Help! Many questions regarding attracting women

Hi there. Thanks for the response. I was reading your forum yesterday and I’m surely in love with Luna already and co incidentally see you again replying to me haha. My goal would be to achieve a powerful magnetic aura which would spike sexual attraction in women around me or my type of women to narrow it down. I think I should read the book you suggested. Can you please tell me where would I get it ?


Amazon for print or ebook is probably the best source :slight_smile: Gallery of magick has a pretty tight leash on their books, so maybe Barnes and noble, and I read it through an online library, but that’s about it for these authors, that I can think of off the top of my head.


type in Prophet666 and vashkiaran

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Evoke ladilock this is her description and if you need her sigil message me.
“ Ladilok views mortal women as slaves and as
playthings for spirits and men both. It is therefore her
pleasure to enslave any woman on the behalf of the
Sorcerer, to do with as he commands. She will ensnare the
thoughts and deepest feelings of any woman desired with
incredible ease”


Just be careful when working with her as you could develop a sex addiction and start taking on some of her attributes.

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My advice is don’t listen to women telling you want they want, MOST (not all) are utterly out of touch with themselves, and say they want a thoughtful, caring, good listener, then they actually prefer the opposite, and break the other guy’s heart.

Just look on here: most women who shag demons go for the most badass beings they can find, there has never ONCE even been a thread about “How I Made My Gentlemanly Good-Listener Servitor For Occasional Sex & Footrubs” ffs.

Instead it’s all “how do i fuck belial and get to be his bitch” type posts. :laughing:

Also, these:

Run this search :point_right: women @Uncle-Al and you’ll for sure see some interesting, useful, and hilarious stuff (some of which cuts a little close to the bone :laughing:).

You might want to watch the “obsession” part though, women can be as vicious as men when obsessed, trust me on that one. :wink:


That’s quite a lot you’re asking for. I don’t know you, how you look, what you’re like, and what your habits and lifestyle is. Or how skilled you are.

Magick works by putting fate in your favor. It’s sort of like rerolling the dice in a game. But it needs realistic circumstances to work with. Magick cannot work if you don’t put effort in creating those circumstances. And with attraction, you won’t attract every woman because you won’t be every woman’s type.

If you do manage to arouse every woman in the manner in which you do, you either have to be pretty powerful as a magician, or you’ll be dealing with some unwanted consequences. First off, you might be attracting women you don’t want. Second, what exactly will these women be willing to do?

Men and women have relatively different psychologies. So, they’re attracted to different things. What you should do is have a spirit help you understand the female mind. Then you have a spirit help create the circumstances and personality to attract women.

I’m assuming you’re male identifying. If not, then take my words with a grain of salt. Unfortunately it’s easier for an average woman to attract men than for an average man to attract women. At least that’s what I believe.


Who needs real women when you can get a succubus who only exists to bask in your presence, who never had a life prior to being given to you by Lilith and therefore never leaves your side o.o


Just in case anyone actually thinks “yeah that makes sense” lol:


Thanks for the response. So what if I just want a powerful magnetic aura which will spike sexual attraction in desired or multiple women? Who should I exactly ask help for ?

Hey man thanks for the response. I still need some clarity. Everyone is describing different entities. Someone said King Asmodeus, someone said Sargatanas, someone said Sitri, you suggested Ladilok. Who exactly would be perfect for me?

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Asmodeus or Ladilock for sure

I’ve never worked with Lilith. Can you actually get her to give you a succubus?

I mean if the succubus actually wants to get to know you lol, she can only introduce, can’t force them.

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That’s because we all work with different entities and have different experiences. I would personally recommend an entirely different race of spirits (angels and or djinn), if the book I mentioned above didn’t already have a really simple effective beginner friendly for effecting your aura, because I find the demons to do better with a specific target in this area than they do with general, which is why so many people are saying it’s a tall order and a lot of the people in this thread (not all) only work with demons, and haven’t experienced the things I have with other types of spirits.

They are giving you their best recommendation, there is A best recommendation, because we don’t all operate the same way and some of work with many types of spirits and others don’t, so we don’t share experiences for them to draw more data from.

Honestly try it yourself u have choices, lets magic sjine. But first use a goid cleaning bath of spiritual Herb’s.

