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Hello. I am a 66 year old male I want to learn magic. I want to summon a sucubbus or have her find me a lover. Am married and horny a lot. wife is useless at sex. Have made out with some women outside of marriage but no sex. Hope to find a demon that will help me in this area. I have been a christian all my wife,but now i see how it just did not work. I fap almost every day in our spare bedroom upstairs. She has no idea I do it. LOL


Greetings, good to have a more mature member on here! :smiley:

Take a look at this post, the member who posted has many year’s experience working with his own spirit wives:

Do also be aware there may be downsides to some spiritual relationships:

It could be possible to form a longer-term relationship with a known goddess as well, succubi (spirits under Lilith) are not the only option. :slight_smile:

More general info here:


I have called on Goddess Aphrodite but no results. Bastet treats me good.


Bastet is great! :+1:

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I have a face picture of her in a 8x10 frame and I kiss it, hug it and praise her.