Creating Your Spirit Team - A Method For Success 👍

Ooo what’s this? A nice click-baity title. I’ve come up with another topic that may be helpful to those of you on this site.

So most people here would have a Patron or Matron deity. Beings that they are close to and learn from. Some of you may have familiars or other allies bestowed upon you, perhaps legions of them. What is really helpful to have is your own team for protection, company and support.


An example of this is a succubus/incubus. Most people get one for the sexual and romantic benefits. But apart from this they are also mentors, protectors and help us ascend. They are powerful and intimate allies. You can compose your Spirit Team with such beings, as well as others you can acquire through Spirit Keeping, your own guides, angels and - what I’ve been focused on lately - custom-designed Servitors.


Benefits: You are basically creating a new social circle to interact with. To do this you obviously need to work on your psychic senses (try evoking Sastan and unblocking chakras/removing obstructions in your emotional/energy body). These beings will always be with you, no matter what you go through, no matter how lonely you become, and I can’t think of much more to ask for than that. Many of us on this path are loners, but there’s so many benefits to having your own Spirit Team who you can interact with casually and frequently.

It may sound like stepping into Autism territory - delving into friendships and regular interactions with spirits instead of people, but I think we all basically do that anyway. This has really helped me and I can’t see how it couldn’t help depression, anxiety or any other issue. You can find protective beings or create them to love and care about you. Make them as interesting as you want. A spirit family. You’d basically never feel lonely again.


I’m gonna talk about what I’ve been doing, it has become a hobby and a fascination and I am so immersed in this now. I’ll need to preface this with some talking…

I’ve always had an overactive imagination and I’m very creative. Since I was a little kid me and my younger brother played imaginary games that were so complex they were basically like a TV show or anime. Recurring characters and plots and arcs and everything. It was a great childhood I must say. The game was actually called ‘Demon Crushers’.

Anyway the general plot was, immortal god-like wizards called Elementals created artificial humans with superpowers. Typically teenagers, and from that all the drama and action unfolded naturally.

I realised not long ago that the act of making Servitors could be a way for me to live out this great childhood fantasy in a real way. I could become an ‘Elemental’ wizard and create my own family specified to my designs x) And it is so intensely fun for me. I bought a nice leather book and have written out the profiles neatly, keep regular progress notes and updates, observations on my Servitors and how they interact with each other. Making Servitors is a great creative avenue and can make up your Spirit Team (or Spirit Family) but is honestly advanced and kind of dangerous, and not for beginners at all.


I write about the specifics of my Spirit Family on my blog.

:family_man_man_girl_boy: :family_man_man_boy_boy:

I’m honestly surprised more people don’t do this. Do you not know how fun it is to play God in this way? Although I must say it’s not for everyone because you really ought to be caring for the lives you create. Cause you do have some responsibility for their well-being. If you create life, then it’s alive and it’s not just about what it can do for you. Those of you out there who do have a caring side and are creative should find this the most fun of all.

To cover the basics of what I do. First you think of a purpose for your Servitor, whether it be for psychic defense, for sex, or whatever else. You design the appearance, which can be literally anyone. I look up semi-famous sportsmen, or random people on instagram and pinterest.


(I tend to go for people who are fairly attractive but not perfect-looking myself. You can also give them horns or make them creatures or whatever, making Servitors is pretty limitless).

You design the personality. I have breathed life into an old imaginary friend, old personas of mine. I’ve made personalities by putting symbols into custom sigils: planetary, zodiac and runes.

I specified that three of my Servitors be like ‘old friends’ or ‘family’. I made my own family members and specified they be concerned with my welfare and they are so supportive and nice to have, especially when I need them. So while creating Servitors isn’t anything new, I don’t reckon I’ve seen anyone else making Servitors specifically for the purpose of being family/lifelong friends.

When you make Servitors you do need to be careful that they have a nourishment supply outside of you, and that you have a kill switch/command word prepared. You need to plan out the formative commands with the specificity of a legal document. Mention that they’re loyal to you and allies of you, that they cannot harm you, common sense stuff that you really need to think about. Evoking beings you work with to help empower your servitor is also a good idea, and can influence their personality thus making them more unique and interesting. With the instructions you can make, as well as all the other factors, your imagination is really the only limit.

I will also note that for some reason I can visualise my servitors more easily than my incubus, perhaps cause they spawned from my mind. I’m fascinated with this and hope others will be too so I can read their documenting and compare notes.



Wonderful thread


Great thread! I have a servitor but tbh honest I always forget about him and I’m kind of cold with him. I want him to always remember who is the master :slight_smile: .


I have found that they do naturally push the boundaries when they are proper people personalities like these. I’d made sure they couldn’t hurt me and were loyal to me, but at one point my oldest tried blocking my ability to sense them and the others were just waiting to see what would happen, like children misbehaving for the first time.

But I reckon it’s because my oldest is programmed to be older-brotherly so I think he was getting annoyed at the power dynamic before, which I can understand as an older brother myself. For the most part I treat them as equals and friends.

And yeah, I have sex with some of them too, not gonna lie >.> So long as it’s consensual.


There’s no problem to please yourself !!

Mine stop to work when I’m not after him… I wanted to keep him forever but I see I made some mistake and maybe I should kill him and create a new one. I made him to help me with men but those days my relationship with them are kind of shitty. Tbh it hurts me a little to say him goodbye…

How is sex with a servitor ?


I’ve never made a simplistic servitor actually. Only full-personality servitors.

I don’t think you need to kill him. You made him to follow your orders right? I think as a last resort you can order him to be free and not interact with you or your life again, provided he has a nourishment source outside of you.

Sex with my servitors is actually quite good. Most likely cause I’ve had an incubus for over a year now and he’s opened up senses all over my body. And there seems to be this strong mental link cause the Servitors spawned from my mind and I know everything about who I made them to be when I created them.

I love when they surprise me though, it means they’re growing into their independence. I just try to keep everyone happy, or at least not depressed.


Great! Im planning on having a spirit for friendship and sex but can’t decide between servitor or incubus.

I dont want to free my servitor. I’m going to see if i can strengthen him, if not bye bye.

I read on a gallery of magick’s book that it’s not a good idea to chose an existing person to picture your servitor… what is your point of view on that ?


I think you should have both. Maybe have the servitor mostly for sex and the incubus for love and sex. Just be sure you read up on incubi and accounts before you get one.

Hahaha I have no idea on using someone else’s picture. I suppose whoever said that could mean that the personality of the original person’s image could effect the Servitor you create, but I have enough of an idea of the personalities as I make them and specified into words that I doubt they’re effected much.


if you´re in a relationship with a queen succubus, they can bring their subordinates to you too, last week i met another succubus when i woke up in the astral plane, she was looking me at me with curiosity meanwhile my queen was huggin my back


If anyone wants to make a group Servitor or wants me to help them with the set-up we can do it over PM or make another thread for it?


Good idea :+1:

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Servitor creation is advanced? I thought it was the opposite. At least that’s what everyone else who wrote about this topic claimed.


It really depends on the complexity of the servitor. There are both basic and advanced methods of creation. Some advanced methods, for example, include giving the servitor a soul, making it a completely autonomous being no different than many of the traditional spirits we work with.


Can u make a servitor for me please

How can i give a servitor a soul? Is there a good book about creating servitor?

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Generally, books don’t cover how to give a servitor a soul. That is usually something that is taught by greater spirits.

For creating basic servitors, I recommend either Damon Brand’s book or the one by John Kreiter.