New and desperate as fuck - (Evoking Sallos)

so i’m not really sure how to put this- i can’t say that i’m new to magick, but i’m not sure how to go about evoking a demon, specifically sallos. i’ve attempted before. I almost know that I’m not doing enough by just having his sigil and meditating, it just doesn’t feel right to me. I feel like it’s pretty unclear as to what i’m supposed to do. And i’m pretty fucking desperate for results - like I’d probably die for them holy shit. I’ve tried to speak to Gremory as well but I was just confused. Anything that I should be doing?
also i feel like i should add that i’m not exactly sure how to ask for what i’m wanting - how am i supposed to make this clear?


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thank you

So, is this about love gone wrong?


I would say so, or just a sudden disinterest from the other person

Try evoking their Higher Self, imagine yourself in a temple space and see a light form on the ceiling of that space, call “Higher Self of (their name) appear before me” 3 times in your mind, visualise them come down from the ceiling as a wiser, calmer, more generally advanced version of themselves.

First, thank them for coming and make a case for why your relationship needs to work, present this with passion and clarity as though you are appealing in a court of law for something. Don’t beg or plead if you can avoid it, and do not under any circumstances attempt to bind, compel, threaten, or moral-blackmail the Higher Self of the person.

After doing this, ask them questions, keep it to not more than 5 or 7, and you can open your eyes breifly to check a list written out, ask for example:

  • can this be fixed?

  • is it in the best interests of both of you for this to work out?

  • what actions should you take, or not take, to help things?

And so on.

This is a kind of fusion of methods from both shamanic healing work and simple magickal evocation. I think going by what people post here, this is a better Step 1 than trying to use demonic evocation/contact, but this is JMO and I am not insisting you do it, nor will I be offedned if you prefer not to. :smiley:

You may also want to check this topic:


thank you, i will try again with this in mind. i’'m assuming i don’t have to have too loud of a voice when speaking? i don’t live alone.

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No, you can use your internal voice, no need to speak out loud. :+1:


Speaking from experience, if your target needs spells to be interested it´s probably too much hard work to be worth it. I´d recommend (evocation wise) follow EA Koetting´s method, as it´s sureand simple. No need for fancy stuff.

Second, clear your mind- if you are not sure of what your will is, you can´t give commands. Write down petitions until you are pleased and only then proceed to evoke whoever.

Third and more important, regardless of what spells you do targeting that specific person, work general seduction spells to make yourself more attractive and atract new suitors like flies. It´s always nice to have options, it takes away desperation and lust for results and nothing keeps a lover interested as much as knowing he/she might lose you. And who knows, you might find someone who is even better and realize you didn´t want that person that much in the first place (hence your current doubt about what to ask for).


What’s the effect this is meant to have?

Edit: I assume by evoking their higher self, you’re kinda speaking to them on a subconscious level that would return to them with your influence, right?


Just out of curiosity, what’s likely to happen if this were attempted? :thinking:

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Probably an ass-kicking of escalating bad luck and general shittiness, as a minimum. People I know who tried to fuck with HS’s or HGA’s usually bragged about how they could get away with it, right until the storm hit them.

Yes, kind of asking their guiding sentience to influence the more obstructed manifest aspect.


Desperation is often counter-productive. Don’t put any “performance pressure” on yourself. Ritual work is meant to bridge the gap between physical/ego consciousness and higher consciousness not produce specific results. The whole point of ritual is the feeling of relief or satisfaction it provides from exhausting the desire through the symbolic action of ritual. The feeling is the secret.

Now, if it doesn’t feel right. Just keep repeating the ritual without emotional strain until you feel bored or satisfied. If you feel you must “enhance” it, then maybe throw in some more astrological, colour, geometrical/numeric and other (e.g. incense) correspondences. Just be careful not to start chasing ritual paraphernalia because they are only symbolic.


I just tried this and started hearing a buzzing while feeling heat pour out of my ear
I believe we had an interesting conversation and I was told to wait for a sign :slight_smile:

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Money and love.
These two things accupy 90% problems of humans from the first eons and it’s a neverending story.


Have you ever contacted someone’s higher self?

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Not to presume to answer for the lovely Lady, but yes, she has mentioned a few times on the forum that she does so in her healing and shamanic work.

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Thank you friend, have you tried it before?

No, I have not done so myself yet.

Yes, not something to do lightly, but if a situation is desperate or you need the most ethical approach to something, this is great for that. :+1: