How to train your legion

Recently, the magnificent @Qayos was insanely generous and gave away, for free, legions of spirit servitors to more than a hundred users of this forum. Some of us already received ours.

This thread is to share information on how to make our legions stronger and how to teach them to do new things.

@DarkestKnight @anon48079295 @Ryce @Thatguy21 @anon84896414 @Moonwave @Blizzard and any other who I’m not remembering, this thread is for you. Also, lots of people don’t have their legion yet, so I felt a different thread was necessary.

So, the first thing I’m going to try today (since I always had the idea to use my legion for writing magic) is to write down a method for my legion to “take a peek” into the future, with the intention of making them able to asist in, let’s say, a tarot reading, one of the most widespreads activities between occultist.

What I am thinking is giving them a narrative way to do so, something that makes sense in the context. So I’m thinking of aplying the idea of all-the-time-is-happening-at-once (I know some of you do not believe in this, but what’s real may not be necessary, just what makes sense, internally, in any sort of narrative). This way, they could see a future event and therefore communicate it.

I’ll draw their sigil, write the paragraph with the information about how they’re going to do it, call them, read it aloud (most likely) and then burn it, since the paper already served its purpose. I’ll keep you updated.


So how many people have got their legion so far?


About thirty, I guess. But I’m not sure, Quayos is the only one who knows that. I was in the second batch.


The method of burning actually sounds cool, Like a petition of some sort


We need to make a grand movie out of this. It would be very EPIC…

but yes, Qayos received a lot of DMs so it could be like a lot of people.


I think as many work we give the more knowing and powerful will be the legion


Ty for tag me


Q1: Do these legions take anything from you (passively or actively)? Or are bound to you? And how long do they serve the magician?

A1: they don’t take anything from you neither passively nor actively! They’re permanently bound to you, unless you command them to cease to exist/leave you

Q2: I wondered this as well, along with what the magician they’re bound to can and can’t do with/to them, as in change them/alter them in any way, shape, or form.

A2: there’s nothing the person they’re bound to can’t do with them! Their specialty is what you make it, but that doesn’t mean they can only act in the prescribed fields.

Q3: Hmm. I wonder. Would we have to offer them things like we would with other spirits/servitors?

A3: you can if you want, but it’s completely unnecessary

Q4: They stay with you after death too right?

A4: Yes, they’re permanent unless you specifically command them to have an expiration!

Q5: Sometimes my mind says negative things, so for the having them leave, could it only be if i said it out loud? And also, with prescribed fields, does that mean they’d only function as protectors, not friends?

A5: In regards to the prescribed fields, that means, for example, if you want them for protection, you can also use them for money, health, etc. As for dispelling them, you’d have to verbally command them to completely erase

Q6: Hmm so they won’t affect you in any way if you don’t work with them?

A6: Correct

Q7: ¿ are they able to possess a human body?

A7: I don’t know! I haven’t tried to get them to do that. I don’t see why they couldn’t be invited in and invoked, though?

Q8: ¿ Could mine double as protecters, and also harem members. Asking for a friend?

A8: Like I mentioned, there’s nothing they can’t do for their bound commander!

Q9: I have a question. Since they are bound to you, how come you need a sigil to call them? Just wondering as i thought you have a strong connection to them through binding

A9: Great question! A sigil amplifies the human self’s connection to the spirits, serving as a focal point and ‘control panel’ for working with the legions. You are the key, it is the lock!

Q10: Do you have to enter tgs to use the sigil?

A10: It’s recommended, but unnecessary

Q11: The what all do you have to do with the sigil

A11: I’ll give specific instructions with each legion, but, the sigil acts essentially as a focal point/ manifestation of the legion- you can talk right to it to command your legion; the sigil is like a megaphone!

Q12: count of the total number of spirits created?

A12: Nope! 50,000 at the smallest.

Q13: This is out of my league at the moment but this sigil of legions are able to ward the home and ritual space as well?

A13: Yes theycan

Q14: As far as Qayos said before, you can indeed have them do anything as they are incapable of disobeying your orders. So, if you originally intended to have, say… A legion of succubi for seduction, you could still have them work on a financial task, for example

A14: Correct

Q15: Could you give an example of instructions for the legions?

A15: chanting the name of the legion a number of times while staring at the sigil is the shortest example

Q16: Would you be willing to chat about the different methods of creation with me?

