How to train your legion

So the Legion is good for not only aiding in apparent dreamwalking but also general out of body experiences altogether. I’ve had mine remind me and nudge me back on track whenever I’d get distracted in meditation or hazy on a goal because Ive been going too deep too fast. Simple telepathic messages such as ‘relax’ ‘breathe’ ‘you’re trying too hard’ and ‘just do it’, along with gentle reminders of my goals have been very helpful.

I’ve used them to acquire information about a friend, and journey to his location, for example. With the friend confirming the information I saw. Some of it was personal inner thoughts and memories that he’d never told anyone. So win.

Mind you, I am still not good enough to achieve that Omnipresence a lot of the advanced practitioners talk about on here, but I am making strides and steps towards my own goals and increasing my success rates of my journeys in general.


@anon84896414, this post is for you, I think.

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Qayos hasn’t been on here since March 2nd if you check his page Hope he’s okay :ok_hand:


Someone posted a review on his website yesterday, so apparently he’s still doing stuff somewhere. Not sure what’s happened to him.

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The guy prolly is busy making a living. Since what he’s doing for us in the forum is out of his generosity.

Or he might come back and have all the batches ready to go. :rofl:


Don’t forget, guys, there is a pandemic going on across the world. Building the rest of the legions may not exactly be @Qayos’ priority right now.


He’s already got backup regarding that.
Besides, that pandemy has been conjured by magick,
and the spirits of several realms are actively protecting those associated with the various lodges,
as well as Balg.




while i’d truly enjoy to receive a legion as a gift, i’m even more interested in the actual knowledge of it.
Can somebody pls dm me how to create legions and how to creat them to be self-sustaining and to " if they were compromised by an attacker to turn against you- they’d self destruct entirely, erase every trace of themselves, and then reconstruct ‘from nothing’ with the added immunity to whatever the attacker was/used, and a bone to pick with them!"??
Knowing that would make really good to my mental space.
U can sugest me some book with these topics if you want or just give me examples of how to do it.


I understand that there is a pandemic.
I understand that Qayos is busy.
I understand that Qayos has to make a living first.
I understand that I should be grateful.
I understand that Qayos is a very nice person.
I understand that Qayos is a God in this forum for giving away such cool stuff.
I understand that…

(please tell me if there is something more I should add to this list. I just want to make things clear so everyone knows that I am not a 5years old, arrogant, stupid, self-serving piece of shit.)

If need be, i will put this on my profile description as well so it is available for the public more easily.

People have been repeating the above things to me for a while. Everytime I say something about the legions, I see people jump on me.



I think this will help you understand some of those properties.

this topic currently stretches over several Different Topics,
due to the nature of it and the engagement of several hundred magicians,
several Quadrillions of Spirits being created / brought into service currently.
( Sorcerers x Legions.)

As you’ve described, there is various abilities that Quayos and the already created Legions has explained and pointed out.

Most of those properties simply make sense,
for this kind of mass creation he’s doing.

Self-Sustaining: They feed on the Tasks and their Targets, not their Master. A Simple Mechanism, and mostly based on the following: You aren’t creating the Spirits yourself. You’re just getting them bound to you, and their Loyalty is bound towards you as their Master. But you never made them, you never placed Energy from your own Soul into the Legion.

Self-Rebirthing: For Human understanding this seems unlogical. For Spirit, it isn’t at all. They’re simply spawned again, from the Void, the Abyss, when they’re defeated. Them gaining Immunity against what last killed them, totally makes sense, since it prevents them from being stuck in a rebirth loop, wherte they go back to battle, die, back to battle, death, back to battle, infinitely until released from the task. It’s a failsave, for their Rebirth Mechanism.

Referencing Material for learning the general Skill of Servator Creation:

If Reading is to exhaustive or doesn’t yield the Experience understanding along with it, you may watch video Explanations instead or on top of the Readables.

  • Notice: Quayos clearly stated that he Uses Energy from Sigils (from other realms and Beings), to create such vast amounts of Spirits as has been requested.
    He’s being supported in his work by several Nethers and Gods as far as i’ve seen. (Including me).

Therefore, those Legions created by him for the Requested Legions, are independent of his Sould and Soul Energies aswell, just like i described above about being created from you or just given to you. The Serviators are fromed from Energies independant of the Mages that get them, or their Creator. They get programmed to have certain abilities and skillsets, as a base frame and then for what type of spirit was requested specifically.

But in Total, the Process still isn’t such different from the normal creation process. It’s both a matter of practice and confidence, aswell as this overall serves bigger purposes.

Since having More Legions and people in charge of Legions,
results in a complete increase of Spirits and Spiritual Force for the Infernal Empire and the Other Empires which also work along with it.

The Loyalty towards the specific Mage, is still an unbreakable spell, and they are bound to the Mage for Eternity, as was explained before.

I simply tried to help you the corner aspect stuff you’ve asked about, dear SeekerOfTheTruth (SOTT). ;()

On Balg Material about Serviator creation:




Thanks so much bro for this. :+1:t3:


maybe i should’ve specified that i’m not a complete noob on the subject. I’ve a few servitors of my own creation. My interest was on how to make legion/armies of servitors (a bunch of servitors at once) and how to make them self-sustaining and so on. My servirtors have been created one by one and they mostly rely on me to feed them. If i had being more specific maybe your answer could’ve been shorter and more specific also. So my bad.
I’d already seeing most of the links (from outside of the forum) and vids you shared but i’ll check the books some of them had as reference and some of the in-forum links that seen knew to me.

