How to train your legion

Yallll he’s back!!! Hallelujah :clap::clap::clap::clap:


holy lucifer!!! :laughing: welcome back


I was curious, does anyone know if the legions are thoughtforms or servitors?

Qayos has said they’re servitors.

Funny story: Yesterday I was frustrated and said “Okay, [LEGION’S NAME], I need a new [GIRL’S NAME] in my life”. Next (unknown) person I spoke with shared this girl’s name. Funny, right?


Thoughtforms are a form of servitors, there’s thoughtform servitors and there’s construct servitors.

the former are mostly mental/astral and the former can be either astral, physical(energetic) or etheric.


Welp batch 6 coming soon thanks @Qayos


I thought they were spirits from another realm .

They are servitors but spirits from other realms are helping create it.

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No one can make spirits follow you lol. Unless it’s say a deity and it’s their creations. Servitors are ‘sentient’ tools who will follow whoever they’re programmed to follow.

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AHH … okay


There is this procedure that needs to be done (because of the Coronavirus), it is online. But… I couldn’t. The system shot a weird error at me. Really frustrating.

So, I called my legion explained the issue and told them they would solve it for me. I did it last night and want it done today, a little after I started my day.

Important note: this procedure can only be done today, March, 30.

It worked. Pure and simple, I wrote all my information again (but this time I added my second name and write my birth date a little different, and that was NOT EXPLAINED ANYWHERE), and it worked.

I think they’re becoming stronger.

Still, this is a several steps thing and we don’t know when the next step is.


Grats on your success

@ReyCuervo what were your legion made of ?

Thanks a lot. I think I’m ready to start with that other project we spoke about.

A murder of crows!


Ayte … well-done mate.

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Hey guys I just got back. Did everyone got theirs as I dont have them till now? What is up with Qayos? Is he doing good?

Qayos is probably dealing with life in the middle of a pandemic, just as everyone else. Give the man some time, he has updated us some time ago and told us that all the legions are coming later.

I can’t find the post, but I’m sure I read it.

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Ok thanks I was out of the loop that’s why asked and yeah I feel qayos is doing the same. Hope everyone stays strong in this pandemic.

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Hey ReyCuervo…

Didnt understand the piece on ‘ wrote 2nd name and no DOB’
Can you pls elaborate.


My middle name, I meant.

As for the date of birth, we write it like DAY-DAY | MONTH-MONTH | YEAR-YEAR-YEAR-YEAR

Since I was born in February, I was writing it as 02. This time I just wrote 2.

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