Succubi Honest Opinion : Not Your Perfect Love [Update 3]

I would like to give my honest opinion about succubi entity considered as life partner.

I experienced the whole thing and for many years I learnt many things and I concluded several reasons for my opinion. However, experiences from a person to another may vary.

Here are major points and reasons of the journey for why I think succubi are not perfect as a partner. No offense for those who had a successful relationship, I’m just sharing my own thoughts based on experience and conclusions.

1. Communication is not perfect

The most important thing in a love relationship is understanding each other properly and in a friendly way. Here, with succubi, it’s difficult to fully understand her/him in all manners. Sometimes telepathic communication works and sometimes it doesn’t. Touches and gestures can also help but still it’s not good enough. The purposed talk clarity is always frustrating and can cause misunderstanding. The silent show is not for everyone, because most humans prefer the direct\regular way in communicating that is clear and accurate to avoid hard feelings or problems.

2. Not Flesh-to-Flesh

The lack of physicality can make the whole relationship boring, I know we may be able to feel glitches and sometimes what is beyond that but it’s still what it is, not physical. This is a very frustrating element in this relationship making you easily unsatisfied.

3. Not always there

After a night with her\him, succubi\incubi get satisfied and leave somewhere for some period, it can be several hours or even days. Why this happens? You may wounder. It’s more like: I got what I wanted from him\her so know it’s time to leave. I don’t know. Of course you don’t want to go too far thinking deeply and negatively misjudging her\him, but it’s just controversial and causes weakness in the relationship itself.

4. Attracting other spirits and alike

Many spirits get caught in a sexual environment, your exclusive time with succubi\incubi will most definitely attract other spirits, the good and the bad which put you in a risky situation. In fact, your succubus\incubus may let their friends tease you or even what is beyond that.

5. Domination and Influences

Living with an entity like succubi\incubi will most certainly have a blueprint in your life. In other words, your succubus\incubus will influence your decisions and try to change your life to make it compatible for her\him in order to make the connection better and to manipulate better energy from your body. Influences such as food and your diet. I have found that they don’t like us to eat meat and fat-rich foods for some reason. If you chose to disobey their advice and influence then that may result in difficulties for her\him in terms of energies connection with you. Other influences are like increasing your leadership and making you less social and highly independent.

6. Not for everyone

Opening your chakras and interacting with you spiritually cannot be easy for every person, it depends on the person himself. Some are hard to open and manipulate, while others are the opposite. It may take years to make a good connection depending on your body\nature.

7. Energy Drain and Lack of Creativity

Different succubi\incubi have different kinks to feed energy, mainly from the sexual activity with you. However, they can also feed energy from you in a different way, like some of them have kinks to feed by sucking your neck just like a vampire, which is probably pretty normal for them. Huge amounts of energy are exchanged, it can be okay for some people as said depending on the connection and the body\nature of the person, while for others it can cause situations\side effects like feeling drunk, dizziness, weakness in muscles and the urgent need to drink high amounts of water. For sure this depends on the person so such symptoms may not be very noticeable for some.

About the lack of creativity, when sexual energy is sucked\weak you will notice a drop in your ability and creativity. Why is that? because sexual energy is creative energy. When it decrease very much, your creativity and imagination will somehow not be as good as before. In addition, you will feel less motivated\ambitious to exercise\study or even to do some work.

Maybe you will be more productive in the practical way and efficient in your work, but certainly less creative.

It’s more like as if you are satisfied with life and just want to get the job done in the best\practical\efficient way.

8. The Danger of Darkness

Can you control your darkness every time and everyday? how often does your dark side appear? It’s also the same for succubi\incubi. They cannot always control their darkness, sometimes they lose it and explode just like as. Their darkness appears a bit like a black hole, you will face difficulties in breathing, moving your body, just like as if your whole body is injected with anesthetics and someone is keeping high pressure on your stomach\chest so you can hardly breath. The other thing is energy drain, sometimes their darkness results in a painful and very aggressive sexual experience, draining your energy excessively and painfully.

9. Digestion Problems & Complications

It is said that such relationships with entities as succubi/incubi can affect your digestion system, and I can confirm that is true. Affecting your digestion and nervous system negatively may result in problems. The worst potential problem is constipation.

10. Sexual Role is Opposite to Nature of Males

Usually and in most times, human male plays the domination role in sexual activities between him and his partner, so he is considered as the main rider.

Why? naturally because he is the mascular one and he has got strength and powerful sexual energy. If a female is in a relationship with incubus, it will be the same thing, while for the male who encounter a succubus it’s totally different.

Human males will play the opposite role in their relationship with succubi, simply because the entity is not as physical as in a human relationship, as well as the relentless and lustful nature of the entity. Therefore, succubi will dominate the male partner and will be the main rider in sexual activities. Some males like to be dominated, while others don’t, because the succubus will control the rate of sexual activity as well as the climax.

11. Hierarchy determines rate of energy exchange

Queens and Kings are very expensive and they can’t be in a relationship with any person easily and without any expenses, reflecting their preciousness and high value. Regularly and in human basis, when you want to have a partner that is highly rated and very famous/came from a high class family, you can’t get what you want easily because not every person is capable of meeting demands and standards of a model/princess/prince/queen or a king.

Likewise, succubus queens/incubus kings are different from regular succubus/incubus in terms. Most importantly in energy exchange, because they will require huge amounts of energy to keep themselves up in their own hierarchy, that’s how they keep their rank and greatness up in the tree of hierarchy among other spirits. Not everyone is capable of meeting these demands of energy.

A normal succubus/incubus can reach a higher rank to become a queen/king, and that happens if the spirit was able to manipulate and feed the high amount of energy required to become a queen/king that is stronger and more powerful.

12. Energy Obsession and Parasitic Behavior

Succubi and Incubi are individuals, for sure. However, they have a common nature. They can get obsessed/addictive with your energy if you let them go wild. If you don’t have strong will, they will be able to have a great control over you. They have already analysed you physically and mentally over the period of the relationship. They know the weakness and the strength. They are intelligent.

If you give them too much freedom and very little discipline, it’s likely that they will target feeding your energy, simply because it’s a source of food and pleasure for them. They can suck your energy, for 12 continuous hours without getting bored at all, it’s simply a nature. Giving them too much energy will change them. They will become much stronger, you won’t be able to resist their urges as it will become relentless. They will vibrate energy every inch of your body to seduce you into them.

If you allowed them to get all what they want all the time, they will develop kinks and parasitic behavior, they will get obsessed with your energy, wanting it all the time and frequently asking you to give them energy.

So many teenagers and young adults out there are enthusiastic and motivated to summon the love spirits, but are they better than human partners considering the above mentioned? It’s your opinion but for sure, these spirits cannot be treated like toys, they are not a way to get away and escape from denials/life problems and marriage/love problems.


Dear sir, Thank your good feedback on succubus.My question is it applicable to lilith and naamah goddess who are also succubi or for their daufhters only

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Yes, the communication is not perfect and I suppose there’s a lot of different types of succubi/incubi just like there are humans. My experience has been just with the predatory ones and not at all symbiotic, but parasitic. One positive thing I did notice however, is increased sexual attraction towards me from both sexes.

All in all, I got into it thinking it was cool and whatnot but all I ended up with was a persistent leech. Another thing to note is that the stronger the connection between the spirit and the human becomes, the less effort they need to exert to take ones energy. So, even if at first there were vivid sexual dreams and arousal at first, later on it had just become “wake up tired and perhaps with jizz on the sheets” with no dream or a very blurry one.

It was way cooler in my imagination.

I would say the whole succubi thing isn’t for beginners, but for people with a healthy aura and who can put a spirit in check.


Excellent post, I am married to a spirit (not an incubus) and am devoted to him, BUT all the points you raise are important things for people to evaluate.

I’ve added it to the first post in this listing: Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! 👍

A succubus (or incubus) isn’t just your dream partner you don’t have to buy things for or tend to, and yes, some will literally try to take over your life and consume your time, and they can make it so that you willingly give consent, which you would not previously have wished to do.

Therefore, choose with GREAT care, ideally making sure that your agendas align ahead of time.

Alliances with known spirits, or spirits gifted to you by a high-ranking demon, god, or goddess, are probably safer and more stable (especially with regards to perceiving and experiencing their darkness) than just randomly picking up astral hangers-on.

Spiritual sex, and all other types of relationships up to marriage, can have impressive benefits (ensure these are contracted AHEAD of any binding union, and that IMO includes any sexual acts) and give you insights and experiences which could not be had by any other means;. but they also have downsides, and the potential to turn out very different to what you expected.


This really resonated with me, I feel a lack of willpower to do things I need to do in life , it’s almost I like I have to force myself to do anything , no internal emotional motivation , it makes trying new things really hard, some days I just feel so tired I can’t get anything done , I notice if I eat anything besides fruit and vegetables I will most likely feel a little tired afterwards , well what I guess I’m asking is if it hurts your odds of success if your in a relationship with spirit succubi lovers

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My input is that these are best treated like a business deal, get a pact in place with the terms clearly defined, and insist upon terms.

