Making angel servitors with demons

My mom has angel statues around the house. She’s named them all. I’d like to use these beautiful statues to bring them to life officially to serve me rather than just having names for them like her. I want them to serve me and only me and not her. I’ve made a servitor with azazel and Lucifuge, but these are angels. Will it matter if they’re angels? Or will my demonic help me create them regardless? Also I think maybe calling Lucifer or abbadon might help as they possess a bit on angelic power to them.

Also would it matter that’s mom already has names for them? I would like to take control over them.

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They’re just statues, regardless of what the image is. You could put an angel in a demon statue and a demon in an angel statue with no problems, provided the statues are not already consecrated or used on altars and prayed over, which are essentially invocations of a certain power.

If your mom has named them, it is possible there are thoughtforms attached to them, however, so I would cleanse them before binding your own spirits to them.


What you you suggest on how I should cleanse them? Sage?

Do you think I would be able to create an angel servitor with demons?

yes because an angel servitor is just a servitor with traits the creator believes angels have, it’s not an angel in the sense of the race of angels so yes a demon can help you create an angel servitor.

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Cleansing them is pretty simple.

Assuming your mother hasn’t done anything beyond just naming them, and they haven’t yet developed a thoughtform of any real strength, holding them under running water while visualising all energies draining away should suffice.

I don’t know how large the statues are (I’m picturing little ceramic type figures), but you can also leave them in a bowl of salt for at about 24 hours. The salt grounds out any energies attached to them.

Sage would probably work too, but I have never used it so I cannot speak on its efficacy.

The success of the operation you’re proposing would in my estimation depend entirely upon whether your mother is calling actual angels into the house with the aid of the statues or not; most angels can torch most servitors out of existence and into oblivion no problem.