A16: The Olympic Spirits of the Arbatel are one of the sources I used to create my legion-making techniques, the Olympic Spirits of the Arbatel were one of the sources I drew the technique from. Another are the locusts of Abaddon- generating ‘swarms’ or ‘hives’ by way of using the lore of Abaddon’s locusts as a focal comparative (ie in rites mentioning ‘as so the locusts of Abaddon swarm at his command, so too do the legions of X enforce the commands of Y).

Q17: Considering they are bound to you, do you feel their presence most of the time?

And can they only be controlled through their sigil? Not too easily summoned? (Lest “quick thoughts” be a problem)

A17: people usually have variable stability in perceiving them, whether it be due to distraction or lack of practice. The perceptions are clearer once summoned. They are not too easily summoned, but the sigil is not the only way to command them, just the easiest

Q:18 what if the servitor legions start to rebel what to do then?

A18: That’d be like trying to revolt against your own heart! In other words, there’s no possibility of them disobeying or going against you, to do so is not only entirely outside the scope of their consciousness and being, but, even if they were compromised by an attacker to turn against you- they’d self destruct entirely, erase every trace of themselves, and then reconstruct ‘from nothing’ with the added immunity to whatever the attacker was/used, and a bone to pick with them!

Q19: If something destroys one of my legionnaires, are they gone for good or do they reconstruct “from nothing” like in the instance of them being tampered with?

A19: Like a hydra, when a portion and not the whole is destroyed, it reconstructs and mutates the same way as if the entire legion was compromised: immune against that which destroyed it and empowered to counter it. As a plus, that information gets communicated to the whole, so, it’s not like the same tricks will work on any member of the legion twice!

Q20: so the legion is basically one semi-sentient being that divides itself?

A hive mind or ant colony. Information gathered from one is spread and shared among the mass of the colony/collective. If one is destroyed it’s reformed from it’s own energy and basically remembers the attack that destroyed it and achieved it so to speak and learns to defend against it and such information is shared.

A20: has a great approximation. The legions are indeed designed to grow and evolve as they are used, such that they will always be able to be of use to you. If you don’t want them to know or act on something or in some way, command them not to- or to erase the information about it!

Q21: So they become more powerful over time as well? Completely self sustained?

A21: They are self sustained from launch, but yes, they grow in power over time and with usage

Q22: Does the species of the legion affect their level of power, or are they all equal in power?

A22: the race determines what beings they act/manifest like, while the energies determine the particulars. Venusian demons are different from Venusian angels are different from Lunar demons are different from Water angels. They’re all roughly equivalent in power

Do legions need energy as a good source? Or do they not have a source? Or do they simply draw energy from the Earth?

A23: They are self sustaining

Q24: Can I command just one of them to do something instead of the whole legion.

A24: yes

Q25: Do they have names, or are they nameless?

A25: They all share the same name, the name of the legion, unless more names are revealed.

Q26: If I were to command them, or one of them to manifest in a behold-able form, would they?

A26: It would be a lot easier for that to happen if there was a manifestation base, like incense, candle flame, or a mirror!

Q27: So is there anything specific I’d need to do to have them show up in a mirror?

A27: IME best results come from a mirror when used in total darkness!**

Q28: so we have to call them with all the specific correspondences every time?

A28: Not at all! The correspondences are optional ‘signal boosters’.


If i ask a legion to kill someone , will they do it. Just asking no such intention


they will, but it will take a long ass time for the person to die because of blockages and a few other obstacles that could come in their way so it really depends


And if i ask them to seduce someone?


@Alexane22 look to help you with that legion.


That is out of the question because

  1. you’re playing with a person’s love life

  2. you’re gonna fuck it up somehow

  3. even if you’re successful, it’s gonna somehow fuck itself up

there are certain consequences or risks that you have to think of tho


Ah ok then i am not even daring to do that


@Moonwave, in your repost Q23 is in Spanish, for some reason.

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It is completely okay if you want to send your legion on a love quest for seducing someone you like

but you gotta be careful is all I am saying :smile:


Ok i get it


Yeah this is gonna be the perfect thread :100:


I think Morningstar would have more success if he uses his legion to make himself more attractive. There are techniques to project an aura more appealing to others. Maybe he can learn what’s appealing for one person and then go from there.


Aww, why’d you say anything? It’s super funny! :slight_smile:

As for seducing someone, @Morningstar_666 , it is well within their abilities, but, @Blizzard does have valuable warnings on the topic. It isn’t so much ‘out of the question’ as it a game of juggling events! :slight_smile:


Why didnt i think of that. I need to train by brain first XD