll explore some of the common sticking points

I get PM’s a lot asking for insight and my usual advice tends to be fairly similar (you all want your ex back, it’s cool) I figure I’d throw it up in a post for people to read and possibly link to if it helps you bridge the gap in working it.

First things first: It’s all in the book. Yes, every piece you’re having problems with is covered and I’ll shill for this order any day. I’ve read the book probably 30 times now cover to cover and have “gone shopping” through all 72 demons and their powers probably hundreds of times by now.

In another book by the same author he mentions magickal students have problems because they are either “lazy” or “inept.”

I won’t insult you by saying that’s definitely your problem but I will invite you to ask yourself if you’re the polar opposite of such descriptions in your exploration of this book. Are you guaranteeing your results by knowing it inside and out? It’s one of their books on high magick, it’s not like Words of Power, or Sigils of Power and Transformation, or even like their other power baller Archangels of Magick. Even 72 Angels of Magick is a cakewalk compared to this one as you can quite literally read the whole ritual as you do it.

This one is like Mozart vs the shitty rap that took over the radio at the gym in terms of depth, complexity, and nuance. (Only in their case the stuff that only takes 5 minutes and half a brain cell to do is actually good). It takes some dedication to get down but it’s something you’ll be grateful for your entire life if you end up doing it. I highly recommend the journey if it calls you

This book is paradoxically both plainly written and layered with blinds in the work to allow only those who go deeply into it to really unlock it’s potential. It’s all in there though, and all it takes is your initiative.

The key is to deconstruct every phase of the work and master it front to back. Every piece matters so pretend you’re learning a part for a movie. People here say “it doesn’t work lol” because they learn the basic outline of the ritual structure, shoot for the moon with some huge outlandish miracle result with tons of stipulations tacked on, and don’t approach it with high technique in mind.

Oh, and definitely keep serious track of your offerings made. I can’t stress this enough. Be impecable with your word and you’ll be rewarded in kind.

I invite you to study the book so well you can teach each and every part of it as if it’s truly your own making. Start with Ritual 1 and read each section several times. Dozens of times. I’ve used it for years and I’m still studying it for nuance. Like good jazz every bit in the book is there for a reason so go deeply into it and you’ll unlock its potential.

Next: Spend a great deal of time on crafting your statements. Good targeting is as important as good execution of the rituals themselves.

I often times sit on a thesaurus website with a dictionary app open looking to create the perfect statement without too many little submodifiers. I’ve got potential rituals sitting on a notes app I’ll revisit days after deciding I want them and cook one word different ways for 20 minutes to find the best way to say what I want. It’s not completely necessary, yet it’s worth it because you will get exactly what you ask for. I make sure I know I’m asking for the best thing and parlay them off of the other rituals that can blend together with it in symphony.

Don’t be afraid to fire off several rituals and let them blend. When you’re starting out it’s very easy to get caught up in just how seemingly complex all of this stuff is… You have an Archangel calling that’s kinda like the LBRP, the ritual to wield power from Magickal Attack, you need to learn the scanning sequence and sing the shem sandwich with the invocation psalm in the middle, and then all the different things to look at at different times because you’re probably starting with the petition. Then the offering… And remember to give the emotional sensation to them as well somewhere after they show up.
Oh, and you have to light stuff on fire and do this somewhere you won’t be heard or seen so make it fast and make it perfect!

So you shoot for the moon and end up narrowing the result down so much that it’s pass/fail criteria is like night and day. Rather than doing 5 rituals for various results, a newbie puts 5 different submodifiers that all have to come true in order to call it a hit within these first rituals. No wonder you’re having issues, it can’t breathe and the demons have to get every little bit right in order to say they did their job. Bad dog, open it up and let the submodifiers show up when they want to by addressing them separately

What I mean by submodifiers:

You know how Sallos can “Inspire somebody to feel a love for you that causes strong desire and a determination to enact that love”?

One might simply write “Nikki is determined to be my girlfriend”

That’s a great statement. Then one might go "hmmm, Sallos can make them feel anything so let’s spice this up a bit!

They then look at each word and go “instead of just determined… how about wholeheartedly determined!” “Instead of just my girlfriend why not make her my loyal, doting, and sexually addicted girlfriend with a tail plug fetish!” . And so on and so forth until the written statement is so developed there’s little if any margin for it to actually manifest. Stop that!

