Succubi Honest Opinion : Not Your Perfect Love [Update 3]

Peeing blood? OUCH!

Every one’s experience is different then others I don’t have any of those but I’m with a demon and haven’t experienced any negative anything

I would say that a lot get carried away because of someone sharing the positive experiences, while on the other side of the fence reading all the horror stories about succubus and incubus entities. The positives often outweight the negatives, hence some people chose to try it anyway. Some of them succeed moderately, some fails and few even exceed their own expectations. There’s no guarantee in anything when it comes to success and sometimes we have to wing it and see what happens.

I think it also depends on your personality in some aspects when it comes to the succubus and the incubus and how you chose to deal with their presence. And their own personality should match yours, at least to an extent that they understand your world view, how you behave in groups of other people, your goals in life, your ethics and morals or lack there of. They like and appreciate dedication, for sure, but they also have as much dedication for you as you have for them.

I think, like with most relationships, that dedication and partial removal of the ego is the key for success, but it seems to be taboo to have that in the black magic community because it mostly about egoism these days. Egoism might be a key factor in most cases of black magic, but it seldom works if you want a serious relationship with these kind of spirits.


I see so many chicks married to another sucubi or spirit whatever and also married to a human flesh too
So its cheating eh? :grin:


(Just joking xD)

And that lot is mostly teenagers, young adults and enthusiasts. Respectfully, It is all about courage and bravery to take risky decisions. However, for those who are in knowledge and aware of its positives and negatives, for them it’s different.

No guarantee for success in science stuff and not in this aspect . You don’t try and experiment in these beings if you really respect them. Emotional beings are what they are, you don’t take them as temporary lovers to enjoy a bit then if the relationship failed you throw them away. You won because you take a slice of the cake because it’s at your finger tips whenever you want, but for the other being, it suffered a lot and rejected. Think about the same experience applied to us humans. That is truly a devastating amount of emotional pain, especially for females and especially after intimating sexually.

Because many have failed to get a girlfriend/boyfriend or they just don’t like what humans are in aspects such as emotional reactions and urgent decisions,
or because they were rejected by their own lovers, they escape from reality and go to experiment in such beings.

No offense, but that is what it is for us.

Just to put a fly in the ointment. Has anyone done statistics? What else is there besides positive results? (I know about the 5% rule and that there are always losses). But you yourself understand that if there are bad results, then something is “unclean”. Of course, many have good results, but who will share their bad experiences with others? Another question, and if a person completely with the whole soul of a succubus and then after her departure receives apathy and depression, is this also normal? Everyone here talks about the feelings of the succubi, but no one talks about the feelings of people who are “lucky” (in the bad sense of the word), You simply refuse to admit that with these spirits there is not only good but also bad. You can say that these are isolated cases and that “we are just not like that,” then why are we worse than you? What ask about me? I myself drove her out so as not to suffer because of the belief that on her part there was no love for me (later it was even worse without her, but that’s another story), I know people who got such results with a succubus in 2 months, which are my 5 months after the call, just nothing or I know another person (he sits on this forum if he wants to talk about his negative experiences) with my problem that he devoted his fantasies to 2 years of his life and paid for it. There is no need to talk only about positive results when there are negative ones.

Another good point i’d like to make is mental and emotional state. I still believe people with mental illness should reconsider or really think hard about this choice. You’re already suffering mentally and these types of relationships can take a huge mental and emotional toll on you if it goes bad.


Knew a guy who was absolutely ruled by his succubus. Poor guy was forced to be in bed with her for most of the time. Personally, I thought he should have stood his grown and told her no or at least make some form of compromise.

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Once I told my spirit wife I’d get a body pillow, said she’d burn it if I cuddled with it instead of her.


Updated at OP’s request to add a 10th point, also copied below here for those who read the first post:

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I completely agree with you. :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:

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Is the partner capable of making love fairly complete but not necessarily perfect?
It’s your view of it. This isn’t about female or male, it’s about true love that has all basic elements like strong deep communication, it’s the core of every relationship.

Updated with #12 as OP requested:

12. Energy Obsession and Parasitic Behavior

Succubi and Incubi are individuals, for sure. However, they have a common nature. They can get obsessed/addictive with your energy if you let them go wild. If you don’t have strong will, they will be able to have a great control over you. They have already analysed you physically and mentally over the period of the relationship. They know the weakness and the strength. They are intelligent.

If you give them too much freedom and very little discipline, it’s likely that they will target feeding your energy, simply because it’s a source of food and pleasure for them. They can suck your energy, for 12 continuous hours without getting bored at all, it’s simply a nature. Giving them too much energy will change them. They will become much stronger, you won’t be able to resist their urges as it will become relentless. They will vibrate energy every inch of your body to seduce you into them.

If you allowed them to get all what they want all the time, they will develop kinks and parasitic behavior, they will get obsessed with your energy, wanting it all the time and frequently asking you to give them energy.


I enjoy having succubi, as spirit guides, and spiritual lovers, as I have a harem of succubi living my household, as I currently have three succubus sigils in picture fames hanging in my house, and one days soon have more.

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With #12 Energy obsession and parasitic behavior:

What are some ways of disciplining a Succubi/Inccubi or other spirits that have been with you for a very long time?

I would like to share that my experiances run the gambit from horrific to glorious and I know that this has all been for the sake of gaining knowledge. I would like to not be tired so much and be less passive in this than I have been lately.


I agree with this, I think many people forget these beings have lives outside of them, they can’t really just live on the energetic layer of our physical plane for their entire lives. there’s really nothing there for them, they can’t really interact with the world around them.

I find a lot of thirsty succubus wanting dudes tend to not see this either because they’re deluded by the fact they have “spiritual boo thangs” or they simply confuse the succubus energy lingering for them actually being there.

I doubt they’d choose to uproot themselves from their homes and family simply to live on that layer of the physical simply for the guy (or girl) who bonds with them, even guides and spiritual family come and go.

These beings have lives to live, jobs to do, and family lol. If they’re there 24/7 it’s quite possible that they’re not what you think. Though I don’t think it’s a quick hit it and quit it if it’s a deep bond but it’s most likely not a uproot and stay by your side forever literally.


I always thought they could just be in multiple places at once.


wow so truth

They only have one body, but while capable of bi-location just like us, it costs energy

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fair nuff