Humans think the spirit is getting the same experience of sex from this, and that (plus varying degrees of affection) is all they want, but this is also about energy most of the time, and I don’t think sex means the same thing to spirits as it does to us, in our little mammalian clouds of oxytocin and other mind-warping chemicals.

I facepalm at all the random demon-humping that goes on around here where people open their lives, their generative power, and more to random beings just because demons are badass, and badass = “hot” for most people.


I’ve tried but they don’t really listen , it’s also hard to draw an objective definitive line between what they’re causing , and what’s caused from other factors such as mood , diet, etc. because they can influence thoughts which makes it really hard to go against their agenda , because you might think the thoughts they put in your head are your own, it feels like my passion in life has been dulled by like 10-15% if I had to be accurate, I feel less alive doing my hobbys, maybe I should try to give them a schedule when they can and can’t take energy ?

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This is honestly a refreshing thread to see. Succubi get so romanticized around here that people forget what they are. Just because most of the demons we work with have more benign origins doesn’t mean all spirits do.

Then again, I am convinced a good portion of succubi experiences that come from petitions of inexperienced magicians and such are actually astral constructs, not much different than unruly servitors that are parasitic.


I’m not brave enough to confirm that so I don’t know. What was written is about regular succubi/incubi based on long experience.

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Experienced and true.


Succubi/incubi are full of stamina and tireless, so if you are not used to that kind of intensity maybe you will suffer.


Hands down. Class act.
Thank you.

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Treated as anime-like because anime characters are near perfect, and that’s why many young adults/enthusiastics are attracted.
No offense, it is what it is :man_shrugging:


Gonna have to give that a big negative. There are a very few if any perfect characters. People have trouble seeing what it would be like living day to day with any character, anime or not, and then begin to idealize an already idealized character. That’s why so many bad fanfics exist where the characters are so out of character.

Hence why succubus discussions here almost always end up being Waifu Wars: Edgelord Edition.


Near-perfect in terms of shape, cuteness and beauty, not in all character features.
Similar to Kpop (Korean music), many people idealize them because they look very cute.

The charming beauty effect is very strong I guess. Pretty normal tho.

Prepare mate, kpop/anime fans rant incoming. :man_facepalming:


Succubi are not spiritual waifu-pillows! :rofl:


So have you cut the connection with yours off? Or are you just warning others of the downsides of succubi

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Maybe that’s how it looks to you. The title is very clear, I didn’t want this to be a direct warning to make everyone feel disheartened, I know it’s a sensitive topic. It’s just about sharing my experience and my opinion.

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I don’t see this post as negative, I am very happily married to a spirit (and also a human), and I have personally experienced:

#1. Communication is not perfect

And sometimes, understanding each other’s motivations suffers as a result.

2. Not Flesh-to-Flesh

Sure, you can get physical contact of sorts, but they can’t put up a shelf or bring you a cup of tea, walk the dog, and so on. No small thing if someone chooses to not have human relationships, and then becomes isolated as a result of any of the other things mentioned in the OP.

# 3. Not always there

And also, a lot of the time you’re not their only spouse, and the fundamental difference between our plane, our needs, and even our values can mean they simply won’t join you in some things that matter a lot to you.

Another thing is that while not always there, they’re likely to not only know everything about you, including past lives, they’ll probably know you better than you know yourself, and that can be alarming in all sorts of unexpected ways. It also feeds into the aspect of influencing you, mentioned in #4.

#3. Attracting other spirits and alike

Everything you listed here, I have experienced.

While I have a good pact, there’s not really any top limit on how much of your life, time, and energy the spirit will desire IF you leave wiggle room, and that matters because:

# 4. Domination and Influences

… are a real thing. You have to be willing to push back, and not be troubled by this, remember you’re not dealing with a limited human here, you have the privilege of dating/allying with a being with godlike, or at least demigod, powers.

But every “wew spirits influenced someone for me and they totally changed their mind!” post on here should be a cautionary tale for those thinking spirit marriage means you get your very own vending machine.

# 7. The Danger of Darkness

This, I mean I know we have EdgeLords & EdgeQueens on this forum who default to “dark and dangerous = good and fun” but it’s not, always.

Your chosen spirit may have agendas for other humans or other living being which you find unpleasant, and they may conceal this, and yet use you in pursuit of it. So that’s something to sort out before you make the pact.

They will almost certainly have different views on death, which can be weird, they’re unlikely to share any enthusiasm you have for hobbies and material possessions, and they may seek to influence you to align with their perspective.