Instead just leave it to perhaps one submodifier and then if you need more adjectives to enhance it do another ritual. Less isn’t more but it can absolutely be better, at least here. Magick blends quite readily, and especially this kind. I guarantee if you make their job simpler it will get done faster. Divide it up and do some extra work, you have the book and the opportunity isn’t going anywhere

Another thing:
People shoot for a miracle rather than inching it towards them

You won’t get a miracle from one perfect ritual but you can get 20 results and bring it closer to where you don’t need a miracle anymore. Think of it that way. 20 conincidences is a lot easier to engineer than one huge landslide change that feels like a lottery win. All results are experienced in ways that could happen without magick too, very important.

People will shoot to make some chick that blocked them for being a total tool their obsessed girlfriend with one demonic petition. They might keep things simple enough instead of the last example but the sphere of influence is too far removed from what’s likely in their reality at the time. This stuff nudges your reality around so rather than aiming for a quantum leap, why not start with a step in the right direction and build some momentum?

In that case, simply make her think warmly of you while improving your attractiveness to women generally and the rest of your life so the scenario you want is more plausible. It’s never going to be like some hollywood occult movie where your newly posessed chick shows up at your door wearing a nightie with an apology gift and love in her glazed eyes. If that happened you’d be scared as hell and probably throw the book away anyway. It’s nothing like that. Engineer coincidences and lots of them

All in all, there’s a lot of weird parts and I guarantee you aren’t doing all the visualization around the Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh part he mentions in the Ritual Opening. You have work to do and much to polish

Maybe try 5 or so rituals for other things less important to you to get familiar with it. Manifest something like a new emotional state, or learning a secret, or any of the other powers. Something simple you can forget about. When you see the power in action it’s easy to want to study and practice it more, it becomes sort of addicting.

Manifest a lucid dream. Something small, among other requests until you’re confident, then begin with making cracks in the situations that resist you. Turn the heat up from there one stage at a time until you’re casting to improve the quality of the date night shenanigains you’re now having with the person you wanted to bring back. Baby steps.

When you get masterful at it, Ritual One will feel like 5 minute easy quick fire magick. As easy as a sigil. I’m into Ritual Three and physically looking at the spirits who fill my room now and it’s no more daunting than Ritual One used to feel. I could dash off 5 petitions in an afternoon and it would be fairly simple now, trust me it gets far far easier when you know it like your favorite song.

Break it down, master the ritual until you can do it in your sleep, truly perfect it, target wisely and simply, and then see what you can do to that impossible situation in 11 workings. I guarantee you’ll make some huge shifts. See what’s possible, they’re waiting for you


What a timing for the post ! I’m reading the book for the second time and planing a ritual for Friday ! I did my first ever demon ritual from this book 2 years ago , was scared and nervous as hell yet results showed up within 2 hours ! This time I’ll be calm and will enjoy it as I’m not scared of any spirits :blush: the preparation does take a while took me a week to do the notes and summaries !


Any tips on the waiting time for the result?

I used ritual 1 with Raum to attack a person. Did the ritual and asked for the result in a week. I repeated this for several weeks (10 weeks), every Saturday, until I saw the result.

I consider only the last ritual, since it was the only one that produced in the time that I asked, but I have no idea if others helped or influenced.


This is kind of timely for me, too. I was looking through my notebook earlier this week to see what has been delivered and what hasn’t. I only started working with this system in May, so I am still finding my way. I noticed the demons who haven’t delivered yet were my “early” attempts and my requests could have been written better, TBH. I see I need to be much more precise and probably perform additional rituals to meet the end goal. I keep a notebook of the date I performed the ritual, the exact wording of my request and the gift I offered. (It’s usually white wine or homemade cookies, since I usually don’t drink/eat them very frequently.)

This method is the one that has consistently worked for me thus far. This book is what destroyed the tiniest sliver of doubt I had left about magick. I hurt my back working out in June and I couldn’t get up out of a chair without any pain. My husband had to help me get up and steady myself. I decided to ask Buer for help and as soon as I finished ritual 1, about 80% of my pain was gone. I couldn’t believe it. My husband was shocked and asked what I did. I just said, “I asked a spirit for help.” He doesn’t need to know it was a demon and I am not lying. :stuck_out_tongue:


A great Post @Norski
You are quite right that the rituals do require alot of time and effort and initally it can seem quite complex,
I also believe alot of people have problems with wording their statements requests/partitions.
It would be interesting to hear from others working with this book.

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Simply: it happens when it happens.

I’ve sent stuff off in 2018 that manifested at the end of 2020. Some things in 2017 are still manifesting now. Other rites showed up within hours. It really depends and “acting as if” is huge

Spirits see things in event sequences, not in hours and minutes. Seer can really help these necessary sequences to happen faster. Also if it’s really “out there” to your current perspective maybe fire off a result that can bring it closer. Get creative, if your target is resistant to an attack then make them more vulnerable to attack/make them accident prone/strip their defenses/make them a pessimist through mind influence, etc

The options are truly limitless and this is just using this one book. Worlds open up when you blend Shem and Archangels in and follow up with servitors and Alchemy.

That’s another art in itself though


@norski did you try this and did it manifest ?

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This was a good breakdown of core magick principles, it relates well to outside of that particular book.

  1. Keep it simple and possible.
  2. Clear statement and strong intention/visualization.
  3. Do not believe it Will happen, KNOW that is has ALREADY happened.
  4. If you make a pact or promise…keep it, seriously keep it. Yes you can “get out” of them but you will suffer along the way. Like a contract break fee. I almost died once because I broke a pact that I made when I was young, I didn’t even realize what I was doing at the time, that was one big reason why I got out of it in the end. I also found that I was the one who was hurting Myself because of that damn pact. I had to forgive myself and acknowledge the lesson learned before I got better.


I’d just like to add my two cents, and go on the record and say that this book is indeed extremely effective and exact.

From the rituals I’ve done, i’ve not yet had one not go as I wanted. That sounds like a gigantic thing to say, but all the demons I’ve worked with using Winterfield’s method have proven to be potent, willing, eager and above all else, deliver extremely fast with results.


I’d refrain from repeated requests for the same thing. In your case it’s like hiring a PI or a lawyer to destroy someone’s life. Texting them “hey man, do the thing” every week when they’ve already taken your case just makes them resentful. Let them operate once you’ve made the phone call

I’d only repeat a ritual once it’s effect has worn off or if the situation drastically changes in a big way. They’re masters at what they do, so let them do it.

One of the biggest overlooked things is the power split. In any situation be it business, dating, or evocation, one side is more reactive than the other. Whoever cares less wins. Using the offerings and carrying yourself with authority and dignity goes a lot further than many will ever realize

You’re compelling power to act, just like training an attack dog they will respond to commands and experiences you can give them. Even more so when they sense respect with your commands. Watch Band of Brothers and note the different leader styles. You want to be Winters from that series. Be the leader, the commander many love to follow. Once that brick dries people see their results take off, yet there are a great many with a disempowered mindset that won’t approach it this way. It’s critically important


Something along the lines of it. I used it as an example primarily because it was so similar in principle

When I microsteped the big requests I started getting things a lot smoother and faster. All it costs is an extra rite and then calling them up to share a beer or a really spicy burrito with them


Very good. Keep in mind above all they like intensity

Yin consciousness. Think of the sort of person that thrives on drama as an emotional currency and then apply it to sensory experiences. It doesn’t have to be good, just intense. The sort of person who actually sort of enjoys screaming fights and crying at 2 am on some level vs a nice relationship that’s too steady and boring in their tastes for example. We all know someone like that. A shot of everclear will hit harder for them than a cup of orange juice

It can just as easily be something you enjoy though, hence my like for very spicy food shared with them. I like to line the two up so it’s intense and good for most workings.

This is something to think about though because sacrifice is the greatest offering they prefer. If a shot of 190 proof everclear or biting into a lemon is really living on the edge for you they’ll eat it up like most people would enjoy a full body orgasm. They like intensity



Thanks for taking the time to share and educate people about this book and how to use it properly. It’s kind of crazy that we’re talking about a book to contact demons that are who knows how old. What an honor and privilege to communicate with them. On to business.

I would say money is the primary reason I would use this book. The method for achieving communication seems the most effective for contacting the right entity. For contextual purposes, I’m a Laveyan Satanist that’s exploring magik, with the ultimate goal being intelligent communication with a demon. Few questions I think would benefit everyone here.

  1. Would you say the physical act of performing the ritual is what propels you to your goals or is there some personable power that helps you?

Humans operate on ritual, what we do in the morning, for lunch, when we go to bed etc. Creating new habits with focus towards a goal should ensure success for anyone. I understand there are a lot of assumptions there. They set the right goal, have a plan to attack it piece by piece, and reasonable expectations on progress. Some people may need the ritual to focus their energy. Like football players in a circle getting psyched up before a game I get it. My point is, if I’m just facing a wall talking to myself, what a waste of time. Time I could be using to take action on my own. Have you actually interacted with some…force for lack of a better word.

