New question?!

I’m not completely be sure on how to put this to were it’ll make sense but here it is

I have a spirit companion that ,i’ve had ever Since I was young ,she is an succubus . she told. Me just recently but even though she told me that , she didn’t tell me nor explain to me about my Recent visions about her possible past lovers.
My visions would be from different time periods
I use to feel like these visions are of me and her from a past life but I don’t know .she doesn’t look like she wants to speak about even though 3 weeks ago she was on the verge to but she had to have some of my energy but either it was me that stop her because I may have woken up to soon or it was her.

Hmm…didn’t you just say in your introduction barely half an hour ago you have no experience in magick? :thinking:

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Oh …i had almost forgot to say but I had recent received a vision of some sort bout me doing a reading with a fortune seeker …and he told me to pick 3 golden balls for him to read but instead I jad choose four …so he kinda gotten made but anyways after that he read all of them but the 3 golden balls he read I don’t remember exactly what he had spoken but the fourth one he showed me was a vision of an heavenly angel with a sword in the left hand in defense toward someone or someone downward and with her right was a human man .

she had communicated with me through my dreams and subconscious.

Please read this:


And these vision come. From either her or my natural ability .

But an incubus is ??

And ur right the communication is quite the situational irony that most would not want to consider unlike myself …even in that case I still wish try to learn. About her .

Thanks .

Funny thing is I thought that I guys were fund of these beings lol but I guess that fondness is fading . or maybe u guys had some great experiences .

The male for of a succubus. My understanding is most can take either male or female forms, and the male form is referred to as incubus.

It’s more that so many associate succubus with lovers and sexual “usage” that it’s become a widely common and tiring thing to repeat that these beings don’t exist for male practitioners to escape having physical female interactions or to play with themselves in hopes that it’s a succubus knocking at their door to be their boo baby or harem members.


Now I wonder if we get as many problems with the female practitioners having this same misunderstanding…heck I barely even hear about the relationships if it’s not from a guy.

I don’t notice it like I do with all the guys in the forum.

No, rather than objectifying their spirit lovers, like men do, the female practitioners, particularly the young ones, romanticise them to the point where they call them “bae” and think they can do no wrong and get taken advantage of.


So two extremes then.

Honestly, for me personally I did get romantic more then I got sexual with my lover and didn’t go looking for her - heck if she hadn’t been apart of my life I probably wouldn’t have done a letter of intent. I have intamacy issues as it is so I’m an emotional guy more then lustful.

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Yep. Objectification on one side, and idealisation and romanticism on the other.


One is putting them on a pedestal and the other is objectifying them. You wonder why the spirits don’t just get tired and say f*** off and leave the douche? I don’t understand it. I would.

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Some do, actually, but it takes a lot to drive them away, so most are willing to stay and help even if they are treated poorly because of their emotional attachment.

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I think the other issue is that people don’t realize the level of responsibility it takes to have any type of spiritual relationship. It takes real work on both sides to keep it a balanced and mutually beneficial relationship.

If I had to guess, most guys probably think that theyre “succubi lovers” are more like sexual objects then a real being that might want an actual relationship - they don’t put in the effort unless it involves sex. And then you get all the “help me” threads because of reasons like this.

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That sucks… That’s not right. That’s the spirit being used and their emotional sensitive state being taken advantage of.

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