My servitors

Inkari is an angel of finances. He specializes in stocks/ anything with high potential. He can also be called for other financial things like jobs and getting a few dollars. He mainly specializes in raising values for things.

Inkari will make your investment prices go all the way up. Invest into something and call upon Inkari to manipulate the market to raise your investment high
ENN: i latou mai le susu


Angel name: Sarinha

Angel Enn: Joyeux anniversaire brayden

Sarinha is a very powerful angel of money and abundance. She watches her companions all day and opens up new doors of wealth for them. She will always help anyone who works with her and friends of those who work with her. She also provides protection for the conjurer and others who they call her protection on.


Angel name: la llibertat dĂłna

Angel Enn: dos en un miliĂł

la llibertat dĂłna is the giver of freedom. Freedom is what she holds most important in her mind. She can free you of any evil bindings of spirits to your aura. She can also grant you freedom from any type of disaster. She can help to grant you freedom from poverty and any other type of situation that you would like to get out of.


Angel name: animo

Angel enn: officium tertio situs

animo is a mind manipulator. He works tirelessly to bring about any type of change into our realm. He manipulates the minds of those who hear about anything into complete support of their cause.

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Angel name: Lunasha

Angel Enn: wow pingue

Lunasha is the angel of lucid dreams and chakra openings. Lunasha can open a person’s third eye quickly. She has knowledge of each chakra and has crafted ways of opening them with less work of the practitioner. She can also send you into a theta - gamma trance state easily.


Angel name: ignis vir

Angel Enn: cum scirem

Ignis Vir is the angel of tools and mechanics. He can tell you all that you need to know about any tool. He can tell you how a specific piece of furniture was crafted. He can tell you if something is broken. He can also aid you on how to fix it. He often visits people who are great at fixing and building things. He has read the akashic records and knows about every type of material available in our dimension of existence.

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Angel name: Famelan
Angel Enn: duo picture tabulae erunt

Famelan is the angel of fame and rumor. She can make your videos/posts go viral. She can help anyone get famous provided they do their part. She has knowledge of all media from many different planes/realities.

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Angel name: medicus libe

Angel Enn: duo Reeds

medicus libe is a healer. He is a master of medicine.

He reads the akashic records and can tell about every healing method ever used. He can impart any medical knowledge you wish to know. He knows all medical knowledge from all realms.
He can heal any disease, and specializes in cancer.

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He is a death spirit. Call upon him and he will “reap a soul” He will peacefully take a soul out of a body permanently.


Walker will let you walk out of any pain. Emotional or physical does not matter. He will end a person’s suffering.


Months ago, i evoked Lucifer to give these beings more power and energy. So I guess you could say, they are my energy and king Lucifer’s energy.


I want to give a quick PSA about this thread for the beginners among us:

Please be VERY careful about calling upon servitors created by someone else and posted to the public forum.

Nothing against the OP but we have, in the past, had people create servitors and offer them to the forum that were designed to feed on, and in one case, astrally rape, those that used them.

Unless you are experienced, and familiar with banishing techniques, my advice is not to use any spirit created by someone you don’t know, or who doesn’t have a proven track record on this forum.

End of PSA.


Not meant to hurt anyone, but good reminder


Why would you want to share your servitors in a public forum? I think you should keep them to yourself… even if your intentions are good. Anyway, @DarkestKnight gave a good warning so that should be enough.


The more people use it, the more awareness it gets, the more powerful it becomes.
Servitor to Egregore


Public servitor use was pretty popular 15-20 years ago or so. If I remember correctly the Chaos Magic section of Occult Forums (?) had what amounted to a pantheon of servitors. The one that stands out being a green pig called Bling Bling who you could summon for money.

If enough people use a servitor they are more likely to remain stable and not go rogue, as well as strengthening them and their potency.


This is something I wanted to do, have people use each other’s servitors and form a kind of of pantheon around them and help one another.


this guy here? LOL


To live is to risk it all, otherwise you’re just an inert chunk of randomly assembled molecules drifting wherever the universe blows you.

Im not telling people not to be careful or anything but gain knowledge.

Do you have a secret to creating a servitor. I had some things happen where i found out my servitors were not real but i did get some good templates.