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U loving itself means taking care of self. It means being your best or doing what u can to know what u want. Means self cultivation of sorts. How u attracting someone worthy if your not loving yourself? It will attract the wrong people. People always look outside of themselves when the answers are within. Loving self means learning who u are from inside out. Most people don’t even know themselves. Part of knowing self is knowing how to screen bad people and not waste time on them.

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See, the thing is, I’m not attracting anybody. I don’t even have friends that are nearby. They’re far away. You don’t know me or my situation at all. The ones that DO match with me? They usually only want either sex or to avoid talking to me, as I mentioned before. I don’t know why that always happens, it just does.

You don’t know me. How can I possibly love myself when I have things like depression? And yes, I’m officially diagnosed. Life isn’t some thing where I can avoid all of my problems with a smile. The world doesn’t work like that. I didn’t expect this kind of debate, but whatever.

My point is, not everyone will follow your logic or anybody else’s except their own. And again, I hate to be redundant, but you don’t know me. You don’t know what my life has been like, or why people leave me. So what if I don’t love myself? So what if I make self-deprecating jokes? So what if I don’t function normally?

Who. Cares?

I’m still me. And only I can change certain aspects of myself. Maybe one day, I’ll love myself. Maybe. But you don’t get to call that for me. Only I do.

And if I want a succubus/incubus partner or more, then that’s fine with me. It’s my life. And I would love them with all of my heart. And they could love me as well. Not everyone can love themselves so easily.

So please, stop debating with me about this. Stop commenting on this, stop trying to convince me that everything’s all puppies and rainbows. And just move on to a different part of this forum. I don’t want to discuss this anymore. I’m very tired from this talk with you and we have barely talked.

Goodbye now.

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Avoidance of loving yourself . That strategy never works. But whatever. Seem u don’t understand self love. Don’t use depression as excuse. It’s just another emotion. No more powerful than love . The power u give to emotion is why they cripple u. U just haven’t learn to work with them.

You have to do what I like to call " collecting". Collecting books, oils, herbs, candles, statues and what not. I know it requires alot of ingredients sometimes, but when you shop at dollar stores you can grab some deals. Also Etsy has very good essential oils and candles are available wholesale as well as other things online. It can get expensive if you shop at occult bookstores. Also you can find books on many occult subjects online.


Don’t twist my words around. I’ve looked at your other posts and clearly you like arguing with others over what’s “right” and “wrong”. I don’t play games with people.

Depression is a very serious issue with me. Every day, I look in the mirror and the bad voice likes to say, “Wow! Aren’t you quite the fatty?” It’s called me worse. Every time I make a mistake, I cry uncontrollably and end up biting myself in anger over it. I’ve even tried to kill myself! I’ve had depression for YEARS. YEARS. And you have the nerve to imply depression is nothing?

What is wrong with you?

I’m trying my hardest not to cuss you out, because I want to be civil. But you’re making it very difficult for me to do that. Again, stop commenting. I don’t want to hear you anymore.

Thank you very much! I appreciate your kindness and tips. I do live near a dollar tree, I’ll make a list and see what they have that I can use.

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This is a balanced look at the downsides of spirit relationships:

IMO your best bet is to get an alliance with a known and powerful spirit, who will mentor you and also assist you to find a great guy and have kids, material success, and all the earthly joys, while also still having a spiritual partner for magick etc. :+1:


Thank you for your help as well. I am grateful for it.

Hello and welcome to the group. Everyone here is very helpful and if you need anything I am almost always round :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m sincerely sorry you have depression, but
I’m not sure if you came here to learn how to become more powerful or to throw around barriers.

Maybe you need a makeover :smiley:
You should really embrace that New Witch life!

Maybe you need new music too.

Maybe you can turn your depression into some kind of strength!

Thank you kindly!

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I need lots of things apparently, lol. Definitely a makeover. Hm…turn depression into a strength…I have zero idea on how to do that, but I can look up a way and try!

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Do you have manic episodes?

What I have is Major Depression, so no. But the biting part is abnormal. I don’t bite till it bleeds, just enough for it to hurt. I’m sorry for exploding a bit, I just hate debating in general. I didn’t want to display my disorder like that, but it’s fine.

It’s just…complicated to explain. I do want to love, it’s just that I can’t love myself so easily.

I’m sorry.

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Ishtar/Astaroth, Lillith, Hecate, these are some Goddesses I think could help you. Draw up one of their sigils. Focus on it and imagine you are projecting your internal voice to them. Say their name, and ask for them to give you strength/help love yourself/whatever it is. Repeat it until you feel better. As long as you are trying your best to deal with your depression, they can help you. If you want you can ask Lillith for a spirit partner although a ritual would work better. Then again asking her ahead of time could help amplify your intent in ritual.

There are downsides to such relationships…it can be lonely and its a very different experience. But you seem sincere, in one way or another I think Lillith and the other Demons will be more than willing to help. Just work on yourself to the best of your ability.


Thank you very much. I needed to hear that.

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Welcome @PurpleWitch to the forum I hope you find your path and in the meanwhile just ask and experiment as much as you can !

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What kind of music do you like?

If you like, you can make a small sigil to take with you. If you have a depressive episode, you can pull it out and ask for help being strong enough to get through it. Just repeat it and focus on it until you feel better.

In general, Mantras can be very helpful. They give you something to focus on so you don’t drown in your negative emotions. You’ll still feel them, but focusing on them only amplifies those emotions. Its good to keep yourself busy too. When I feel depressed I get lathargic and just want to lay around, but when I snap out of it and focus on a hobby I feel way better than just letting my negative emotions take over.

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