Hey there @Dylan3699 Please don’t forget to answer my questions on your introduction. You haven’t provided some of the required information for a complete introduction as you have told us nothing about any experience you might have.

At last, Uncle Al provides left-hand path practitioners with their own streetwise grimoire. Old Uncle Al really serves up the goods in this; his riveting, kick-to-the-guts masterwork. Replete with dark insights, grimacing observations, practical hints, workable exercises, no-holes-barred sexism and forthright filth; Old Uncle Al’s Nasty Grimoire is a must have. Covers banishing (over and over again), how to achieve individual divinity in the bathroom, getting your ex back, the champagne and caviar mysteries, devotionals, chanting, baneful workings and so much more - whilst Al pulls no punches on Crowley, Spare, LaVey, Aquino, Carroll; plus three Appendices devoted to Aeonics.

This is a pour yourself a long drink, kick off your shoes and laugh till you vomit book. Especially suitable for incredibly young children. Children’s edition comes with a “My First Grimoire Dedication” page. Makes a stand-alone, never to be forgotten, pulls-no-punches gift for Xmas, birthdays, holidays and special occasions.

“A sophisticated presentation of modern-day Satanism. Unlike anything else. Ever!”

The man on the Clapham omnibus

“Beautifully practical and joyously perverted, Old Uncle Al’s Nasty Grimoire is for connoisseurs of Magickal shortcuts and toilet wall philosophers. Something for everyone.”

Horace & Boris Morris – a couple of lads from the local



I would actually pay for this

Some themes in this thread are a specialty of mine, especially the soulwork stuff

I might have a reputation here for some more intense sounding hedonism yet it’s all in context of the greater picture

That picture matters beyond what you may consider

I’ve had a grand total of 4 one night stands in my entire adult life since it’s just pointless fucking with no connection. What most people want is a ton of options so they can experience being a sex god and then end up with a girlfriend.

Every guy wants to feel like a sex god. It’s amazing giving that sort of gift to a woman by being that attractive and good in bed. What I’ve learned though is you can’t do that with a closed emotional drawbridge. You’ve gotta soul dive with her to really go there

Psychological stimulation beats physical stimulation any day of the week for women. You can get a woman off just by kissing her if she’s in the right place energetically

The big thing that helped me was getting on my path and purpose. My life mission.

“My life and my love for it will always be greater than any woman can be for me.” Is a reality for me. It’s what they sense when they’re with me and it doesn’t take any “game” or technique to do. Just have something huge you’re getting out of bed for

A man needs sex and money to feel right. They’re the tires to the proverbial motorcycle. Lose one and you can’t even push it out of the driveway. Handle both and it’s easy to get where you want to be.

Asmodai is amazing at getting you laid. Sitri too. Zepar will get it done in spades yet it’s a Pandora’s Box regarding what we are as humans and you won’t ever see women the same way ever again if you learn his gnosis. You’ll be called an incel a lot for voicing it, even if you just slept with someone who ended up being married. You’ll see

I like to slut around and I truly enjoy it. It’s wild fun making a sweet girl feel that good and that energy can bring a lot of satisfaction to your life. Pump and dump is lame though so if anything try on getting 3 friends with benefits you’re open and up front with

Once you have two women something magical happens. Without trying you’ll have opportunities open up left and right and they’ll just keep coming (pun intended?). They can smell it on your aura or something as it’s feast or famine in the weirdest way

Just make sure you have something else much higher to aim past or else this will capsize on you in some way. Enjoy the fun, deeply. But also consider that you’re probably called to it because women are the ultimate touchstone for getting your life together

This journey forces all issues to the top, front and center

You can’t hang unless you come to grips with your appearance, confidence, social freedom, your body, your house, how clean your place is, how long you last in bed, how tall you are, for girlfriends how much money you make, and any depression or anxiety you might have. A million other things come up. This lifestyle makes you deal with it all.

Don’t confuse the top 10% with the top 0.01 percent but you need to be at peace with all these things to your own standards or else you’ll get in your head and shut it down somehow through a ton of ways.

You don’t need to be an objective winner. Girls love bad decisions and drug dealers get laid all the time. You just need to handle your own perceptions of yourself.

Sex is amazing, but anyone who really goes from invisible to this level knows it’s not about the girls. It’s about you.

Drop me a line if you feel like it