Detecting LARPers

At least you’re honest and straightforward. :+1:


This thread is getting derailed. This whole anima/ animus thing, while interesting, is not the point.

@ngcreativity you tried to cause drama, which didn’t succeed. Now you’re throwing in stuff that is not helpful, and you know it. Why you felt attacked (although nobody was calling you out) and reacted in the way that you did is very …interesting. You seem to have either completely missed the point, or are trying to derail the thread for reasons of your own.

The point is:

People making threads (lots of them lately) about pink fluffy lovey dovey romantic ”relationships“ with spirits that

a) make these people sound like clueless, immature larpers

b) could seriously mislead newbies because of the extremely one-sided, unrealistic picture they paint, and also due to the fact that they simply do not - ever - express any kinds of warnings that you could either attract unwanted entities or end up talking to your own head all day

c) make serious spirit relationships of any kind seem like a total cakewalk and basically make the whole occult community look like a joke.

If you are unwilling or incapable of grasping the very clearly formulated intent and objective of this thread, then maybe you should just move on.

As someone who is married to a spirit, I can only wholeheartedly wish everyone who is in a spiritual relationship all the best. It is most beautiful in more ways than I could describe. But it has nothing to do with what these threads are portraying.

Edit to add: Nobody here, I believe, thinks that your relationship isn’t legit, or is trying to start a “witch hunt”. This says more about the mindset of those who feel attacked than that of the OP or me, or others. I don’t feel the need to put anyone down, I don’t care who you’re with, I have never tried to discredit anyone, but as someone with personal experience and as a regular, I and many others here, as is obvious, see themselves in a position to warn newbies against possible dangers, as well as call out blatant bullshit. There is no thought or experience- police here, and nobody here aims at putting down the newbies. Any and all constructive criticism is more than welcome afaic. Getting passive-aggressive, however, is not.


See, its beauty is at where you get bleed and cry for it.Its not even supposed to be a spirit but I wont go there further.

I have seen the legit ones always talked about how hard it is for them even if they love them and wont change it.

Other hand, you have this larper talking about how she got a spirit cock up her ass or how this dude got laid with 10 woman at same week.

It also got my attention that some people are only mad about sex part I talked about, while not caring about the others.


I think the problem with a lot of people talking about romantic or sexual relationships with a spirit, is the same problem a lot of people have with magick at large. They are taking something grander than the human, and interpreting the symbols and shorthands they use to comprehend the communication as immutable fact.

I think the point of “standing too close to the elephant” is a good one. People need to take a step back and detach a little.

I mean no hate by this


Yup , if someone wants to try to do that by all means they can , I think it’s a sure path to horrible mental side effects though


Constructively, it was for this reason I personally (in member-mode, not mod-mode) put the following 2 threads at the TOP of the “Unofficial Member Tutorials” topic a while back:

The animus/anima stuff really does belong in its own topic, and not on here, where it could be discussed more fully without derailment. :+1:


You do realize that we have a mod team if there’s people are running around and LARPing on the Forum, they are pretty good at what they do.

On a side note, @Lady_Eva , love the new avatar.


This happens with human relationships too, I wouldn’t peg it for an aura thing. It’s just a thing that happens with friends and more intimate relationships. People start to develop certain common personality ticks as they bond with one another. I guess it’s a mental thing?


, when a succubis energy merges with yours , you can take on their traits , and we are exclusively talking about spirit relationships here , yes as your energy fields are around someone for so long as in with Marriage you can start to take on similarities with them , but I experienced it when I had succubi and I found it documented a lot ,

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I read but the merging concept mentioned above i find is not the same as your aura “co-mingling” with another to be the same as literally merging and becoming one with your spouse as in them being part of you.

I could very well be misinterpreting but one means you go from two to one individual while the other is simply being in contact for so long you take on similar ticks from one another.


With the succubi , I do believe it’s the case , because if you are interacting with them for so many hours a day and they are feeding off your energy and sometimes it being symbiotic ,you can take on their traits , I believe succupedia even said it


She want trying to start anything but that I your own opinion I found what she posted very helpful


Never seen a larper truely having concerns about aura merging, taking traits of them or other things.

I, for one, doubt my succubae every day and keep them somewhat at distance, for that reason. But we are getting a bit off-topic…


I can agree it seems as if your with some one for a long time no matter spirit or not that you tend to adopt traits and kinda merge energy with that person…lol kinda reminds me of a thing that was said your dog can look like you or you can look like your dog…I don’t think I look like mine but I thought it would be funny to bring up


Seems as such

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There is a saying…
“Tell me who you’re hanging out with and I’ll tell you who you are”


There’s always the issue of not wanting to be the “reality police” which I think a lot of TL3 Regulars, who are member-moderators on here, want to avoid! :smiley:

I’ve done stuff that would defy many people’s belief systems, and seem things posted that seemed crazy to me for ages, until I later had the same experiences, or gnoses, etc., so I wouldn’t want to set myself up in that role.

Moderation is primarily about forum rules, and addressing behaviours which disrupt the forum, not choosing which beliefs or experiences are real and which are not; so, it falls more to people posting with their member/magician hats on to start addressing what may be real or valid, and what may be harmful or fabricated. :thinking:

I personally prefer to guide people towards good info (ref: the Member Tutorials I linked) than slap them away from things I think are silly, but that said, different approaches hit the spot for different people, and honestly I am concerned about the increasing emphasis on demons being the ideal mate, and the belief that opening your legs or whacking off to any passing entity makes you a supreme magician, without ever having to do anything else. That’s just laying out a welcome mat to parasites.

Just going to post this again for its sheer awesomeness:


My comments from yesterday still stands even if they’re larpers here what proof do you have granted you shown how to spot one but we have all posted things like that I have my own sex stories on here yes I do but I have no I ask a bunch of questions like many others like how do you get the proof needed to show who is ligit or not that’s what I was trying to get at yesterday and if you have proof what really can you do can you stop them? Kick them off the site no none of us can besides the mods here that’s their job not ours I find it easier to ignore or help show them the way to actually do these things not to cause them harm or drama screaming your a lier or I don’t believe so n so… Helping is what this site is about and if you feel this post is helpful so be it but I for one have yet to get the ligit answers I am looking for I’m not trying to dramatize your post as you think I’m seriously asking what can you do about it if you find a larper that is all…


I must say that former newbie me would have appreciated that post. When I started I believed EVERYTHING everybody and his aunt was telling me about their abilities and I must confess that I would have been at risk of falling victim to parasites or thoughtforms myself at some point if I wouldn’t have consequently disconnected myself from peeking over to what he or she is doing. I focused on myself and stopped comparing my workings and their outcomes to other folks stuff. At some point the self doubt was so strong that I even wanted to quit EVERYTHING that came with that art because I thought I would do something wrong. A kick in the teeth from a well trusted companion fixed that and a lot of other things in the long run.

Thanks to @anon84423462 and @Lux_Tenebris from past-me for this thread


Not sure stating who said it makes a difference but that kind of misses my point so nevermind.

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