You mention about “Quayos clearly stated that he Uses Energy from Sigils (from other realms and Beings), to create such vast amounts of Spirits as has been requested”" THAT… how does he do that? I had someone mentioning something similar before. That Beelzebub had thought him how to make “a circuit” with both light and dark to balance the servitor… I totally get balancing with light and dark but HOW to do the said “circuit” (or what it would even look like), i’ve no idea.
And here you tell me about the notion of harnessing energies from other realms to make a bigger amount of spirits at once… which i suppose is similar to the circuit idea… and i totally get WHY to do that… But the HOW part is that is that i still dont know.
Like, do i just put a bunch of known spirits’ sigils around the circle where i will draw/trace the sigil of the servitor/legion i’m trying to create (in accordance with the characteristics of spirit/legion i’m trying to create) so they use those other (known) sigils as a doorways to those known spirtis energies and realms? Do i need to open/activate every sigil that i place around?? Do i need to call on every one of those spirits and formally ask them to feed (or allow the servitors to feed on) their energies into the circle/sigil of spirits i’m creating… am i completely off??
If there was an example of that somewhere… that’s the type of knowledge i’m looking for.
I’ll check the books and the in-forum topics tho. So thanks for those.


By means of copy core can work or giving them a pseudo energy system, or even programming them to take in a specific energy source.

Now to make a legion have one or more learn to multiple themselves.


Still waiting on my legion. I hope Qayos didn’t forget me


Not Entirely. But maybe a PM to Qayos would have suited it more easily.

I know that you are expierienced,
the main reason for me to go into that extend was preventing the question from being re-asked several times, since there’s more than a hundred Mages involved with this.

My Personal Legions were mainly created from taking over Enemies,
throughout a long period of time.

However, the exact method Qayos uses isn’t clear to me.
What i do know,
is he’s professioned on Servitor Creation,
and i think he initially intended it to be a practice run to hone out a (new?) skill.

i think the best Answer will come from him.

I already PMed him after writing my response,
to get his attention to the question and offer him an opportunity to correct me where need may be.

Ugh, yaah, you don’t go easy on me here.

So okay.

Take a Ball of Void Energy into your left hand (you can draw it from the Abyss, Choronzons Sigil will work for that.)
Take a Ball of Light Energy into your right hand. (Sorath Sigil will work for that)
Fuse them together into one single new Ball, and hold that one in front of you,
between your hands.

Imbue your Sigil on top of it,

  • not into the Ball, but ontop of it -
    to establish spiritual presence towards it,
    and also create loyalty of that which you create from that Energy later on.

The Ball should be polymorphing in front of you,
that’s your “circuit”.

Once you have the Energy Circuit (the Polymorphing Ball) in front of you,
you Create ! ONE ! Spirit from it,
and give it the attribute of Self Multiplication into the target number (for Making a Legion that’s ~ 2000*2000= So for a Legion that Number is:

The Spirit will create The Energy Necessary for Spawning the rest of the Legion,
the missing 5 Million, 253 thousand and 105 Spirits out of itself.

The Rest of the Spirits will all wear the same name and Attributes as the first one.
The first creates spirit will be the natural leader of them, your Nether, your Advisor from that Legion.
The Legion will be Sustained through the Energy from the Circuit,
or their tasks and enemies.

What you can do,
is talk to Belzebub about it before doing your first attempt,
and get his confirmation about my information given here.

But i think that’s pretty much how it works.

Qayos mentioned that his Legions are Based on the Same Name,
unless specified differently.

Specific Names can be given,
after the creation,
or you can give a Set of Names into the Ball when starting the Creation.

But in general, they’re created by Cloning.

I personally gave one of my advisors the command to feed the Rest of my Army,
so basically the Legion of Camelyon is feeding and supplying my other Legions, of Storax, Caberyon, Severion and Sev’iliion.

But that’s just how i have mine running.
And again,
mine weren’t created the way Qayos does the requested Legions.

My Legions were already bound to me,
when i worked into who i actually am,
but i still had to call them to me,
in order to actually have them responding to me and be able to work with them again.

I suggest you look up Medicinal Cloning or Compure game glitch duplication in case you need a firmer idea of how to do the multiplication,
because the explenations i can give on that would sound pretty cryptic in human language.

I can however tell you that it is a-casual,
and while it seems to break the laws of physics,
it is actually an integral aspect of nature.

Bacteria and Viruses have Cloning ability,
those could yield good examples for getting the mechanism down.

And… - just to say it,
sorry for using the other language:

Kriash, kav lum nok sutzuta, vel chema ak soni, zev navi cal chatu pat.
Nov revi sek nokul oro, ved lita jad kavu elek mar siney.
Niv letu chenta:
Kuv, nevili,
zek kollu, ita jej.
Ne’ iri vad lato.
Dav ganari,
sok novi, kal iriney,
jud kavo kul kollum.

Zu nevi, kal chakara zed nevi kel.
Izak por kunom.


Bel Oberyon


hehehehe. Thank you so much.
THAT… that;s the type of knowledge i’ve trying to mind form this forum for a little while now.
Oh blessed be. I think you’ve helped me tremendously. I’ll save this post in txt file for later study.
haha, love you.


Hiya everybody!

Sorry for the delays. I had a massive increase in work, followed by a lot of things that needed to get done for pandemic response purposes.

All batches are still happening- please bare with me as I try to sort things out, I came back to 50 PMs! :slight_smile:


This should be everyone’s priority right now, mate.

Hope you’re well.


Thank you! I hope you guys are well too. :slight_smile: