What is the best thing you can give to a devil in exchange for sex?

I am afraid of seeing something :neutral_face:

I am very afraid to see someone in front of me or a cloud

Can I use my imagination?

Lol! Then don’t do it! They hate it when people are afraid

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Why do they hate when people are afraid? It is a natural thing

Fear is a natural thing as it is an instinct

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Imagine someone calling you but scared of you! And you get to feel everything about them. What they think of you. What their fears are. And multiple that with a sensitive nature! That’s how they are! People gets into this and because of their fears and lack of knowledge they either get lucky and get someone who understands them, or get nothing, or get an entity who leaves them with a horrible experience! Or even manifest their fears!
If you aren’t in the right state of mind don’t ask for a relationship! Especially from a spirit!
You need to be prepared for anything paranormal to happen to you and first and foremost you need to know how to protect yourself!


How can I protect myself, please?

You will have to do your research on that! There are many posts about protection ways! See what works with you! Also start with your meditation work!

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You scared me more! :sweat_smile:

Okey i will do thank you so much brother

you mean protecting myself from demons? What is the reason that will make them harm me

I am here for learning, I am looking for knowledge, fun and friends

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lol! Haven’t you read people’s posts about them being attacked and parasites and such?
Once you tap into the astral you never know what you’ll find! Sometimes its your own creations sometimes others! So keeping a guard up and shielding before you start anything will save you from traumatic time!
Its not from the spirit you make friends with but from others who would come to feed on you! Also if you call someone powerful you gain their respect when they see you powerful too!

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You could structure a thoughtform lover, that will avoid all the risks of demons completely, she may take on life of her own over time so be prepared to let her go when you no longer want to have fun with her.

How to structure

Get to the point where you can see her (in your mind’s eye) and feel she is the same each time, then make a new topic asking how to work more with a thoughtform being.

This is my opinion, not “advice” - it seems to avoid some of the pitfalls you are concerned about, and could be just as useful.


Lucifer may teach you how to do this, and can grant you succubi or incubi (or both) (or whatever gets you going really). He may also teach you other astral sex techniques that can be used for seduction magick (which people sometimes forget can be used with an existing partner), in case you ever want some 3d to go with your 2d.

However you go about doing this, you’ll benefit if you treat this sex magick similarly to other forms of magick. You could just let the sexual energy go wherever, but you could also use it for manifestation, just like with other forms of ritual magick.

Be wary of becoming obsessed, just as with any other sexual partner. The sensations that you can experience are very enjoyable, and it is not uncommon for people to refuse working with other spirits out of a sense of being disloyal. Sex magick is just as effective as any other magick, but if you feel that a spirit partner is becoming jealous, then that is either your fear being projected onto the spirit, or that the spirit is an imposter seeking to drain you of your energy while providing little in return.

You may find the book Adventures in Sex Magick by Damon Brand helpful as well. There is no demonic magick in the book, only angelic, but there are many ideas which can be applied to demonic sex work. Tantra would also be good to look into.

Nice waifu btw


Ok I just read more of this thread, so to answer another question, all you need for the actual experience is your imagination, though I would recommend that you be in bed, or wherever you’re feeling like doing it. I have woken up with a goddess in bed next to me who looked as real as any other woman (though real women tend not to have a light rain falling over them while in my bed), but I’m not sure if I was really awake or if it was still a dream.

Lucid dreaming would also be a good time for you. Go to any LD forum and you’ll find that people like to bang in their dreams quite a bit.



You came here, asked all about demons for sex and shit, and now you are scared? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Boy…


First, no demon or succubus is usually looking as in these sexy pictures you posted. They don’t even appear in dreams like this… at least, none (and I had many visiting) ever appeared like in these succubus drawings for me.

One once showed me her true form in a vision and from another I saw it in the astral, but they are different from how people portray them, in these sexualized and other everything-is-cute-these-days images…

What they want in exchange? Well, some would say, your SOUL :scream:! No, actually a lot would say that and believe so. I don’t know if that is true, but they surely are looking for energy. If other reasons exist, why a succubus may be interested in you, energy may be not the main “trade” for sex, but usually it will be.

But, before you progress, check out this thread:

From personal experience I can agree with many of these points and fyi, a succubus (or demon) lover does not mean “easier”.


Thank you very much for your advice