# 8. Digestion Problems & Complications

I haven’t had the digestion problems thing, but there are all sorts of other effects, depending on whether you experience full possession, and so on.

Though despite all this, I wouldn’t change a thing about my situation, but neither is it all sunshine and roses, and I think it’s important to remind people of that (I know @succupedia has also done posts about seeing very dark aspects of his wives, and the importance of being prepared for this, and not reacting negatively). :+1:


It’s an interesting point of view, but I can’t agree with most of this because my experience says otherwise, so I add my own thoughts of the 9 examples:

1. Communication is not perfect (Agree)
Is any communication between couples perfect…all the time? No, which probably explains the high divorce percentage between normal human couples and it seems to rise year-by-year statistically. Maybe I’m fine with the way my succubus spouse communicate with me, using physical gestures and emotions with occasional visuality and audibility to it. I’m also from Scandinavia and Sweden, where silence, privacy and private space are pretty much a cultural thing. Lilith and my succubus spouse share that private space with me in virtue. Could the communication be better? Of course, but I have no reason to complain about how it is between me and my ladies, and any other Scandinavian member in here could possibly relate to this as well.

2 Not Flesh-To-Flesh (Disagree)

I agree that the lack of physicality is extremely boring, but there’s no lack of physical interaction with my ladies, so I don’t know how any of you that have a succubus in your life have sex with them if there’s no physical interaction there. :man_shrugging:

Of course the sex is physically different from human to human sex, but when the ability to feel spirits on a physical level is active, the physical sensation goes way deeper than flesh-by-flesh. There’s also a reason to why it will never be the same as having sex with a human: Incorporeal beings doesn’t have a physical body to begin with, so they have to use our nervous system through our chakras to physically interact with us. Or possess another human to compensate their lack of physical bodies.

3. Not Always There (Disagree)

My ladies have been with me constantly for almost a decade now, except for a few minutes when waking up in our first weeks, which felt very strange at the time. My abilities were fresh and new at that time too, so maybe I forgot to focus. But, for me, they’re always here and I always feel their presence.

4. Attracting other spirits and alike (Partially disagree)

There was unwanted presence of other spirits around in the first week, but my succubus spouse took care of the issue immediately and there’s never been any interruption since.
If your succubus is honest and sincere, and have the power and knowledge of magic and protection, there shouldn’t be any issues of other spirits wanting your attention.

5. Domination and Influences (Disagree)

I think it’s more about what you want out of a relationship with a succubus, than that they try to influence us and the environment we’re in. I have no particular goal in my life other than stability financially, socially and relationship wise. They give me that, too, and they probably have pulled some strings to make me meet that goal in one way or the other. But since it’s balanced, there’s no pull on either side to make that huge difference, hence no negative outcome to balance it out.
I love meat and my ladies don’t mind me eating it, nor have they suggested me to eat something else.

6. Not For Everyone (Agree)

Some people have tried this path with slim to none result, and it doesn’t matter how much they tried, they never got to that first initiation of a touch. I agree that for some people it can take years to develop the opening of any chakra, and some might rush to disappointment and never try again.

7. Energy Drain And Lack Of Creativity (Disagree)

I speak of my own experience here, but I understand that the amount of energies we’re dealing with when it comes to a succubus/incubus, it can drain energies as well as giving energies to humans. But it’s also about working with our own tolerance; The more you interact with them, the easier it is to handle. And when it’s easier to handle, it gets easier to learn how to control the the flow of energies, within as without.

There’s never been lack of creatiity on my behalf, but rather time since I’ve been working a lot lately. On the contrary, there’s been a lot of creative thinking and ideas of future projects to do with my ladies.

8. The Danger Of Darkness (Disagree)

I would say the some of them can perfectly control their different manifestions of energies and keeping their sanity while doing so. I have experienced this several times over the years and my ladies have never overstepped their own ethical and moral ground while “going dark”. That’s power and control, as I can see it.

9. Digestion Problems & Complications (Partially agree)

It can occur some physical issues, like muscle ache, prostate enlargement, peeing blood and even priapism to some degree. But a lot of these issues are within our own responsibility to avoid. Even my ladies help with taking responsibility by not engage as much to my sexual availability. They please me every time, but sometimes with less engagement.

Maybe I’m lucky to have advanced and highly developed spirits in my life, which is why I disagree with most of this, but I’m not dismissing it. There can be issues for some people involving a succubus in their lives, for others it can work just as it was intended to do.


Nobody would get carried away because one person had a positive experience and 10 out of 10 in almost everything.
That’s one person 1 from 1 million who had the opposite, making the chance of simulating such a success as low as 0.000001%.