Not compassionate?

But either he is mad at me bc my mother had gotten me listed for deliverance on sunday which has already been done and and hes still connected ik bc i dont feel completely free from our soul tie bondment

Imean his the only one i have ever cried over for 6 yrs bc i felt sorry for his condition and everything and to be defied for taking and making sacrifices for him and defined as a heatless soul its pretty fucking screwed
Its like he’s been pushing me towards the edge of the stick until i have nomore portion of it to hold on to and receive any kind of anything beneficial or that gives my stim or part of the stick purpouse

Seems like you should work on yourself for awhile. You might be projecting some of your fears/etc onto your relationship with your incubus. (This is a actual spirit incubus right?)

This might be worth checking out, I’m not saying a relationship isn’t the way/you can’t do it, but it seems to me that there’s alot of internal work that needs to be sorted out.

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Yes but by me getting delived being completely and utterly clenased and anewed by god like what was being practices and achieved meanwhile my deliverance i feel the only thing that is needing to be fixed his him bc there is just so much that hes done thst tops of the words Fucked UP! And another reason i say its him bc ive been truthful even in my faults to him by admitting them to him and telling everything about me ans my life before he came and my past …just the basics of a 6 yrs marriage
Not trying put myself in the holy spot bc like i said i done some stuff and said something that were not appealing to him …but i told him why and it bc i tired to nice than mean about what i felt was wrong in the relationship while he’s just scurrying through it all leaving alone to deal and process and make sense of it all!!!:hushed: ive learned that all he dose is do …do .do and not talk or explain why …ao i have to be left the puzzles all thr time

Trynna figure out his true motive
Now im not even sure his even tellimg me the when he he loved me and that was months ago :neutral_face:

Mmm there’s some stuff here.
Firstly, you must understand that as human relationships aren’t perfect, spiritual ones has it’s flawless too. Not for being an incubus/succubus/god/etc, would be all shine and flowers.
There’s also a post about it

Secondly and this is about your other post you mentioned here. After reading it i should say that it would be good communicating with Lilith to ask her if your lover is one of her children, because for what i read, it seems a bit parasitic (or maybe you should define more the limits of the relationship).

True and i will

Any spirit can be parasitic, including the Ubi. Good points though!

He even told me once to cut of his dick if i felt he did not have one and once o rejected that he tried to slice my wrist and i felt i would have won that argument either way lol
But his been changing alot environment and all everyetime isee him or contact him
I feel his brothers have to do with it bc their parasitic and perverting…ik thro experience

Yes, but there could be also a problem with the limits of the relationship they’re having. Any relationship should be for the better of both, friendship, marriage, etc.

And this sounds pretty dangerous. Incubus, human, demon, angel, in any case that is far away to a healthy limit. That’s why I’m saying it could be good contacting Lilith

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And another possible hint is that his commander is a yellow eyed demon which is a very highly dangerous demon
But yet hes eyes r black and than it is gray as well so he has two eyes colores so far snd grsy is lilith

I only know this bc i saw his comander in my vision …im a seeker lol so i see future …past and present things and the third one from that guys experience is what i had been thro with his dad snd brothers cuz he allowed them to not only sexual assault me but also try ti thro my family members even my 4 yr old brother for god sake

Well, yeah OP should probably look at whether this is a good relationship to be in. That isn’t the only red flag.

Whether anything happens is up to OPs willingness to act though. Good luck @Cassie_Blacksmith hope you look at the link I sent.

Maybe now is a good self reflection time, and then later you could give a relationship (spiritual) another go if you feel the desire to, and are ready. However this one has alot of MAJOR red flags. However what you do is up to you.


That’s why I’m saying, Incubus or other entity, he’s acting like a parasite. And tying o hurt you physically it’s a big red flag :worried:

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No just spiritually mostly but physical is rarely but still red flsg

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There shouldn’t be any occasions of any type of harm. Rarely is still too many times.


Right ans thats what ik

So considering all that, wouldn’t be better letting him leaves with that girl he says?


Okay lol i will
Cuz im sooo doone !
I have ven putting up with this shit for 6 yrs ans yet only make my already 15 yrs of my life worse …cuz lile i said i have trust issies and a very broken heart over it