  1. How has your personal paradigm played into your success? Is the emotion and ritual enough for communication?

I have some cognitive dissonance about the spirit world in general. I’m open enough to see what’s out there after educating myself, but have conflict on if it’s all just in my head. The cliche, I don’t believe the devil exist, but I don’t want him to prove it. Haha. I can perform the ritual, say the words, feel the emotion, but until I have empirical, kinesthetic proof I won’t really believe. The intellectual block stops the progress from the process.

Indoctrination is a bitch too because I was raised Christian, but don’t believe in Christ. When the paradigm is destroyed you’re left with things that are undefined. If we remove the false paradox and say, if something does exist, it’s not the polar opposite in the world. Good and bad are subjective to the individual now.

  1. Have you ever freely asked questions of a demon, how you were created, how old are you, questions you would ask a new friend while having a beer.

Once you get past the “you’re a demon” and the images of fear associated with Hollywood, you could probably learn all kinds of stuff. I feel like there’s such formality due to the amount of respect and gratitude I would show just for them sharing their presence. How are they about that? I assume it depends on who you talk to.

  1. Has loss of control ever been an issue?

If you try to contact a demon, it’s just like talking to someone on the street. You have no idea how they’ll act or what they’ll do. The only place I could do this is in my living room. When I say leave, everyone in my house should leave. With a demon I have no way to force that to happen. I have no control over what I’m inviting into my house. In the context of this book, I can only sit in my little circle.

I know it’s Hollywood but so many stories have the same characteristics it makes you think there’s something to it. You know the drill, people start feeling weird, then stuff starts moving in the house, then people get hurt and scared and run, blah blah. Ever had problems with presence not leaving when you asking or an imposter spirit? Any experiences, funny stories, or thoughts?

  1. Who did you contact first, and what do you recommend?

I’ve read that Lucifer is best to contact first, but he’s not of the 72 Goetia, so how do we get a hold of him, if I even need to. Which leads to a series of whole other questions. Is the Roman god of Light the same as the Judeo-Christian villain Satan? I’ve seen one listed above the other and mentioned as the same entity. Neither one is in this book so…The method seems unworkable with that goal in mind.

I could just go straight to Claunek and roll the dice that I piss something or someone off, who knows? Not even being funny right now, but maybe you could put in a good word for me. If that’s a thing? Kind of goes back to #3. I would be asking about all kinds of people. Anyways…

Thanks for any insight you can give. It’s refreshing to read an in depth, intelligent perspective on all of this.

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Thanks @Norsky

I got ridiculous results the first time I used this book and never got over it.

Definitely a timely post as something has been nudging me to pick it back up.


@KenTabor respectfully, these questions have nothing to do with doing the rituals in Demons of Magick.

Just get the book, read through it, pick the demon you want to work with and do the rituals.

Follow the advice laid out in the OP and you’ll be fine.


That’s fair. I can understand why you’d say that. Inquiring minds want to know.

I still think my question about Lucifer / Satan is relevant. #5 Might just be ignorance on my part about the Goetia though.

Thanks for understanding. I have a commitment to getting you into action lol

Re: Lucifer - the catalogue of spirits in Demons of Magick is the same as the Ars Goetia. Lucifer just doesn’t appear in that particular catalogue of spirits.

There are other grimoires where Lucifer does appear, usually as the highest ranking spirit.

You don’t need to approach him first especially if you are going to use Demons of Magick.

Depending on who you ask, Lucifer can’t be approached directly anyway and (this is gonna piss off a lot of people but it needs to be said) most people that say they are working with Lucifer or have a relationship with Lucifer don’t actually (but that’s a conversation for another time).


Demons of Magick Ritual Walkthough

Found this video of this guy walking through the book. Pretty interesting stuff.


He was the only one on YouTube who started these instructional videos from Gordon’s books. I like him …he is very humble

Thank you for sharing too


Reason people don’t get it right is because they add ideas that isn’t in the instructions. They doubt. All the books from gallery of magick is pretty simple instructions. People just like to complicate things adding and mixing from different books. Maybe because it’s simple instructions they think it won’t work so they want to complicate things to make it feel more umph!! to be a ritual. They ask too many philosophy doubt questions instead of just doing the steps that are there. Keep it simple and follow instructions. that’s it. All the gom books i have are all easy simple steps.

Just write down steps summary and it’s easy to do. some of the books don’t have summary on purpose. you have to write it yourself so it helps understanding the steps. They want you to write down step summary in your own words.