Method to Make Servitor Creation Easier

In an old Jewish golem creation myth, a rabbi made a figure out of clay then gave it life by putting a seal on its forehead to give it life. This became the origin of the Frankenstein and robot sci-fi stories.

Is there a special sigil with power and energy that can be used to activate and power a servitor?

For example, from Simon’s Necronomicon:

And the Morigus glyph from the Khulari Arcana - Necromancer Sigils (No. 7):

Morigus, the Animator

Personally, Morigus is my favorite of the sigils. The principle behind its operation is “something from nothing”, and by that I mean Morigus can stitch together energetic parts to create a functioning consciousness. It is sort of like a servitor engine. The pieces are placed around or imbued within the sigil, it “cooks”, and after a time spits out the new intelligence.

Although this has obvious uses that are not necromantic, it is keen when employed in the spheres of death. If you’re familiar with the anime Blue Exorcist, there’s a type of creature called a Naberius in it that is essentially a stitched-together corpse monster (Naberius | Ao no Exorcist Wiki | Fandom). Morigus functions similarly.

However, Morigus requires a more adept hand than most of the other runes. You see, Morigus doesn’t exactly have a “timer” for when the entity it creates will be ready. So it takes a keen astral eye to watch over when it will spit out its work, and the “babies” require almost immediate attention and commanding. They’re like small birds, the first thing they see they think is their “mother”. [/quote]

Create the servitor then put the sigil on it to activate. Simple enough right? Or connect it to the sigil of the servitor you wish to activate.

Can someone come up with a sigil or servitor(s) that function like this?

“Easy Bake Servitors”


You could charge a servitor with an immense amount of chakra energy, specifically anahata imo. From crystals associated with health and life. Take energy from the earth etc.


So, the idea is you have a blank, universal skeleton servitor with basic functions.

Then you customize it by adding your intent, specific functions and instructions to carry out your will.

Finally, you choose the name and form you want your servitor to have. Then, you energize it and activate it.

In the IT field, you install the OS on a primary storage device. Then, you install the programs/apps. Program the CPU and memory with instructions. Then, reboot.

Why hasn’t someone come up with a similar solution for making servitors?


Maybe you can do like the Jews? Make a statue depicting what you want it to look like and put the sigil on it? And focus your energy into it coming to life maybe?

I’m thinking get a blank doll then paint of what you want it to look like

I have this question too. I read something on incorporating sigils previously known to work into new sigils, this makes it more likely to have the new sigil “work”. I also read something about a a “robo fish” or something like that. The “robo fish” is a sigil of something that must work, that cannot fail, then the other sigils following it are more likely to be successful too. They school along after the “cannot fail” sigil. I think they call this shaoling.

I am wondering if it will work with servitors. One problem, I would think, is that maybe the servitor takes on other attributes of the “successful” sigil/servitor. Now the servitor you have is not the servitor you were trying to create.

I love these Chaos guys but they don’t bring enough “spooky” into their work for me. I need a little more spirit involvement. I also don’t like the idea of putting my soul or personal power/energy into an object/being. Hopefully, this is just an observation made on a cursory view, as I dig deeper maybe I will find more spiritual stuff there.

This is the “robo fish” topic that the above post refers to.

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